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DJC Halo Halo: Another Yummy Halo Halo in Legazpi City

DJC is one of the popular halo-halo spots in Albay.

DJC HALO-HALO. It was raining 😦

It started as a small store in Tiwi, Albay then they branched out to Legazpi City. Before it conquered Legazpi, people usually flock Tiwi only to taste this yummy treat– It has this milky and unusual taste that you will definitely love!

The Yummy Treat — The photo is from DJC Facebook Page

The colorful presentation of this taste bud friendly treat is definitely screaming “I’m Yummy!”

If you love a little bit of sophistication, then you might want to eat your halo-halo in this place, since unlike its counterpart Lana’s Halo-Halo which is located in a grumpy side of the town (in Legazpi Wet Market), here, it is located in one of the prime location in Legazpi City–near the mall.

Photo from DJC Facebook Page

However, the sophistication and the classy feel has a price. This is much expensive than its Lana’s Counterpart. It costs P70-85 ($ 1.7 — 2 USD) depending on the size and type of halo-halo you will order (they have special and supreme 🙂 ).

Menu of DJC — Photo from DJC Facebook Page

I really don’t know how to explain the taste of this halo-halo, but one thing I can assure you is that it is definitely worth your time and money!

If you’ll gonna ask me what halo-halo is better (Lana’s or DJC) I might say that it is Lana’s but I must tell you that—taste differs in every person– I might like this but you might prefer the other– so, what I can say is TRY BOTH! 🙂

If you go to Legazpi City, don’t just watch Mayon; also try this yummy Halo-Halo!

How to get here:

1. If you are coming from Old Albay or Daraga, Ride the Tahao Road Jeep, then drop off in Pacific/ Gaisano Mall. In the right side portion of the mall is where this restaurant is located

2. Ride a tricycle or taxi then say “Head to DJC or sa DJC Halo-Halo po!”. It is in Gaisano/Pacific Mall compound so it is easy to know where it is.

DJC Restaurant Map: Forgive my drawing 🙂

To visit their fb page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.134118986630034.13308.127671687274764&type=3


Lana’s Halo-Halo: The Best Halo-Halo in Legazpi City

Halo-Halo means a mixture of everything that is yummy and of course, edible! It is one of the sweet treats that you can see in almost all of Filipino restaurants. It is eaten during any day of the year, especially if the weather is too hot to contain.

The yummy Halo-Halo 🙂

It consists of tapioca, gelatin, milk, yam, sugar and shaved ice. Sometimes they add leche flan or ice cream to make the taste yummier.

In Legazpi, there is one halo-halo shop that is worthy of my praise- Lana’s Halo-Halo. This shop opened even before I was born, and now, they are still alive and kicking! The yummy and rich flavor of this Lana’s treat is really something you should try once you are in  Legazpi– trust me, the taste is really great!

Lanas’ Halo-Halo

What makes this different to other shop? because of their signature taste. I ask you to try them and you will never be disappointed

Moreover, -the ice are shaved to perfection. the ice definitely melts in your mouth without even munching it—unlike other halo-halo’s where the shaved ice are really big that when you munch the ice you can hear your teeth grind— and from this you will be too tired eating the whole halo-halo because your jaw is already tired trying to munch the ice.

Lanas’ Halo Halo Store

If you tried Razon’s in Manila, I think you will also like this, or worse, you will think that Lana’s Halo-Halo is better 🙂

Aside from the mouthwatering treat, you will also love their price! The price is only P35.00 or $0.81 USD. Half the price of other well-known brands.

Well, this shop is not located in a fancy restaurant, the mall or any place you might think that it is located, instead it is in the Legazpi Market Area. Where dry and wet goods are being sold. But don’t worry since the area where the stall of Lana’s is in the food area, so you won’t smell any stink from fish, meat or even vegetables 🙂 It is located in the 1st floor and the back area of the Market.

