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May 2011: Seoul: Meteor Youth Organization

Meteor Youth organization or sometimes called as Meteor teens is an organization composed of various student volunteers. Their main tasks is to accommodate visitors or tourists in Seoul. They provide tour around the city for free. They can also provide homestay accommodation upon request.

logo of Meteor Youth

I found the Meteor teens website in the internet when I was searching for volunteer tour guides in Seoul. I was suprised that there are a lot of people booking their tours with them. So, I decided to try it.

Even though in their website it states that the tour guides are responsible for their own food and ticket fee, which means that everything is free… I told my friends that as a sign of gratitude, we should give back to our tour guide by paying for their entrance tickets and buying food for them.

Although the meteor teens didn’t reply to our message promptly, they still contacted us on the third day of our trip… Our tour guide/friend was Dakyo Chung. She is very friendly and helpful…She made our stay much more interesting. we learned a lot from her. It is good to get a tour guide (free or not) since having one will save you a lot of time and brain cells (first, because it will lessen the time from stopping and looking at your map, and second, it will help you not to get lost) Moreover,  when you come home you will have another friend in Facebook!

The delay in their reply was deeply explained to us by Kyo, she said that it was really hard to get a volunteer guide during that time since our travel date are in the midst of their midterm exams. I really understand the Meteor teens and I’m still glad that I booked my holiday with them.

Anyway, to book your tour, you can visit their website here. You can fill up the form in that page and you should wait for their reply. You should book your tour at least 2 weeks before your arrival date, so that they will have enough time to find you a guide.

Kyo, our tour guide is really friendly and can speak English very well… I adore you Kyo! See you soon! And I thank Meteor Youth for having such a good cause… it really helps! Mabuhay ang Meteor Youth!

Kyo: Our Friend… we miss you!!!