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How to GET to Albay, Philippines?

In order to see the Majestic Mayon Volcano, the usual route is to go to Legazpi City and make it as your base for your Albay Adventure

Legazpi City is the capital of Albay, and where the sole airport in Albay is located.

Mayon volcano in legazpi domestic airport

To arrive in Legazpi City from Manila, you have two (2) options:

1. Ride the plane which will take you to Legazpi Airport. The trip will take 45-55 minutes.

The roundtrip fare is usually P4000.00 or $94USD but if you chanced up a sale, the total round trip fare can be P1500 – 2,000 (35USD –47USD).

Take note that in the Philippines, the earlier you book the better as fares goes higher every minute. So, if you book 2 days before your departure date, it will be MORE expensive! You should book weeks or months before your departure date for much cheaper rates

There are various local airlines which will take you to Legazpi City. And these are the ff:

> Philippine Airlines – more expensive, however, offers much better service. They offer drinks and snacks during your flight. And has much more leg room. And, if you are traveling weeks or days before your departure, it is good to check their website, since sometimes they offers much lower fares than their counterpart. The airplane leaves at Centennial Terminal 2 of NAIA

> Cebu Pacific Air — cheap and sleek. It is the best budget airline in the Philippines, it always offer sales in advance, so if you are planning to go to Legazpi or any domestic/international destination I suggest that you book early or check for their seat sales. However, since this is a budget airline, don’t expect snacks and drinks being served, but they sell snacks and drinks on board for a fee. Price ranges from P50-100 or $1-2 USD. Plane leaves at NAIA Terminal 3

> Air Philippines — Well, this is the 2nd best budget airline in the Philippines, it also conducts a monthly or weekly seat sale to various domestic and international destinations, so just like Cebu Pacific, you should book in advance if you wanna save more. Plane leaves at NAIA Terminal 3

> Zest Air— This airline also flies to Legazpi City and it is the cheapest among the four. But, unfortunately, there are still flaws on their service and aircraft maintenance, so usually, flights get delayed or canceled. Let’s just give time for this airplane company to flourish and became a good competitor in the industry. Plane leaves at Manila Domestic Terminal (oldest terminal in Manila; so don’t expect a good airport)

2. Ride the bus.

If you are game for the long ride then this is good for you. The trip will take 8-10 hours with 2 stopovers for dining and peeing 🙂 Usually, the trip is made during the night (overnight buses), so you will just sleep the entire time

The ticket price depends on the bus you are gonna use. But the price ranges from P500-1100 (12-26 USD) for a single ride. So, usually the round trip is P1000-2200.00 ($24-$51USD)

There are various bus companies that can take you to Legazpi City. The following are:

1. Cagsawa Travel and Tours — this is my most trusted bus company. This is the company my family and I use when we travel by bus.

They have (2) ticketing office and “terminal station” in Manila. One in Araneta Center/Cubao and one in Padre Faura, Ermita.

The one in Padre Faura is in front of Mercury Drugstore and near Lotus Garden Hotel.

They have three classes of tickets: Business, Royal, and Royal Elite

Royal Elite has lazy boy chairs and you have option to choose the “singles” chair. Which means that if you choose such, you won’t have some pesky seatmate which snores so loud during the entire trip 🙂

All of the classes are airconditioned!

  • The Business class cost P750.00 or $17 USD
  • The Royal Class cost P850.00 or $20 USD
  • The Royal Elite class cost P920.00 or $22 USD

You can contact Cagsawa Travel and Tours by calling them here:

Ermita Booking Office : P4 Padre Faura Center 472 P. Faura Corner M.H. Del Pilar, Ermita Manila (Tel: 5248704 telefax :(632) 5248704 Cell No. : +639174815809 / +639176063918)
Ali Mall Booking Office : Araneta Center bus Terminal, Cubao, Quezon City (Tel : (632) 9134514 / 4393787 cell No : +632917-6063918)

*I’ll update this soon; I will post a picture for this bus company, It’s near my place so I can take a photo of it 🙂

2. PhiltrancoReservations: (63) 2 851.8078 to 79

3. Penafrancia Travel and Tours

Departing in                       Type of Bus                              Price

Cubao Station                     Standard Aircon 2×2              P800.00/ 19 USD

Cubao Station                     Benz Deluxe with CR             P1100.00 / 26 USD

Contact them:Reservations (02) (480 – 3050) / (781 – 6487)

4. RSL — they also have booking office in Padre Faura, ermita (they are located near Cagsawa booking office) and they also have one in Araneta Center, Cubao

Tips when traveling by bus:

  1. Reserve your ticket early especially during peak seasons (Holy Week (usually 2nd or 3rd week of April), October 30-Nov 2, and during Christmas and New Year season.
  2. Bring a thick jacket or even a blanket since it is very cold in this air-conditioned buses
  3. Don’t drink a lot of water especially if your bus doesn’t have CR, you have only 2 pit stops to relieve yourself 🙂
  4. Bring you own “in-flight” entertainment or just doze off throughout the entire trip