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Hong Kong: Victoria Peak: Gives you a wonderful peek into the city of lights

Victoria peak is the highest point in Hong Kong. It is located in Hong Kong Island. It is a good place to visit, not only because you can get a good view of the city but you can see there the Madamme Tussaud’s attraction and you can also do some “wild” shopping up there.

Here comes the Tram! 🙂

You can go here using the Tram (which literally goes in a 90 degree slope) Tip: Find a good seat, standing will give you no justice! It is not like the usual subway!!! (I tried, so heed my advice, it is tiring keeping your balance). The line is really long and some pesky travelers with tour guides have their priority in the entrance, so they can get in first, so people who went there independently will always be pushed back and lining for it will take you a great deal of your time.

You can also get here by BUS. Which I don’t suggest!!! No way!! I won’t advise you to go here using the bus if you are traveling in 4s or 5s. It will take you 1-2 hours to get into the peak. The travel time is too long since there are a lot of bus stops and a lot of people riding it too. Take note that Victoria Peak is also a residential place, so some of the people are dropping off every 5 minutes. The route is also winding… so if you end up standing upright instead of sitting comfortably… you will just experience a roller coaster ride (If you want then you can go!) and you might just puke after.

If you are traveling by 3s or 5s, better to take the taxi, it will only cost you $10 USD per way. The ride will take less than 20 minutes.

The Shopping Mall inside The Peak

The goods sold there are cheap, so if you plan to buy souvenirs, then it is a good place to buy. It is also safe since actually it is a mall with high security and such. The mall structure is shaped like a bird…. a hawk maybe?? anyway.. I’ve also been here 3 times already in 3 different season.. the most unforgettable was during my 2nd visit.. when it was winter and it was very very cold! I got chills and I stayed frozen for sometime there! So, if you wanna visit the Sky Terrace (the balcony on the uppermost level of The Peak), I suggest that you go there not during winter, you might just froze to death (especially if you are not used to this kind of weather).

You can buy ticket in the airport, since it is much more cheaper. You can buy in china travel service hong kong booth in the airport and they offer discounts and packages –> I mentioned this in my previous post (How to save money in HK)

Inside Madamme Tussaud’s is one hell of an experience! It was really beautiful out there! The wax figures are really look-alikes of the real deal. It is really copied to perfection. It is somehow scary since the eyes of the wax figures looks really real —as if it is looking directly at you.. Anyway, a visit here, somehow makes your dream come true since it is hard to have your pictures taken with your favorite Hollywood actors or actresses… or it is really impossible to do so for world-known geniuses (Einstein) and well-known politicians (Hitler).

Me…with Chairman Mao??? This is a rare chance to post my pic here, so remember my face okay? hahaha!
My Sister in Law and Pres. Obama 🙂

The wax museum has a lot to offer! And you will go crazy taking pictures with your favorite ones. Anyway, don’t go there during the night since a lot of tour groups go there during the period. Maybe a visit in the afternoon is better.

If you want to know what they have to offer…they have Hollywood actors/actresses, to name a few, they have Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman etc. Singers like Madonna and Lady Gaga(this is part of their new collection) and the Beatles (even Michael Jackson!), and they also have Chinese pop singers there. Chinese actors like Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Andy Lau. Political Figures such as President Obama, President Bush, etc., and world known people such as Einstein…. And they also have athletes…. There’s a lot more… this is only to name a few…. there’s a lot more! Just come and visit!

I’ve been here 2 times, and it never did it disappoint me. The time and the money is worth it! This is one good place to visit in HK!!!

The Sky Terrace is so-so. Although it gives you a nice top-down view of HK, strolling in Avenue of stars during the night is better than paying a view which is readily available for you.

Well, a visit in the Victoria Peak is well-worth it!


Hong Kong: Disneyland: Bring Out the Child in You..


I went to Hong Kong three times but I’ve been to Disneyland once. Well, below is my review from Tripadvisor with my additional commentary, tips and pictures.

I recommended dropping here with my family since we will be going to HK with my 3 year old nephew. I already told myself that it is all for him. But when we arrived there! I can’t stop myself adoring the place! It is just so Disney!

