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1ST DAY Singapore Zoo – you should not miss this, especially if you are traveling with children. It is so interesting that even I, as an adult was amazed on how beautiful and huge the place is. They presented a variance of animals and flora. The landscaping here are amazing, and also, what I loved here is that the animals are free to roam (except the carnivores of course!) I saw a lot of monkeys roving around the trees! I felt like I’m in a jungle!

I suggest, (and even the locals suggest) that you skip the night safari, since the Singapore day zoo is better! You will see a lot of animals and

the entrance of Singapore Zoo
the entrance of Singapore Zoo

At night: Visit the Merlion park. The one in front of Fullerton Hotel. The place is amazing since you will see the Marina bay sands from afar with lights on. I also loved how the durian-shaped theater is lighted-up at night. the view is just amazing. It is also a good time to rest your feet while you are savoring the beautiful city lights of Singapore. You Can also opt to visit the world reknown Marina bay Sands, the entrance fee is waived (or is free) for foreign visitors, just don’t forget to flash your passports.

the merlion and the marina bay sands
the merlion and the marina bay sands



Universal Studios If you are like me, who haven’t been to any Universal Studios abroad, then it is nice to visit this theme park. But, if you’ve been to other US then don’t waste your time here, since you might be disappointed. This is a small Universal Studios but amazingly fun!

the roller coaster in universal studios singapore
the roller coaster in universal studios singapore

Then visit the Maritime Experimental Museum, it is nice, especially if you have kids. You’ll get a free ticket here if you purchase a ticket for Universal Studios. But if you need to pay, then skip it. What made me enter this museum is because I’m quite curious on what’s inside it. It’s actually beautifully decorated inside, and there’s a lot of wax-made mannequins depicting various cultures abroad (they are wearing national dresses, which made it more interesting). There are mannequins that depict the evolution of trade in China.

The park inside the Resorts World compound is really nice, especially during the night. Lights make the place so beautiful. Especially the fountain. And also you can watch the crane show (it is actually fascinating and its free!)

Alternative: If you don’t wanna go to Universal Studios, you can still enjoy your day in Resorts World Sentosa. It is fun and interesting as there are a lot of attractions inside, like man made beaches, the well-known aquarium etc.


Visit the Ruffles, and walk through the city. No itineraries, just get lost in Singapore. We did this and it was fun (tiring yet unbelievable exciting!)

I’ll be adding something here, so better tune in! 🙂