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May 2011: My Hong Kong Escapade: An Introduction

Hong Kong is a place where most Filipinos would dream to go because it is near, and not only that, it is also the most publicized place to visit in Asia. Moreover, families flock the place because of their children who are “Mickey Mouse” fans. and there is no VISA required. Filipinos are granted 14 days to stay in HK for free!

Moreover, If you will notice the travel agencies that are offering international tours, You will see that Hong Kong is the most cheapest and had the most promos whole year round. That is why, a lot of Filipinos would like to go to Hong Kong. It is the jump-off point for would-be travelers. This is where wanderers like me (who were touched with the wander fairy) will start to love the art of traveling!

Anyway, for me, this was the 1st country I visited abroad. And from my August 2009 Hong Kong escapade I opened my eyes to traveling. So as a tribute to this loving place, I want to make some posts about it.

In this series that I’m about to start, I’m going to include my previous experiences during my last 2 trips in Hong Kong and Macau.


Well, I’ve been to Hong Kong thrice already, and the recent one was last May 2011. I was always with my family during my previous trips but now, instead of my family, I’m with my Law school friends.

The date of my recent trip to HK was May 8-10, 2011, so we are planning to stay in Hong Kong for three days. Our flight schedule is 6:00 in the morning going to Hong Kong and 9:00 pm going back to Manila. But take note, that I just arrived in Manila from Seoul (May 8, 2011, by 1 am), so I was already dead tired from my Seoul trip that I almost decided not to pursue this Hong Kong trip.

Anyway, I’m the promoter of this Hong Kong escapade since I was the one who saw another Big Sale in Cebu Pacific. So, when I saw this sale, I called my law school friends and told them about this, and unusually, they said  “GO!” I was so excited that I didn’t think that I might be too tired from my Seoul adventure. Anyway, The roundtrip ticket that we bought costs only P2800.00 or $65 USD only.

We stayed in one of the apartments in Hong Kong, it is located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island. I found this place in Airbnb (this is a website for home or apartment owners to rent out their places when there is no one to use it). We rented out the place of Ms. Jennifer Wong, we paid using Airbnb.

Honestly, I really don’t want to pursue this trip anymore since I was really tired, but I have no choice but to continue, since my friends already had set their mind that I will be their tour guide.

We went to see the laser lights in Avenue of Stars.

We enjoyed ourselves in Ocean Park

We crossed mountains to visit the Giant Buddha

We shopped our hearts out in a Factory Mall Outlet near the airport

After this trip, I was really tired and only had a day to rest before my most awaited China Escapade! I will write more details of each of the things we did during this trip and my other experiences from my previous trips to HK.