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Boracay, Philippines: Cliff Diving in Ariel’s Point!


I’ve always been a daredevil, but my devil’s tail curled up when I saw the 15m high jump!

Ariel’s Point diving board. 🙂 yeee

I know that I should do this. It is part of my bucketlist. It is a must-do. This is what I wasted my P1500.00 for. I should dive.

With this sign? I think I’m not gonna jump!

Well, yes, I always told myself that I can do it! But when I was in the board, I almost killed myself because of nervousness! I can faint in horror just thinking of what may happen to me… I’m a worry freak, so basically, I worry too much and worry of everything that might happen to me if I take the plunge! I worry if ever I hit a stone and die, or I worry if I can’t swim up and die by drowning. I was scared.

People are telling me to jump…. no, they are not telling me, they are cheering for me, telling me that I can do it… and somebody almost pushed me from behind. He is a guy from the Middle East, I looked at him with worried eyes and he said  “Don’t think just Jump!” I looked at the horizon, exhaled, then I did it. I flew for a second and two and it felt nice… except that I was gasping for air when my body was swallowed by the water. I felt scared but I felt proud. It’s an exasperating experience!

It’s true what the man said, If you think too much, you won’t know how good it is… It is good, and I will say that I will do it again!


Ariel’s Point is basically a cliff-diving area, it is not located in Boracay itself, so you need to take their private boat towards the area, which is around 45-minutes away.

the boat and the floating hut 😀

You need to pay and reserve for your slot for the next day,  and just come to the meeting point at 11am. The meeting point is in Station 1 right beside Obama’s Grill. And to reserve you should go to Boracay Beach Club, which is located right behind the meeting point. Just ask someone in the meeting area about where to pay and reserve for your cliff diving adventure, then someone from there will be escorting you.

the Boracay Beach Club registration office. Just behind the waiting area. 😀
the waiting and registration area during the D-day
the waiting area
with free baller upon registration 😀

the whole package costs P1500.00. It includes the ferry/boat ride, with unlimited drinks while you are cruising :D, buffet lunch, unlimited liquors and unlimited diving, use of small boats for island exploring and snorkeling gears as well as Merienda or afternoon snacks are also provided.

the view while cruising! 😀
Other sight to behold during the journey towards ariel’s point
Approaching the cliff of Ariel’s Point Boracay

There are a lot of diving boards with different heights, 15m as the highest, then followed by 10m, 8m, 5m, 3m, and then the 2m. It seems safe but your mind will be crazy when you saw how crazy high it is! Well, it doesn’t seem high in the pictures!

Cliff Diving boards
when I took this picture. I’m shocked!haha

The trip starts at 11am then leaves ariel’s point at 4pm.

Anyway, the food is nice and there’s a lot of variety! Cold drinks, beers, water, juice are provided.

By the way, if you jump, make sure you have a straight posture, hands on your side, legs straight, so that it won’t hurt that much when you fall into the water Unless you are a professional diver. 😀

If you cannot jump, because you are afraid, don’t worry there are a lot of things to do for the half day trip, like snorkeling, or visit the nearby island or just plain swimming! You can enjoy sightseeing too! The sight is awesome!

The beautiful and serene landscape. This is my favorite photo!


1. For girls, wear one piece swimsuit, since usually your 2 piece bikini might go out of place after plunging the waters and somebody might see your boobies. 😀 You don’t want that don’t you? My friend and some of the girls in our group experienced that! :S

2. If you have some food request, say your concerns during the time you are reserving and paying for your slot so they accommodate your needs

3. Register 2 days or a day before your target date, since Ariel’s Point is becoming more and more popular! 😀

4. Bring a lot of sunscreen and don’t forget to go to the other island to see some species of starfish. There are a lot of starfish with different colors and shapes (though it still looked like a star!) 😀

5. Eat some coconut in the nearby island, and chill for awhile. The place is beautiful and serene, so better yet enjoy the scenery, you can canoe yourself towards there or ask for the employees to transport you there.