And also you shouldn’t worry about your stomach’s safety because even since when I was a kid until today, I always eat there and nothing weird happens in my stomach! So I can say it is perfectly clean and safe to it 🙂


So, how to get there?

1. Ride a tricycle/ taxi and tell the driver to drop you off in the back portion of the Legazpi Market and then ask where Lana’s Halo-Halo is (the driver might even know where it is) It is famous, so he probably know where it’s located.


1. order the ordinary halo-halo it is much better than the one with ice cream! 🙂 trust me on this! 🙂



Things to do in Albay, Philippines

There are a lot of activities open for tourists and locals alike in Albay.

Honestly,  I haven’t tried some of the things listed here  but I promise to try it when I go back to my hometown this May. 🙂

Those in asterisks are the things that I haven’t tried. But I will update it as soon as I set my foot in my lovely hometown


  1. Sightseeing — savor the captivating beauty of Mayon Volcano
  2. Swimming — swim in the black sand beaches in Bacacay, Albay, the black colored sand came from the beautiful Mayon herself or you can go to the nearby Cagraray Island which has a stretch of white sand beach and where the infamous luxury resort Misibis Bay is located.
  3. ATV-riding — ride the ATV and go around the foot of Mayon *
  4. Hiking — hike the treacherously steep slope of Mt. Mayon * or the Lignon Hill
  5. Spelunking — explore the long and winding caves of  Camalig, Albay
  6. Church-hopping — there’s a lot of centuries old church in Albay that you might want to explore and visit especially if you are an architecture buff 🙂
  7. Bar-hopping — The bar scene in Albay, especially in Legazpi City, doesn’t lack character. Moreover, there are a lot of bars that offers cheap prices that will definitely make you wanting for more!
  8. Zip-lining — you can zipline in Lignon Hill while you enjoy the beautiful view of Mayon Volcano as a backdrop *.
  9. Rappelling — you can do this in Embarcadero, a newly opened mall and lighthouse in the foot of a mountain which was called as sleeping lion 🙂 *
  10. Eat Bicol Express or Pinangat — this is Bicol’s specialty so don’t miss this when you go to Albay! (I’ll make a post about this, so tune in! 🙂 )


  1. Eat Pinangat or Bicol Express
  2. Buy Pili nuts for souvenirs (Albay is well-known for growing yummy pilinuts!), you can buy these in Satellite terminal
  3. Go to Cagsawa Ruins
  4. Try the pinangat-carbonara in Small Talk Cafe (I’ll make another post for this, so tune in! I’m just waiting for my brother to upload the photos.

In the video below, you will see a sneak peek of what Albay can offer you. This is a teaser from the Philippines well-known TV show: Sports Unlimited. (No Copyright Infringement Intended; Invoking Fair Use policy)

LOOK IN TO MY NEXT POST: I CREATED a sample itinerary for your travel which is SURELY BUDGET-FRIENDLY !


Bacacay, Albay: A lair of black sand beaches

Black sand beaches are rare in the world. Only few places in earth has this kind of sand– and one of this is in Albay, Philippines.

Black Sand Beach in Bacacay, Albay —Oops.. the R in wanderer is missing! 🙂

There are a lot of white sand beaches in the Philippines, but rarely you can see a black colored one. Here in Bacacay, Albay you can see long stretches of black sand. These stretches are caused by natural erosion of volcanic rock and sand–so in short, it came from Mayon Volcano.

The sand coming from Mayon was said to be the best for constructing buildings and such, however, it is not as powdery fine like any other white sand beaches. But it is still sand– and beach so it is enough for me.

Bacacay is another municipality of Albay, It is 45 minutes to 1 hour ride going to this majestic black sand beaches. You can either ride a van or jeep going to Tabacco or Bacacay. You can go to Satellite Terminal Station where you can find a van/ jeep that traverses Legazpi City to Tabacco or Bacacay. Ask the driver to let you off at Brgy San Jose junction. Then ride a tricycle to take you to the resort you wanna go but you can just ask the locals where the best resort is located. Tricycle Fare is P7.00/ person ($0.16) and P 50.00 or ($1.16 USD) for special trip; which means you don’t need to wait for other passengers to ride the tricycle, it is like riding a taxi. Or wait for the Jeep going to Sogod for P 7.50/person (0.20 USD). One of the best beaches is located in Sogod.

