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Pandan Island, Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa: Simply Breathtaking!

Breathtaking— the only term that I can use to describe this island. It has aquamarine/apatite colored waters amidst the cobalt blue sky, it also has the whitest fine sand I have ever seen (whiter than the one in Boracay). It is simply a paradise!

What makes this island special?? There are no buildings made of concrete, just cottages made of wood.. This is the place where you can really savor the beauty of nature.

The lone tree.. beautiful isn’t it? This is my own cozy spot, no crowd, just me and nature
white sand beach and blue waters… ooohh.. looking at this makes me want to jump to swim!! I miss this place!!

It is amazingly picturesque! There are also a lot of coconut trees which makes it your dream tropical island.

While looking at this island, I imagine as if I’m a survivor of a shipwreck, and this is the island I choose to be stuck.

Towering Coconut trees

I’ll definitely choose this place to relax and chill….

According to our tour guide/boatman, this island has the whitest and finest sand throughout Honda Bay, thus,  it is more popular for the visitors than the other islands. Most people choose to stay here to eat their lunch, so during lunch time there are a lot of people…. and it kinda become messier/noisier.

The downside of its popularity is that it is a lot more crowded or noisier than the others.

I might say that I prefer the Starfish Island over this island… because more people spend all their time here, but I don’t blame them since this is the most beautiful amongst the islands… However, I hate the seaweeds that lives in its shallow waters… I just don’t like swimming with those amoeba-like (in terms of movement) weeds :)… anyway, the waters here are shallow, just like in Boracay… in order to reach the deeper part you need to walk at least 3-5 meters, this is good for those who have children, since it is safer for the kids…

Amidst all the cons, I can still say that it’s a relaxing place, since it is a big island, you can find a good and silent spot and CHA DA!  You have your little paradise without anyone spoiling it…. you can have your cozy, private space where you can meditate, reminisce or just be emo (emotional) 🙂

My cozy spot

The best thing here is the sand! it is indeed white and fine….Actually, the sand here is comparable to Boracay, and I may say that it is whiter! I’ve taken some sand with me by putting it in a bottle of mineral water, and compared to what I got in Boracay, It seems whiter… But, you would only see the difference if you’ll look at it closely….

There are various business establishments in the area– No, not like those in Boracay, concrete stores/hotels etc…– Only small stores that offer foods, drinks, and even massage! This island is more commercialized than the others since it is the top choice of tourists who visits Honda Bay…

The Registration area With the prices.
One of the “paluto” restaurants in the island.

There are a lot of cottages for rent, but we weren’t able to get one…all were occupied. However, we found a table with chairs and fortunately for us, they didn’t charge us for that tiny little space beneath a coconut tree…

Cottages lining up near the shore

There are three (3) “paluto” restaurants in the island–As far as I’m aware of. they will cook for you and serve you the freshest seafood available– Which is indeed not only tantalizing to the eyes but also delectable to the taste-buds! I promise you that the food is great!

Fish 🙂 Yum!

unfortunately for us, the other restaurants doesn’t want to take our orders anymore since they are already super busy…. poor me, I’m already hungry during that time 😦

Luckily, our boatman found this small store on the end most part of the island, the store is selling crabs. I bought all those crabs for P1500, including rice and the service fee for cooking. Me, my colleague, the boatman and his assistant all dined together…




TO THIS…. Now they are cooked!
I pity the crabs… I just saw them breathing and the next time I saw them, they’re cooked.. but, oh well, that’s life! 😦

Aside from the restaurants, there’s a shower place where you can wash your body and change your clothes after hours of swimming and rolling in the sand. It is made of native materials, so it blends well to the tropical island theme… 🙂

Shower Area

After we spent 3 hours here, we went back to the port. By the way, there is an entrance fee of P100.00 per person in this island.

