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The Oriental Hotel: Legazpi City’s 1st 5 star!

Well, I haven’t exactly stayed in this hotel but we were given the chance to have a peek on how grand and how beautiful the place is…

The Oriental Hotel

Last December 26, 2011, I decided that I wanna eat my dinner in the new posh hotel in the city. So, my brother, friend, nephew and I went to The Oriental Hotel which was formerly known as Mayon International Hotel (MIH).

This hotel is located on top of a hill/mountain, where you can see a beautiful view of the Mayon Volcano during the day and the cordial city lights during the night. When we arrived, the twinkling city lights caught my attention–It made me stared for it for awhile.

Anyway, I want all of you to know that this is not a sponsored post, I just want to share one of the place you might want to stay if you are seeking for luxury and beauty.

They have 3 kinds of rooms. These are the Deluxe, Suite, and Governor’s Room. The price ranges from P6,500.00- P25,000.00 ($163-581 USD). Well, it’s quite pricey but the interior is nicely decorated, and I think the price is reasonable since it is touted as a 5 star hotel.  Moreover, they have this unique color that I don’t usually see in hotels–WHITE. The lobby, the bathrooms, and the rooms are all white–even the corridors! I am amazed yet I’m really scared for the management since this color is really hard to maintain…

The lighting of the rooms makes the wall looks yellow, but it is actually white.

Anyway, this hotel looks like a huge art gallery. Its white interiors is perfect for the exhibition of various paintings and other works of art.

As for the facilities, they do have an elegantly designed Spa which they call as The Oriental Spa; they have jacuzzi inside (which I really wanna try). There prices starts 500-1500 Pesos ($11-35USD).

Well, let’s move on to the FOOD. Well, we ordered 3 varieties, Tinolang Manok (Chicken Soup), the specialty of Bicol– Bicol Express and the Bicol style Bagnet (Crispy fried pork, which is usually a specialty of Ilocos Philippines, but they added coconut milk and chili, which made it in Bicol Style)

Definitely Yummy! (left–Bicol Express, uppermost center– Bagnet, right– Tinolang Manok)

I forgot to tell you that Bicol, Philippines where Albay is located is well-known for their spicy and coconut-milky foods. And here in this hotel is where you can taste real Bicolano food– which is surely yummy and healthy!

The taste is Amazing! The Bagnet definitely melts in your mouth, while the Bicol Express (pork with coconut milk) is also yummy, and actually, this is the most delicious Bicol Express that I have tasted. The Chef really knows how to tickle our taste buds 🙂

All of the food we ordered are yummy! And for your information, we only paid 1300.oo pesos or ($30USD for this yummy feast). The food served is good for 3-4 persons 🙂

The staff are friendly–which should be common in all hotels– But, what really caught my attention is on how they are very very friendly and accommodating. The assistant head waiter had even given us a lot of tips regarding what food we should order and explained the food, the ingredients and the taste very well.

As for the location, it gives a good view of the Mayon Volcano but the problem is that it is in a hill, so you need to ride their shuttle bus to get to the city center. But don’t worry it is just a 5 minutes ride :). They also offer free airport transfers…

The people are so accommodating that it made me wanna post a review–even though I haven’t stayed in there….

I saw the staff’s eagerness to serve, the posh and modern design of the rooms, and the cleanliness of the hotel– so, I guess, I would say that this is really nice place to stay.

TRIVIA: The present President of the Philippines stayed in this Hotel (Governor’s Room)

To see their current rates, you can contact them here:

Tel No: (+6352) 435-3333 or (+6352) 435-5555

Web: www.theorientalhotels.com