Tinkerbell’s Castle (I thought before that it was Snow White’s castle–I think they already changed the name)

I enjoyed more than my nephew did. I took a lot of photos, watched the 3D with mickey etc. I really loved the place although it is indeed smaller than ocean park or some other theme parks I’ve been, however, this become memorable since it is my very first time in a Disney wonderland.

There is a train passingby City Hall
The Disney landscape with my Mom and Dad…

Since it was December when we went here, they have a lot of Christmas decorations, and after the fireworks in the evening, it even SNOWED — which first I thought was real since it was really cold during that time, but after I used another batch of my brain cells, I remembered from my previous research that “it doesn’t snow in HK!” and then I touched the snow…..I got a blank face while I’m about to touch it (still expecting that it was real) but after it I realized that it is just a freaking soap foam! They almost got me there!

Can you see the candy cane??? I took this picture in Hollywood Blvd, Disneyland

One of the things you should not miss during your trip to Disneyland is the 3D show. It was funny and entertaining. The main star is Donald Duck– which made it a lot more funnier! You should try watching it, it is definitely not a waste of time. It’s sad that I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the theater.

Philharmagic (This is the entrance for the 3D show)

Another attraction we went in was the House of Tarzan. According to the employees, it is the tallest building (which can be accessed by the public) in Disneyland. It is also worth the time. You can see there the things used by Tarzan, Jane and the professor. And you can also see the Apes that took care of Tarzan. To get to Tarzan’s lair you need to ride a bamboo raft which will cross in a manmade lake. This attraction is in Adventureland section of this theme park.

Entrance to Adventureland
The stairs in Tarzan’s lair with my family (I’m the one taking the photo)
These are the other things you can see inside Tarzan’s House

Beside the House of Tarzan is a water attraction (I forgot the name), you cross a river (using a boat) and you will see different animals and some crocodiles too, and a volcano (which erupts water)… anyway, you can get wet to this kind of attraction. But it is also fun and educational for the kids. I don’t have pictures for this place since it was dark and my camera could get wet.

Maybe those people who already went to another Disneyland will be disappointed but people who haven’t, try this, at least you will be enchanted by the world of Mickey

The fireworks are good but I’ve seen better (pyrolympics here in the Philippines). Ques are okay (this is maybe because it is a weekday when we went there)

Fireworks once again….

HOWEVER, there are no rides as scary as in the Ocean Park, so if you want heart pumping and adrenaline rushing rides, I suggest that you go to Ocean Park but if you have time and money to spend, go to both places. Actually, for adults and kids, I recommend Ocean Park, since it is bigger and has a lot more rides than Disneyland.

You can go here through MTR and the disney train! I don’t know how much the train ride is, but if you are going to HK use an Octopus Card to save you more money and save you the hassle of buying tickets.. Riding the Disney train is really a CUTE experience. I’m the most amused not my nephew. The ride on the Disney train (subway) was really fun, you can see a lot of Mickeys! It is really different from the usual subway train, the seat are coated with foam, the windows and the safety handles are carved like Mickey’s head.

Disneyland Train (Just look at the details!)



You can go around the HK Disneyland for 1 day, but you can do it in 5 hours.

Suggestion: Go here not during summer, go here by winter, so that you will enjoy it better, since if summer (the weather is really hot, you’ll just end up more tired and sweaty and you might not enjoy the place as much) If winter–> it does not snow in HK so the climate is just more than 10 degrees celsius.

Food here is really expensive and they check the bags if you brought some food with you. I suggest eating first a heavy meal before coming here so that at least the hunger will not drive you crazy.. If you are really hungry, there are hotdog stalls, however, it is still quite pricey.

Banquet Hall, (here, you can eat but it is expensive for Filipino standards)
The TRUSTY Hotdog Stands (if you don’t have the budget to buy food in the Banquet Hall, you can buy one of the hotdogs here (as far as I remember the costs is more than $1 USD)

Anyway, if I will be back in HK, I will definitely put this again on my itinerary and visit this with my family or friends.