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If you are not the one who will cover for the expenses of your travel, because you are a student, a minor, or a housewife and the country you will be visiting requires a visa, then you will need this document to support your application.

Here’s a copy of what I’ve been submitting to different embassies. 🙂 Hope this helps!


Here’s a .doc file of the photo above without a watermark (you can easily edit it.






Oh Well, no one joined, no one sent me a message, so no winner, all the people who liked my fb page are my friends. So sad. 😦

Well, I’m still thinking of continuing the promo period until March. So, if you’re game  with it, just say yes in the comment section below, and I will decide in just a week, if I get good response, then I will consider, giving it away again.

Hey Wanderers, I’m giving it for real, don’t miss that chance! 🙂

Here’s the procedure:




the beauty of boracay
the beauty of boracay

Together with BORACAY RESIDENCES, Yannah the Wanderer is giving up a 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS STAY in the lovely Boracay Residences for 4 persons with free daily breakfasts, transfers to and from Boracay port and 24 hours shuttle service to any point in Boracay, This package is valid for the whole 2014, except during holidays.

This promo is in view of the incoming Second year anniversary of Yannah the Wanderer’s blog this coming December 14, 2013, and as thanksgiving to all my readers and followers! 🙂

Promo will run from November 24, 2013, at 8:00 pm +8 GMT until January 10, 2014. Raffle and receiving of entries will be until January 10, 2013, 7:00pm  Philippine time. The determination of winner will be on January 10, 2014, 11:00 pm.

boracay residences

Joining is easy!


1. Create a group of four (4) people, and choose a team leader. One group consisting of 4 persons = 1 entry

2. All 4 people/ members should like YTW’s FB page and follow my blog, via the follow button in my homepage and  like Boracay Residences’ page:

3. The team leader will send me an email ( AND  with these details:

a. Name of the team leader, contact number, email address, residential address, and FB Account links and name

b. Name of the other 3 group members, email address, residential address, contact number and FB account links and FB name

c. the team leader will answer this question, in just 2-3 sentences: What do you think is the best travel destination in the Philippines, aside from Boracay? Why?

4. The name of the team leader will be the one entered into the raffle, which will be done on January 10, 2013, at 11:00pm.

5. The raffle will be made through a randomizer app and the winner’s name will be posted here in this blog, as well as YTW’s FB account.

6. The reservation will be coursed thru YTW. 🙂

All details sent to YTW will be confidential 🙂


1. Anyone within the Philippines can join.

2. Only one entry per group/ 4 fb accounts.  Only one entry is given even if you shuffle your group and names of team leaders. As long as it is composed of the same group members.  Any violation will disqualify all entries made.

3. Two (2) entries of the same person forming a different group is valid, as long as the other 3 members are different from the previous group, and the team leader’s name is different. Hence,  there should be a maximum of 2 groups or 2 entries per person.

If the same person is included in the raffle 3 times, such entry  is invalid and will disqualify the other entries with the same person in the raffle.

4. Only accounts that are at least 3 months old can join. If it is found that the FB account is less than 3 months old during the determination of the winner, such winner will be disqualified. And another raffle will be made.

5. It is not necessary that all 4 group members who won the promo will join the trip to Boracay, as long as two of the members of the winning group will be joining the trip. The voucher will be non-transferable only to the two members of the team, hence, the other 2 members can be changed, but only upon written consent of the other 2 members that will be substituted.




On our second day in Bangkok, we went to Ayutthaya. It is the former capital of Thailand, just like Xian of China, Kyoto of Japan and Cebu of the Philippines. It is 1.5-2 hours drive from Bangkok. Quite near eh?? 🙂

Beautiful landscape of Bang Pa In Palace
Beautiful landscape of Bang Pa In Palace

Honestly, I’m a history buff however, my history “buffness If there’s such a word” is only limited to palaces, emperors, empresses, kings and queens, prince and princess. period. no more than that. I’m interested with anything to do with royalties, palaces and their grand way of life— As a matter of fact, I wished to be a princess! haha!  My Addiction regarding royalties pushed me to go to this place to explore (and imagine) the life of being a Thai Royalty during the past ages.

Well, to tell you, Thailand has still their King and Queens, so, it became the first country that I visited having a royal family. And to tell you the truth, I was quite envious! ha!

The only thing akin to China’s Forbidden City in Ayutthaya (what I mean here is a complex in which everything is still intact; not yet in ruins) is the Bang Pa In Summer Palace. Just like the Summer Palace in Beijing, it is used as a vacation place for Thai Royal Families about 400 years ago…

“It  is a palace complex formerly used by the Thai kings as a summer dwelling. King Prasat Thong originally constructed the complex in 1632, and though it lay empty and overgrown throughout the late 18th and early 19th century, King Mongkut began to restore the site. Most of the present buildings were constructed between 1872 and 1889 by King Chulalongkorn” — according to our tour guide

What I liked here is the moat with a pagoda and a bridge, and also there are carps or mudfish (I’m not sure what kind of fish is in that water) You can feed them by buying a piece of bread.

The bang pa in architecture, a thai looking architecture in the middle of a moat and at a back is a western looking architecture
The bang pa in architecture, a thai looking architecture in the middle of a moat and at a back is a western looking architecture
fishes living in the moat
fishes living in the moat

Here you’ll find buildings with different styles and concepts. In Bang Pa In Palace they incorporate  European, Chinese and even Khmer in their architecture.  This made me think that Thai royalties are quite open to get styles and influence from other countries. However, aside from the buildings, beautiful and well-kept gardens awaits you in Bang Pa In Palace:

Cute Landscaping in Bang Pa In Palace. Elephants are believed to bring good luck in Thailand.
Cute Landscaping in Bang Pa In Palace. Elephants are believed to bring good luck in Thailand.
With my sis-in-law, mom, and nephew, at their back is the building with a Chinese architecture. Beautiful isn’t it?
Inside the building with Chinese architecture. You will also find that inside is also very Chinese (complete with red pillars and all).
the handpainted tiles in the Chinese looking architecture inside the palace
the handpainted tiles in the Chinese looking architecture inside the palace
Bang Pa In Summer Palace, Thailand
Western Looking Pagoda
Bang Pa In Summer Palace, Thailand
Another beautiful pagoda amidst beautiful landscape


1. Wear comfortable clothing. Wear sleeved and below the knees clothing. Leggings are not allowed or else you’ll dress like my sister-in-law in the pictures above. A polo and a skirt will be rented to you or else you can’t enter the palace.

2. Bring water, since there are few vendors in the area.