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Albay, Philippines: An Introduction

This place is where the majestic Mayon Volcano can be seen.. And I’m proud to say that this place is my domicile although I’m currently a resident of Manila…

Legazpi City, the main city of Albay is located South of Manila, it is 45-55 minutes by plane and 8-10 hours by bus. It’s somehow far, but the natural beauty that awaits you is jaw-dropping.

If ever I’m feeling tired and lonely… I think of this place and felt relieved by reminiscing my great memories attached to this beautiful city…

Before, I don’t know why there are a lot of tourists visiting this place, and I don’t really think that Mayon Volcano is worth of the time and visit… But, after some time I was stuck here in Manila for study purposes, I appreciate how beautiful it is and how worthy it is to be visited by flocks of flocks of visitors each year. Let me share you why I can say that this is worth the visit.

And also, let me share you some of the tips and my experience in living and traveling in this wonderful city.

So, tune in for my next posts! 🙂

THIS IS MAYON VOLCANO (I didn't take this picture.. Watch out for my photos in my next posts, I found this pic in Wikipedia:)