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Mayon Volcano, Philippines: Truly Wonderful

I was born and raised in Legazpi City where a perfectly amazing landmark is located– The Mayon Volcano.

Being used in seeing this Volcano since I was young, I wasn’t really that amazed on how unique and beautiful it is. I always say to myself– “It’s no big deal, It’s just a freaking Volcano”

I went to Manila to pursue my studies thus, I’ve never seen this wonderful volcano for a long time.. Since I am far from it, I’m kind of missing seeing this volcano..And the real deal is that every time I go back to Legazpi for a vacation, and upon deplaning… There’s always a realization which always runs in my head……

I realized how beautifully crafted it is…

How different it is from other volcanoes out there…

and how  it made my heart flutter when I see it…

And every time I see this natural wonder I really feel that I’m finally home…

I realized that It’s something important in my life. In other sense, it witnessed my life.. from being toddler to a full-grown lady… and being away from it makes me feel incomplete….

Mayon Volcano (taken in Embarcadero sept. 2011)

This Volcano is always in your periphery when you are in Legazpi, it sits perfectly in your line of sight… Just sit down somewhere (where no buildings will kept the view out) and you can savor the beauty of this beautiful Mayon Volcano. One of the places where you can really savor the beauty of Mayon is in Cagsawa Ruins, Embarcadero (during sunset) and in Mayon International Hotel (Now, named as The Oriental Hotel), Lignon Hill and the Legazpi City Airport.

Mayon Volcano before I ride the plane going back to Manila (Taken in Legazpi Airport)

The name of this volcano is “Mayon” a shortcut for “Magayon” which means Beautiful in Bicol’s dialect. The name suits it very well because it has an almost perfect cone…and its beautifully laden landscape in rice paddies.. and also, you will be amazed on how it kept its natural beauty for centuries.

And… That’s not it; Mayon Volcano is part of the 7 Natural Wonders in the Philippines, so It’s really a MUST-SEE!

However, Mayon is quite shy and always cover herself with Clouds, so some unlucky visitors in Albay can only see her wonderfully shaped figure only once or sometimes not even once…There’s a legend that explains why Mayon is always covered with Clouds

Mayon covered in clouds in Cagsawa Park


The Legend of Mayon Volcano is that once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young maiden named as Daragang Magayon (Beautiful Lady), she is the daughter of a tribe leader of Rawis (a place in Albay, which is still called as it is until now). Since Magayon is really beautiful, a lot of young men from different tribes likes her and one of her very daring suitor is Pagtuga (in english, Eruption), he is really in love with Magayon… But Magayon doesn’t like him because of his boastful attitude and unkind heart.

Magayon was playing in the Yawa River (A river in Rawis, Legazpi City which is still existing until today) when she suddenly slipped and unfortunately she doesn’t know how to swim. Luckily a young man named Ulap (Cloud) was walking near the river and he saw the damsel in distress and helped her. Magayon was shocked on how and why Ulap saved her, knowing that Ulap is from a rival tribe. But Ulap was also shocked on how beautiful Magayon was and fell in love with her in an instant. Magayon also fell in love with Ulap upon knowing how kind and loving he can be.

When Pagtuga learned about the relationship of Magayon and Ulap, he kidnapped Magayon’s father and told her that if she doesn’t marry him, he will kill her father; Magayon told this dilemma to Ulap, then Ulap being the prince of another tribe went towards Pagtuga’s lair and killed him… Magayon saw how victorious her love is and went towards Ulap when she was suddenly hit by an arrow from Pagtuga’s warriors; Ulap went towards her not knowing what to do and suddenly he was also pierced by a spear which caused his untimely death…

Magayon’s father decided to bury the two together, and in shock, the people realized that the grave became higher and higher until it formed what it is today…

It was said by my teachers when I was in grade school that once Mayon is covered with clouds… Ulap and Magayon are kissing each other and their love is being reconciled… while when it errupts… they say that Pagtuga can’t still rest in peace and still harasses Magayon… While others says that it is Magayon’s own wrath about how she was killed and her beloved… and how their love untimely ended.

Beautiful Mayon Volcano 🙂