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DJC Halo Halo: Another Yummy Halo Halo in Legazpi City

DJC is one of the popular halo-halo spots in Albay.

DJC HALO-HALO. It was raining 😦

It started as a small store in Tiwi, Albay then they branched out to Legazpi City. Before it conquered Legazpi, people usually flock Tiwi only to taste this yummy treat– It has this milky and unusual taste that you will definitely love!

The Yummy Treat — The photo is from DJC Facebook Page

The colorful presentation of this taste bud friendly treat is definitely screaming “I’m Yummy!”

If you love a little bit of sophistication, then you might want to eat your halo-halo in this place, since unlike its counterpart Lana’s Halo-Halo which is located in a grumpy side of the town (in Legazpi Wet Market), here, it is located in one of the prime location in Legazpi City–near the mall.

Photo from DJC Facebook Page

However, the sophistication and the classy feel has a price. This is much expensive than its Lana’s Counterpart. It costs P70-85 ($ 1.7 — 2 USD) depending on the size and type of halo-halo you will order (they have special and supreme 🙂 ).

Menu of DJC — Photo from DJC Facebook Page

I really don’t know how to explain the taste of this halo-halo, but one thing I can assure you is that it is definitely worth your time and money!

If you’ll gonna ask me what halo-halo is better (Lana’s or DJC) I might say that it is Lana’s but I must tell you that—taste differs in every person– I might like this but you might prefer the other– so, what I can say is TRY BOTH! 🙂

If you go to Legazpi City, don’t just watch Mayon; also try this yummy Halo-Halo!

How to get here:

1. If you are coming from Old Albay or Daraga, Ride the Tahao Road Jeep, then drop off in Pacific/ Gaisano Mall. In the right side portion of the mall is where this restaurant is located

2. Ride a tricycle or taxi then say “Head to DJC or sa DJC Halo-Halo po!”. It is in Gaisano/Pacific Mall compound so it is easy to know where it is.

DJC Restaurant Map: Forgive my drawing 🙂

To visit their fb page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.134118986630034.13308.127671687274764&type=3