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Backlog: MAY 2011 Seoul, South Korea –> the beginning (ticket booking and visa application)

I really wanna go to South Korea because I wanna see the Korean teledramas or movie filming sites. I think, I know what you are thinking….. (corny ba?)  I’m a self-proclaimed  Korean TV series addict! I don’t know…but there is really something to it which makes me cry, laugh and feel relaxed at the same time… anyway, this addiction toned down a bit when I went to grad school..

It was January 24 when Cebu Pacific had an International Sale. It included all Asian Countries. Well, that was a shocker for me during that time because my family usually hire a travel agent to book our travels. That is why I don’t have any idea about airline sales. Anyway, now that I knew about them, our travel agent lost another customer (sorry Ms. Jen!) I’m now the travel agent of my family and my friends.

Although the travel period is on May (take note I bought the ticket on January 24), I  Without thinking, I booked myself without even asking permission to my Mom! yikes! (take note, I’m still a 20 year old student; though not a minor, I’m still under the wings of my parents… so, I need to ask permission). More so, I booked a ticket without asking someone to accompany me or even invite someone to go with me! Another big yikes!!!! Just thinking of how I will survive in a foreign country—non english speaking one— ALL ALONE! (I can imagine myself lost…without someone to talk to *tears) However, I salute those people who travel alone! I will try it someday! I promise!

Upon knowing what kind of stupidity I did, I immediately contacted few of my friends, luckily, they are as excited as me, so they also booked their ticket!  I booked and paid only P5,300.00 for a roundtrip ticket, our travel date is May 3-7, 2011.

Actually, I already have plans for May the same year…. My family and I will be going to China for our yearly family getaway, (it will be on May 13-18,2011) but when I saw the sale for Incheon, I jumped out of my seat and said “I’m going to Korea!” (This time, I really don’t know how to approach my parents and tell them that I’m also going to Korea the same month that we are going to China! I’m thinking of using the Aegyo Style! haha (Aegyo means to act cute and lovely *with batting lashes and puppy eyes)

Anyway, my parents said YES! I even lied that I have Korean friends waiting for us in Seoul (I know… I’m such a liar)….  But, even though I don’t have a Korean friend whom I met here in School… I met Kyo, a volunteer from an organization in Seoul. Kyo toured as around the city area. Now, she is one of my Korean friends… Actually, she is my first korean friend! I miss you Kyo 🙂

By February, my friends and I were busy gathering the documents for our Korean Visa application. I was really scared because I heard rumors that it’s hard to get this Visa, and the reason for that is because of those Filipinos who became TNTs. Shocking?! No, I guess not! There are a lot of Filipinos who goes abroad getting a tourist visa and working there even their visa already expired. We call them TNTs, other call them Illegal Aliens.  (Anyway, Click here for some Korean visa “horror stories” and some helpful information)

But, Don’t worry, I heard that we are the last batch which were given strict requirements. The Korean Embassy is now lenient on the requirements and of issuing visas. South Korea and other South East Asian countries (including the Philippines), signed a treaty (I guess) which will let them cooperate more and such, so the South Korean government became more lenient about Filipinos and other South East Asian citizens going to their beloved Korea. Anyway, click here to view the requirements.

These are the requirements my friend and I submitted when we applied last February 24.  (This is from my Pinoy Exchange post)

Hi guys! we got our passport today! they granted our request for visa! yey!I submitted the ff: (student)
1. application form (I computerized it, for more added Aegyo! –added)
2. 1 passport size pic (glued in the application form)
3. Photocopy of school id
4. Photocopy of passport
5. Certificate of Enrollment
6. Affidavit of Support
7.BIR form 2316 2010 of my parents
8, Certificate of Employment of parents
9. Bank Certificate (BPI)
10. passportI’m a 1st yr law student, 1st time applying for a visa country
places I visited: HK, Singapore, malaysia, Macau
For my friend: she is an employee for more than 6 months in a company, a research analyst, with an income of 15-20k per month, she only visited HK
She passed the ff reqt.
1. application form
2. 1 passport size pic (glued in the application form)
3. Photocopy of passport
4.BIR form 2316 2010 
5, Certificate of Employment 
6. Bank Certificate + passbook photocopy (rural bank– if there is no date of opening in your bank certificate, the passbook is accepted as evidence of the date of opening of the acct)
7.passportayan. and we prayed a lot! haha! thank God naapprove naman kami.

nakakaba kasi naman kita mo na may mga nadedeny eh, yun nga sigurong may mga nakaipit na paper denied sila kasi parang bad trip na sila ng nakita nila yung passport. 

Mabait naman yung mga nasa counters eh, pareho koreans yung nasa counter 1 and 2. okay naman sila.

Anyway, through God’s grace, we all got our Visa!  Here is my visa with entry and exit stamps:

By the way, the location of the Embassy of Korea is in Mc Kinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio it is within walking distance to Venice Piazza.

I wanna expound on how to get a Korean Visa but guys, the requirements are not the same when I applied, and as what I said before the SK government became more lenient. Let me give you one of the biggest advice… Don’t go to the embassy if you don’t have all the requirements needed! You will just waste your time!