Don’t worry about prior reservations or such, there are a lot of resorts in Bacacay which you can have your overnight stay. But I suggest that you just make a day trip here since there’s nothing going on at night–unless, of course you really wanna swim and enjoy the black sand beach.

I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to get a good picture since it was raining when we went there.

We went there last December 🙂 The only trash that you can see is only seaweeds 🙂

This place might not be appealing for some… but just take note: the same color of sand is what you see in Hawaii and Maui 🙂 Just imagine you are out and about in these overseas places….

seeing a black sand beach in the Philippines is something worth of your time and effort.


Cagsawa Ruins, Albay: An Amazing Scenery and a Glimpse of a Painful Death

Your tour won’t be complete if you don’t visit the Cagsawa Ruins. Here, you can see the Mayon Volcano up close and the historic Cagsawa Ruins, where a Church once stood but was destroyed by a major eruption of the Mayon Volcano.

The Cagsawa Church was made during the 18th century by Franciscan friars. Its style is a baroque one. However, nowadays, you cannot see its former grandeur..

Cagsawa Church (Photo from Jenny Exconde’s Web)

It is called Cagsawa Church because it is located in a baranggay called Cagsawa in Daraga, Albay.

In February 1, 1814, the Mayon Volcano erupted. 1200 people went to this Church hoping that they will be saved from Mayon’s fury. Unfortunately, all of these 1200 people died. It’s just like what happened in Pompeii where they seek refuge yet they still died. However, the case here is that they were not poisoned by gas or hot ashes but they were burnt by lava that flowed throughout the small town of Daraga.

People tried to climb the bell tower but they all died in vain. And not only that; 15000 people died during that eruption– which was said to be one of the scariest and strongest eruption made by Mayon throughout history.

The Bell Tower where the victims tried to climb  in vain 😦

only few people survived Mayon’s wrath, and also the barangay Cagsawa was buried with sand.. and it did not recover its former liveliness and grandeur, it became a dot in history.

AND, the only surviving structure of this Church is its bell tower..

The Bell Tower

Now the remains of this church became one of the landmarks in Albay; and you can see souvenirs having this bell tower alongside the Majestic Mayon Volcano:

Mayon covered with clouds and Cagsawa Bell Tower

To see clearly what it looks like when there are no clouds, I grabbed a picture from Wikipedia, and here is the beautiful photo of Mayon Volcano and the Bell Tower

From Wikipedia

This Mayon Volcano might be very beautiful but when she gets angry—she is really scary!

Beautiful Mayon Volcano 🙂


Albay, Philippines: An Introduction

This place is where the majestic Mayon Volcano can be seen.. And I’m proud to say that this place is my domicile although I’m currently a resident of Manila…

Legazpi City, the main city of Albay is located South of Manila, it is 45-55 minutes by plane and 8-10 hours by bus. It’s somehow far, but the natural beauty that awaits you is jaw-dropping.

If ever I’m feeling tired and lonely… I think of this place and felt relieved by reminiscing my great memories attached to this beautiful city…

Before, I don’t know why there are a lot of tourists visiting this place, and I don’t really think that Mayon Volcano is worth of the time and visit… But, after some time I was stuck here in Manila for study purposes, I appreciate how beautiful it is and how worthy it is to be visited by flocks of flocks of visitors each year. Let me share you why I can say that this is worth the visit.

And also, let me share you some of the tips and my experience in living and traveling in this wonderful city.

So, tune in for my next posts! 🙂

THIS IS MAYON VOLCANO (I didn't take this picture.. Watch out for my photos in my next posts, I found this pic in Wikipedia:)