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Bangkok Thailand: The Grand Royal Palace

I’ve been to a lot of Royal Palaces, like the daeksuk and gyeongbok palaces of Seoul and the Forbidden City and Summer Palace of Beijing; yet it doesn’t tire me to visit any royal palaces around the planet. Palaces appeal to me like a bee on flower buds. I’m attracted naturally, but I don’t know why? Maybe I’m a princess during my past life? :p Anyway, what made this experience in Bangkok’s Royal Palace different is that this palace still serves the monarchs of Thailand. Unlike the other palaces that I’ve been to, most of them are considered as a museum and are not used for royal events.

The three different architectures Thai, Khmer (forgot the other one) Burmese???
The three different architectures Thai, Khmer (forgot the other one) Burmese???

The Palace in Bangkok still serves the present Royal Family, however, it’s not the royal residence anymore, that’s why tourist (like me) are allowed entry, but sometimes royal gatherings are held there.

A guard standing firm
A guard standing firm, very detailed and exquisite

Bangkok Royal Palace is a popular tourist spot in Bangkok, hence, a lot of people flock to this place. The crowd here reminded me of my visit in Forbidden City during Spring— people are just everywhere, I almost can’t breathe! I can’t take a decent picture without a stranger sneaking in. So, my judgment: The royal palace in Bangkok is crowded. Period. So, if I’m going to choose whether to go here or Ayutthaya’s Bang Pa In Palace, I will choose the latter— Just because I like peace and quiet 🙂 But, the Bangkok Royal Palace is a different experience all together. Due to the pushing of the crowd (which made it interesting :p), the temples inside (big temples can be found here), as well as museums (that houses war artillery/ weapons during the ancient times) But if great landscaping and beautiful view is what you wanted then a visit to Ayutthaya is a must.

But, a must see here is the hand painted wall that depicts a story (though I forgot the story about it). 🙂

the beautifully and meticulously hand painted wall
the beautifully and meticulously hand painted wall

Like Ayutthaya’s Bang Pa In Palace (Summer Palace of Siam (Thailand) during the ancient times) you can see here various architecture from different cultures; hence you’ll see here buildings with Khmer (Cambodian) styles and European Style, however, the predominant here is Thai architecture. I also liked how the Western style kind of palace was made, I felt like I was in Disneyland!

Thai architecture is very detailed. What I like the most is the building which is made from hand crafted mirrors. They are cut with serious precision so that the sizes will be the same. I just love how detailed they do it.

Bangkok Grand Palace

Bangkok Grand/ Royal Palace

Khmer architecture had greatly influenced Thailand in the sense that they have almost the same style (this is only based from my observation), but just look at the picture below: they had a miniature version of the Angkor Wat, which according to our tour guide, they want to create something like the Angkor Wat in Thailand during the ancient times.

Angkor Wat replica in Bangkok's Grand Royal Palace
Angkor Wat replica in Bangkok’s Grand Royal Palace
Angkor Wat replica in Bangkok's Grand/Royal Palace
Angkor Wat replica in Bangkok’s Grand/Royal Palace

I suggest that anyone who will visit Thailand to visit at least once this Palace, since this is the symbol (icon) and the most popular tourist sight in Bangkok.


Entrance Fee: 500 BAHT

Operates Daily: 08.30 – 15.30

Address: Na Phra Lan Road, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

Dress Code: Visitors are required to dress appropriately. Thus the following dress – code (applicable to both ladies and gentlemen):
1. Shorts, mini-skirts, short skirts, tight fitting trousers, as well as tights can not be worn as outer garments.
2. See-through shirts and blouses, as well as culottes or quarter length trousers can not be worn.
3. Sleeveless shirts or vests can not be worn as outer garments.
4. Sandals (without ankle or heel straps) can not be worn.
5. All shirt sleeves, whether long or short, can not be rolled up.
6. Sweat shirts and sweat pants, wind-cheaters, pajamas and fisherman trousers can not be worn.