Here are the other pictures I took. I experimented using my DSLR, so, here you go, some are good while some are not (overexposed, not good blending!) I’m an amateur you know! :p



Puerto Princesa, Palawan: ITINERARY, BUDGET and TIPS

My itinerary for my Puerto Princesa, Palawan trip last April 18-21, 2012


Click the links to see my posts/reviews about it! 🙂 


10:05 am– flight going to Puerto Princesa

12:00 nn — arrive Puerto Princesa, go to Hotel, eat lunch

2:00 pm — start city tour (go to Crocodile farm, Mitra Ranch, Baker’s Hill)

2:30 pm– 4:00 pm — Crocodile Farm

4:30pm— 5:15pm —  Mitra Ranch

5:15 pm — 6:15 pm — Baker’s Hill


6:00 AM– Go to Puerto Princesa Underground River (but this will depend on the time written on your permit)

8:00 AM- arrive to Sabang Port (underground river jump off point), register with the desk office (make sure you have an environmental entry permit or else you cannot enter, they are very strict with this, we were told to go back by 2pm since our permit states 2pm 😦

8:00 AM- 1:00 PM — Sabang beach escapade. I just love the fine sand and the melon shake in Sheridan beach resort

2:00 pm — lined up and register for underground river tour

3:00 pm — started underground river tour until 6:00 pm. Waiting time is very long! 😦

6:00 pm — go back to hotel (very sleepy and tired)


7:00 am– went to Honda Bay port

8:00 am– arrive Honda Bay port

9:00 am- started Honda Bay tour

9:30 am- 10:00 am — Pambato Reef snorkeling

10:00 am- 11:30 am — stay in Starfish Island for fish feeding

11:30 am- 1:30 pm — stay in Pandan Island

1:30 pm – 2:15pm – travel back to the port

2:30-3:00 pm — travel back to the hotel

3:00 pm -6:00pm — rest in the hotel

6:00- 7:00pm – dinner/socials

7:00pm – 8:00 pm — Baywalk in Puerto Princesa

8:30– inside the hotel already

4TH DAY (BACK TO MANILA)— just go to the airport and wait for flight.


1. Air ticket (roundtrip via Cebu Pacific)                                                 P3664.00

2. Hotel (P1200 per night for 4 persons w/airport transfer)            P    900.00

3. Tours

City Tour (Crocodile Farm, Baker’s Hill, Mitra Ranch)

transpo   for 14 persons (P1400.00/ 14 persons)                                  P   100.00

Crocodile Farm entrance fee                                                                     P     40.00

No entrance fee for Baker’s Hill and Mitra ranch

Underground River tour

Van Rental for 14 persons (P3500/6 pax)                                               P  583.00

Entrance Fee for Underground River including boat in UG                 P 175.00

Environmental fee for Underground River                                              P   40.00

Boat hire to take you from Sabang Port to UG (P700.00/7) only 6 pax  P100

Wharfage dues for Port of Sabang (P18/7) only 6 pax                            P    3.00

Lunch in Sabang Beach                                                                                 P89.00

Melon Shake in Sheridan beach Resort                                                    P160.00

Honda Bay Tour

Tricycle Rental (Hotel to Honda Bay Port)  500 for 4 persons max   P500.00

Boat Rental for Island Hopping  P1300 good for 8 persons              P1300.00

environmental fee                                                                                      P      40.00

Entrance Fee for Pambato Reef                                                               P     50.00

entrance Fee for Starfish Island                                                               P    50.00

entrance fee for Pandan Island                                                                P 100.00

lunch (1 kilo of crabs) 1/2 kilo of rice   (cooked, Pandan Island)     P 450.00


Tricycle going to baywalk (P8.00 each)                                                P8.00

Bicycle rental   (25.00 for 1 hour)                                                           P25.00

Tricycle going back to hotel (15.00 each)                                             P15.00


Tricycle (50.00 for 4 persons)                                                                P12.50

                                                    TOTAL EXPENSES: P8404.5 /$191USD


1. travel in group. You will save a lot in transportation costs especially if you want to tour the city or go to underground river and honda bay

2. make sure you have a permit if you wanna go to the Underground River

3. Do it yourself, you will save a lot of money! 🙂


Hotel Accommodation/ Airport Transfers/ Tricycle etc:  09198094745  click here to see my post about the hotel accommodation

Van Hire (for Underground River tour/honda bay transfers) — 09173335340 click here to see my post about the van service