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Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Crocodile Farm

Puerto Princesa houses the infamous Underground River which is listed not only as a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE but also a member of the NEW 7 WONDERS OF NATURE. However, we should not forget that Puerto Princesa is a big city, and as such it houses a lot of tourist attractions aside from the UR…. and one of them is the Crocodile Farm.

During my 1st day in Palawan, me, my mom and her friends, went directly to Puerto Princesa’s Crocodile Farm where a lot of crocodiles, deemed to be endangered, were kept and fed until they are able to sustain themselves.

The croc in crocodile farm. If only crocodiles are this friendly 🙂

We rented a multicab, since the van that my mom’s friend contacted was brought to the repair shop. The multicab rental is for P1400.00 or $32 USD. we are 14 persons all in all carried by the little multicab– believe me, it wasn’t a nice experience!! 

The way to the crocodile farm is a smooth to bumpy ride. There are roads that are still under construction, so having a multicab or tricycle to get you there is totally not a good idea. Due to the dusty road and of course the summer heat that you’ll be suffering. But, for a budget traveler, these kinds of problems are not considered as problems at all. In Filipino, Tiis tiis lang… We budget travelers can do this, however for some, these situations are far from perfect, so hiring an airconditioned van will be better.

the roads going to the crocodile farm are still under construction.. so COVER YOUR NOSE! 🙂

The farm is not only a crocodile haven where you can see crocodiles and crocodiles alone…. Actually, it is also a nature park where you can see other endangered species that are currently enclosed in a cage but will be released as soon as they are capable of surviving in the wild.

the signage upon entering the crocodile farm
Nature Park within the Crocodile farm grounds

Upon paying P40.00 per person for the entrance fee, the first thing you will see is a crocodile skin which somehow tells you that “I can be your purse, wallet or even your shoes!” oooppss.. environmentalist/ or PETA members might kill me if they read this.. harhar! The tour guide in the crocodile farm was the one to suggest that usually the skin of this crocodiles are used for purses, shoes and other luxury items since they are very durable. But since, crocodiles are “doomed” to extinct if not taken care of, these kind of practices are being banned by laws and environmental organizations. So good bye croc leather bags! 🙂

Crocodile skin

You can also see a collection of bones of a sperm whale here, the guide said that once upon a time a sperm whale visited the waters of Palawan and they found its bones and put it here for display. (Honestly, I don’t even know what is a sperm whale and its difference to other kind of whales! haha)

the sperm whale’s bones

We passed-by a very informative hallway where you can see frames of pictures about other animals found in Puerto princesa.

Hallway towards the crocodiles 🙂 yikes!

and next stop is the hatchling house where 2-6 year old crocodiles are being bred. Honestly, I didn’t think that they are cute, they are far from cute, they look scary! 🙂 The guide told us not to put our fingers or any parts of a body near the small crocodiles or even the big ones, as these “babies” are practiced that whatever falls near them or touch them ARE FOOD!  I didn’t want to go home fingerless so I avoided putting my lenses in a close range.

the hatchling house in crocodile farm in palawan

There are a lot of crocodiles here, from saltwater crocodiles to freshwater ones. I realized that the saltwater crocs are bigger than the freshwater ones especially when they are 3-6 years old. And mind you, they grow old just like the humans do, they take years before they truly mature 🙂

After skimming through the hatchling house, we went to where the bigger crocodiles can be found. We crossed a metal bridge and under that bridge are where your friendly animals are staying. And remember the phrase: anything that falls are always considered food.  Remember you are crossing a bridge here! and below you are your friendly and cuddly animals.. Just think about Final Destination!  😀 

While walking in that bridge I thought of Final Destination. My imagination ran wild, as if the bridge will break leaving me, my mom and her friends food for the hapless crocodiles…  I don’t want it to happen because really this place scares the hell out of me especially when I saw a crocodile opened its mouth! But it’s a nice experience all together.

The Hungry (?) Crocodile 🙂

After the crocodile encounter, we realized that the show hasn’t ended yet, there is still a nature park. My mom and I, adventurers at heart, left the others who are already tired of walking, and went to explore the nature park.

path towards the nature park

There are cages meant for birds, there are talking mynah, parrots, serpent eagle and others. But I failed to take good pictures since my dslr died on me.

There is also this cute cat named as Palawan bear cat. Isn’t he adorable? If only I can touch him, I will! except for the warning that they are not to be touched, they are somehow ready to attack!

Look at that fluffy bear cat! It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!! 🙂
ooohhh… 🙂
Can you see the other one hidden in the treehouse?
Bird. Only pic I took since my cam died on me 😦

You can also buy souvenirs there, as told by my mom’s colleagues, the price here are lower than buying anywhere in Puerto Princesa– but that’s just hearsay.. I don’t know the real prices since I didn’t buy any souvenir except for the chocolates I bought near the Underground River.

After the long walk in the Nature Park, you can take your pictures with the small/baby crocodiles for a small fee. I haven’t tried it because I’m quite scared. A friend of mine said that they smell like fish– and I don’t want to smell like fish so I didn’t try it!– naah, I’m just scared!

After that we went to Mitra Ranch 🙂