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Updates, News and series of Thanks :)

There are 2 unfinished series that I haven’t put an end yet– My Macau and Legazpi series.  I will put on hold my Legazpi series since I  ran out f my own photos that I can share to you–I already used them all, this is also the case of my Macau series (where my brother accidentally deleted all the photos during our visit in Macau..

The reason behind the never ending story is that, I want most or all of the photos that I’ll be sharing came from me and me only…. I don’t like the feeling of grabbing pictures from the net, so ladies and gentlemen let me continue these series some other time– this is to protect my shrinking pride 🙂

I promise that my legazpi guide will be done by June or July this year. Just let me go go back first in my lovely hometown–Legazpi and take pictures and do some research there so that I can write other relevant information like places to stay and other places of interest you might want to visit… I really wanna create a fishbowl of information for Legazpi City– a complete travel guide.

As for Macau, I really wanna write about the City of Dreams, the Senado Square and the Fisherman’s Wharf, but I need photos to corroborate my writing. The photos brings back good and fantastic memories of my adventures/misadventures… so, in order for my writing to be correct and precise, I wanna look at the photos first–which is unfortunately stuck in my brother’s memory card which is nowhere to be found– don’t worry, we are still in the process of finding it 🙂

I also wanna thank my readers and followers for being with me this past 2 months of ugly yet informative writing. I really apologize for my bad writing but I hope that you understand my point and I hope you brought home some knowledge after reading my posts.

I’m happy that the number of followers and readers are growing each day. I thank you for your comments, your views and likes— it makes me really happy… You guys always makes me smile!

FOR MY READERS AND FOLLOWERS: From the deepest corner of my heart I wanna say: