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Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Sabang Beach– a walk to remember

Sabang beach is a nice place to spend time while waiting for your underground river tour.ย  It is really a wonderful and picturesque place; with fine sand beach and crystal clear waters.

sabang beach puerto princesa, such a wonderful place!

While waiting for your schedule for your underground river tour, you can stroll down the fine sand beach of Sabang. You can also opt to have the mangrove river tour while waiting for your UR tour. Sabang Beach is near the port where you will ride the boat going to the underground river.

Sabang Beach Puerto Princesa view.

The amazing wind that blew in my hair is really a feeling that I will never forget, the sea breeze is really refreshing and relaxingwhich I neededย  the most after 3 painstaking months of hard work in Law school! It’s really a blessing to be able to savor the beauty of nature after everything I went through. And also the blue colored water greeted by green grass and tall coconut trees are really a view to be cherished--something you will never see if you live in a landlocked state or in a vibrant city anywhere in the world.

A picturesque view! ๐Ÿ™‚

The beach is a long one. It will be tiring just to walk from end-to-end, so I decided to pick my spot, sit on the sand and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take note that I don’t like the sun that much– being an Asian like me, I prefer being fairer than tanned, and in the Philippines being fair means being beautiful– even though this is the case, I still went forward to the beach where waves gently crashes the sand– this sight is really beautiful, the sound of the waves are really relaxing– as if I’m in a yoga class!

waves gently greets the sand ๐Ÿ™‚
waves greets the sand– I don’t know why in this picture the sand looks black but in actual it is flesh ๐Ÿ™‚

It was scorching hot when we get there so the weather is very nice to take photos of the place. The water is as blue as the sky above it. It is really a wonderful view, a place to inhale fresh air and feel relaxed.

The blue skies and the greeneries

You can also lounge in the recliners near the sea, just order some refreshing shake in Sheridan Beach Resort ๐Ÿ™‚

Furthermore, I really LOVE the sand, it is so cuddly fine. I love walking bare foot since you are like walking in powder, it is really fine, as fine as the one in Boracay although not as white.

seaweed in the fine sand

There are also some resorts or restaurant establishment near the beach (it is usually beachfront) but it does not cover the picturesque view, the place is still picture perfect.

One of the best hotel resorts in Sabang is the Sheridan beach resort, the place is also beautiful with mountains as its backdrop.

the Sheridan Beach Resort in Puerto Princesa near Underground River
other view of the Sheridan Beach Resort in Sabang, Puerto Princesa

I ordered Melon Milkshake in Sheridan Beach Resort in Sabang Beach and lounged on one of their cozy chairs. The place is really beautiful.

The milk shake ordered in Puerto Princesa’s Sheridan beach resort

You can also eat your lunch in Sabang beach after or before touring the Underground River. There are various restaurants in the area that offers affordable and delicious food

eating area (tables and chairs) of various food establishment in Sabang Beach

We ate a Penao like an Inasal/chicken barbecue near the beach. It only cost P89.00/ 2 USD with unlimited rice. You can also try their buffet for only P200.00 or $5USD. The taste of the food is good and the price is also perfect.

Penao Restaurant in sabang beach puerto princesa
P200 buffet in Sabang Beach Puerto Princesa
Panao/ Inasal/ Chicken Barbecue for only P89.00 or 2USD

So basically going to the Underground River is not a waste of time, amazing scenery awaits you even before you enter one of the new 7 wonders of nature

How to get here:

1. You can ride a van (Lexus) to go to Underground River for only P200.00 per person (one way)

2. You can rent a van for P3500 good for 7-14 persons (roundtrip)

3. You can also rent a tricycle good for 2-4 persons


You can also opt to stay in Sabang beach for the night but I do not advice it since there is an undercurrent during the night. And undercurrents are dangerous even if you are an experienced swimmer.

Warning sign that says that there is strong undercurrent after 6:30pm