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Cagsawa Ruins, Albay: An Amazing Scenery and a Glimpse of a Painful Death

Your tour won’t be complete if you don’t visit the Cagsawa Ruins. Here, you can see the Mayon Volcano up close and the historic Cagsawa Ruins, where a Church once stood but was destroyed by a major eruption of the Mayon Volcano.

The Cagsawa Church was made during the 18th century by Franciscan friars. Its style is a baroque one. However, nowadays, you cannot see its former grandeur..

Cagsawa Church (Photo from Jenny Exconde’s Web)

It is called Cagsawa Church because it is located in a baranggay called Cagsawa in Daraga, Albay.

In February 1, 1814, the Mayon Volcano erupted. 1200 people went to this Church hoping that they will be saved from Mayon’s fury. Unfortunately, all of these 1200 people died. It’s just like what happened in Pompeii where they seek refuge yet they still died. However, the case here is that they were not poisoned by gas or hot ashes but they were burnt by lava that flowed throughout the small town of Daraga.

People tried to climb the bell tower but they all died in vain. And not only that; 15000 people died during that eruption– which was said to be one of the scariest and strongest eruption made by Mayon throughout history.

The Bell Tower where the victims tried to climb  in vain 😦

only few people survived Mayon’s wrath, and also the barangay Cagsawa was buried with sand.. and it did not recover its former liveliness and grandeur, it became a dot in history.

AND, the only surviving structure of this Church is its bell tower..

The Bell Tower

Now the remains of this church became one of the landmarks in Albay; and you can see souvenirs having this bell tower alongside the Majestic Mayon Volcano:

Mayon covered with clouds and Cagsawa Bell Tower

To see clearly what it looks like when there are no clouds, I grabbed a picture from Wikipedia, and here is the beautiful photo of Mayon Volcano and the Bell Tower

From Wikipedia

This Mayon Volcano might be very beautiful but when she gets angry—she is really scary!

Beautiful Mayon Volcano 🙂