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May 2011: Seoul: The Wonderful Banpo Bridge and its surroundings

Well, after we went shopping in Myeongdong and Nandaemun Market, we went to the Banpo Bridge not only to see the bridge itself but to see the fountain show.

Banpo Bridge

Kyo (tour guide and friend) told us to meet her in one of the subway station in Seoul. After that, she brought us to the Banpo Bridge. It was cold when we went there, the sky also sprinkled us with water… But the walk is worth it.

On the Way to Banpo Bridge!!

If you watched some Korean dramas before, this bridge is really a popular spot for the lead roles to cry or to have their romantic scenes taken. From my previous posts, I already said that I’m a Korean series addict.. so, I think you already know the reason why I chose this place. But even if you don’t watch Korean series or movies… do not worry since its beauty and peacefulness will surely captivate you!

I also said in my previous posts that Seoul is somehow a City of Lovers. There are a lot of lovers out there and a lot of romantic places to explore. Banpo Bridge is one of those romantic places.

a very peaceful and romantic place

Strolling at night in this wonderful place is really something that will make you yearn for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I even promised that when I come back to that place I should have a boyfriend!

Here, you can also witness the Musical Fountain Show. They call this show, Moonlight Rainbow Show, the show times are:

Weekdays: 12:00, 16:00, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00 (20min)
Weekends: 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30 (20min)

However, I suggest that you come here during the evening so that you can really see the colorful lights. And also, you should also alot more time for walking  (if you are planning to use the subway) since you need to walk a distance to get to the bridge, the subway station is quite far.

The fountain show

The  Banpo bridge fountain was said to be part of the Guiness Book of Records for world’s longest bridge fountain. It has 10,000 LED Nozzles.

Here, you can also see a night view of the city of Seoul.

Seoul from afar

Here, we also ate Korean ramen noodles. We bought some instant ramen in a convenience store in the area and brought it to the benches near the river (which has a good view of Seoul city lights).

Eating a hot and spicy ramen in a very peaceful and beautiful environment amid the cold weather was a very nice experience. You can feel the cold weather slipping to your neck and hands yet while eating the hot ramen, you can feel the hotness in your mouth.

The view also adds a relaxing touch…  It just made me feel very happy 🙂 It made me feel as if I’m eating a bowl of expensive noodles in a very expensive restaurant!

The feeling and the experience is just MAGIC!

May 2011: JUMP and Cheongyecheon Stream

After doing some “shopping” , we went to watch the well known JUMP martial arts performance. We got some discount vouchers for this performance.

We were planning on riding the taxi to get there but 3 taxis refused us saying that they don’t know the place… but one taxi took us but suddenly stopped and said “You!” I was shocked because he said that in a loud voice. He is pointing to me since I was the one in the front seat) and in a loud voice said “Walk! Walk! Walk!” I really thought that he wanted to kick me out! Anyway,  even though his English is not that good he said that the theater is really near our place and we should walk… So, we just laughed it out and stubbornly started to walk.

I noticed that we passed by the Cheongyecheon stream when we are looking for (or when we are currently getting lost) the JUMP Theater. Cheongyecheon stream is considered as one of the tourist spots in Seoul, so it become part of our itinerary. However, I found that  in reality it is not a tourist place since most of the people who goes there are locals, you can only see few tourists there. However, what makes this place, a lot more interesting is that it is a LOVERS’ paradise.. (that time… I really envied those women with boyfriends.. I wanted a handsome man to pop out from nowhere and be with me that day!). I noticed that there’s really alot of lovers that are dating there, so Singles beware! Strolling there alone will just make you yearn for a love one! However, this is not the only place where you can see a lot of lovers, THEY are all around Seoul. You can easily spot them since 1.) they are walking hand in hand 2.) they are wearing couple shirts which is very popular there 3.) They kiss in public.

Cheongyecheon Stream during Sunset

I also saw a mother and son strolling in Cheongyecheon… and this is the cute little one:

Cute Little Boy strolling in the Cheongyecheon Stream

JUMP on the other hand is really good! Here is my review from tripadvisor:


This comic-martial art performance or theater act is really interesting. At first, we are hesitant to go since there are still a lot of places to visit Seoul instead of staying and watching this but after we watched the real deal, I suggest that anyone going to Seoul should watch this. It is really funny… I can’t stop laughing throughout the whole show!

If you want to laugh and be happy, then try this. I assure you that this is not a waste of time! we are picky travelers with a very limited time but we opt to watch this, it proved us that our choices were correct. I’m so glad I watched this performance.

The tickets are sold in the theater itself, I suggest that you come early as tickets tend to sold out immediately since there are a lot of reservations and such. Waiting for the ticket-counter to open, since it open exactly at the time it is stated in the brochures, is no problem at all since there is a big coffeebean, a coffeeshop, outside the theater itself, or you can go strolling in cheongyecheon stream ‘one of the romantic places in Seoul’, The stream is nearby, so you can easily go there first before the opening time of the ticket-counters

The Coffebean in the theater is big… and what it made me interested are the buzzers which I thought is a saucer where you put your drink. My friends and I were really confused on what it was… then it suddenly vibrated which tells us that it is a kind of an alarm… it will vibrate if your order is ready and signals you to go to the pick-up counter to get it…

The “Alien” Buzzer

Moreover, if you arrive South korea in their international airport, don’t forget to get discount coupons, we got one and we got 10%discount and seat upgrades (much nearer to the screens), check their customer service or counters.

And if you are planning to take a taxi, always make sure that you have the address written in Hanggul or in Korean… since most of the taxi drivers (orange and gray taxis cannot speak english— except for the black painted taxis or the luxury taxis)

So, after the Jump experience, we went to find some place to eat… we thought that the restaurant we went to is a place for eating hot soups or what they call as “hot pots” but instead it is for samgyupsal or pork belly which are cut into strips and is eaten like a lettuce wrap.

Here are some pictures along the way, I really don’t know what this place is…

Seoul at night

After that, we went back to our hostel and slept….