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May 2011: Seoul: Bukchon Hanok Village and the Hello Kitty Paradise

We went here during our third day in Seoul.

Right after we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace, we went to the Hanok Village. We only walked from Gyeongbokgung towards the Village. As a Filipino who is not acquainted with the word “walking” I ended up very tired. (in the Philippines, there’s a lot of pedicab (trishaw) or tricycles which will take you from one place to another) … Luckily, I’m not the only one who is tired.. my friends too… However, I think that Kyo (our Korean friend and tour guide) was not even close to the word tired. So my friends and I made a conclusion that these lovely Koreans have a high stamina for walking.

I also noticed that some of them are wearing 2-3 inches high heels (even if they took the subway). I am really amazed how agile they are… and how they are not tired or scared of walking with those high powered heels! Oh! God! here in the Philippines I won’t be able to move if I will be using those shoes, and most Filipinas (including me) have their “havaianas” or any brand of flip-flops on their bag if they wore those painstaking heels. They always change to their flops once they needed to walk or when office or school hours are over.

I miss this while I’m in Korea!!!     (pedicabs)                                
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Inner_Manila_Pedicab.jpg
This one too! (tricycle)

Anyway,we went to the Hanok Village. We were able to visit the one in Bukchon.  It was really beautiful… It was said to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It was clean and well preserved.

This place is the counterpart of the Spanish houses in Vigan, Philippines. It was really cool to see preserved houses such as that. Moreover, since I’m a Korean series addict, I can feel that some of the dramas were filmed there. And Kyo told us that That’s my Preference held its shooting in one of the houses there.

Hanok Village consists of traditional old houses with a 600 year old history.  It is preserved to let you get a peek on what houses look like during the Joseon Dynasty. It is interesting since it is a blast from the past.

Hanok Village (picture taken by my Friend (L.O)
Hanok Village (taken by L.O)

After having to walk and hike and be enchanted by the Hanok Houses, we went to the Hello Kitty Cafe. The Cafe is quite far from the Hanok village so we used the subway. Kyo, showed us the way and we happily followed her… we are like chicks patiently following the hen. After that we found the coffee shop and I found my feet cheering with bliss. I was the first one to sat neatly in one of the cute and comfy chairs. It was really a Hello Kitty World! I love it! (although I’m not a big Hello Kitty fan since I like Tweety better than a mouthless cat) Anyway, I still loved the place, it was really cute! Hello Kitty fans or not… one will definitely enjoy in this wonderful place.

Hello Kitty Cafe entrance
Interior (So Cute!)

Anyway, the drinks they serve are also delicious.. I tried their Green tea latte, and the others tried vanilla and sweet potato latte. I tasted the sweet potato latte and it was really good! The taste of which haunts me even when I’m back here in Manila (thankfully, there is a Korean brand coffee shop opened near my school, so I can taste the sweet potato latte anytime I want!)

My Green tea latte (Yum!)
Latte (look at the Hello Kitty garnish… Cute isn’t it?

Everything you see in the Hello Kitty Cafe is Hello Kitty and her ribbons! (Cute!!!) This is surely a Hello Kitty Paradise!


Well, if I go back to Korea, I can still go back here and enjoy the Hello Kitty Ambiance.

Directions going to Hello Kitty Cafe: (I got the directions from: lovekimhyunjoong blog)

Hello Kitty Café – 헬로키티 카페
Address : 서울시 마포구 서교동 358-112
Tel : 02-334-6570
Opening Hours : 11:00~24:00 (Friday & Saturday)~2:00

  • Alight at Subway Line 2 Hongik University Station
  • Exit from No.5 exit and walk straight.
  • After walking for about 100m, after crossing the pedestrian crossing, turn to the left and walk straight.
  • As you walk along, on your right side, there would be a TONYMOLY shop at the corner.
  • Turn right and walk straight along the main street.
  • On the left side of the main street, enter the first turn in you see and you should be able to see the shop.

After having some chitchat with Kyo in this Paradise, we retired to our hotel and had some good night sleep..