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How do I define luxury? Simple, it’s Misibis Bay.

misibis bay

Misibis Bay Infinity Pool
Misibis Bay Infinity Pool
facade of main building
facade of main building

The staff, architecture, facilities (even the shampoo, conditioner, bath soap) define luxury at its best. The shampoo, conditioner and bath soap are made of high end brands. The buildings stand tall, showing its grandeur design. The staff are well trained. Trained enough to make everyone smile.

Let me tell you that this is not a sponsored post, I’ll tell you my honest opinion about Misibis Bay. No sugar coating. My real review. My real opinion.

Misibis Bay

I went here last September 2012, only for a day tour which costs more or less P3500.00 per person. We were told to meet up in Hotel Venezia at 6am which is located inside one of the luxury subdivisions in Legazpi City, called Renaissance Garden.

We rode a van in order to get there, the van contains separate seats and  a spacious leg room. The staff will hand you a bottled water just in case you get thirsty. and the way towards the resort is not that rocky, so, it is not tiring at all. Just hate the part, when we waited for the other guests to arrive, or to get ready, the other guests that we are sharing the van with are late, knowing that they’re staying in Venezia itself– which is managed by the same company that holds Misibis Bay. The hotel should have told them to hurry up or else they’ll be left behind without refund, instead, the hotel staff did not do anything but let us wait– which I think is too wrong and too long.

The travel time is about 1.5 hours, and during the whole trip, I was wide awake, because of my curiosity as well as my excitement. I just can’t contain it.

main building misibis bay
main building misibis bay

When I saw the gate, I felt my heart thump more than the usual. When the gate opened, smiles and greetings are in the air, although I can’t hear it myself since I’m still inside the van. I just saw them smiling so kindly to us. Giving us a warm welcome. And just few seconds after, I can hear a loud sound, and there it is,  the Ibalong dance. 2 youngsters are dancing to greet us with their lovely costume and dance moves, after which we were brought to the main lobby.

Ibalong dance in Misibis Bay
Ibalong dance in Misibis Bay

The staff is courteous, always smiling and the best part is, they make you feel like a King or queen even just for a day. Upon arrival in Misibis Bay, My brother and I were greeted by the Ibalong dance (Ibalong is a tale/legend about Albay). Provided us with our own complimentary juice, and waited by their staff who answered our every whim– but, we didn’t overstep our boundaries though, we just asked information regarding the resort. All throughout that day I spent in Misibis made me think that I can feel rich even for just a time.

Complimentary juice
Complimentary juice
reception desk
reception desk

About the facilities, It has everything that you ask for a resort, except for the horse riding part (though I’m not sure, if they don’t have this). 🙂 They have hotel rooms which costs about P20,000 per night. Which is expensive for the Filipino middle class. But, hey, what they are selling here is the exclusivity, or may I say the luxury, and their target are those people who love it.  So, if you want to feel a little luxury yourself, and you can afford it, then why not spend it here.

The facilities include the gym, which is quite small in size, about 40sqm, but has 2  treadmill, and the usual things that you see in a gym. Pardon my brother, I asked him to pose for me. 🙂

Misibis Bay gym

We didnt bring gym clothes. I just asked my brother to pose for me. It's not real. haha
We didnt bring gym clothes. I just asked my brother to pose for me. It’s not real. haha

In Misibis, there are 3 pools. The best pools are the ones near the villas and of course the infinity pool, since the other one is for the youngsters. Isn’t the view awesome?

Misibis Bay Infinity Pool
Misibis Bay Infinity Pool

Misibis Bay

AS FOR THE BEACH… Well, all I can say is that it is so-so. Why? The sand is not as white as they claim. For me, it is brown. The sand is inconsistent, some powdery while some sandy. And the beach itself is not amazing, it is only a small stretch of beach. The water is not the boracay blue—light blue–instead it is dark blue with a hint of a green. And while swimming, you’ll realize that you are stepping in rocks, which have this green moss or algae, or whatever, so I guess, the hint of green color was from those. And mind you, it is a bit slippery, so be careful. If I’m the person who wants to go here just because of the beach, then you’ll be disappointed, just like me, who thought that it has a long stretch of white sand as the pictures and the promo materials depict, but the truth is it is not the same.  I’d rather go to Caramoan or beaches in Sorsogon if my main point is to go the beach. .If you are planning on a vacation where you can walk or jog in the sand, then this is not the resort you should be looking at. Stay in Boracay or other resorts instead. .

The beach is the downside, but hey, there are only few people who will share the beach with you, so it is not that bad, especially if you are looking for privacy or exclusivity, which Boracay’s white beach can’t offer you.

Misibis Bay

Misibis Bay

AS FOR THE FOOD. Well, it’s buffet and it’s included in our day tour package. The buffet table has variety, few but enough.I love the dessert table too. I ate halo-halo from there. Although I would say that the taste is just so-so. It is good but not that good to say WOW! And if you buy an ala carte food here, the lowest price you could get is P300.00, expensive yes. But, you are in the right place to spend, and you went there to spend anyway, so why not?

Ambiance of the restaurant. So beautiful.
Ambiance of the restaurant. So beautiful.

Misibis Bay buffet food

Misibis Bay buffet food

Misibis Bay buffet table. only a few variety of food.
Misibis Bay buffet table. only a few variety of food.

Misibis Bay buffet food

Misibis Bay dessert table
Misibis Bay dessert table

Misibis Bay buffet food

Halo-halo corner
Halo-halo corner

AS FOR THE STAFF. Part of what I love in Misibis are the smiling, ready to help staff that serves your every whim. Ask them and they will answer. All I can say is Filipino hospitality at its finest. I have no qualms about the staff, and also… they make sure you are safe in every way, they always remind you to wear your life jackets, and life guards are just within your sight. It is amazing to see how they make sure that you are having a great time.

WHAT MADE ME ENJOY MISIBIS ARE THE RESORT ACTIVITIES. Sports or other activities are free for day tour guests. I tried ziplining, hobie cat sailing, snorkeling and touring cagraray island, and of course swimming…swimming..swimming.

Zipline. (which is crazy, because it was my first time, and is part of my bucket list). The area you’ll be hanging into, is a cliff. Yes, a cliff. And it is about 400m long. By which IF… JUST IF.. IF the cable holding your dear life snaps, then just close your eyes, say your prayer and wish that you’ll be getting into heaven. I loove the zipline here. It’s adrenaline pumping, heart thumping and of course an experience of a life time. My first zipline is in here, and it is a 400m and below is a cliff, not those sissy types of zipline like that in the mall of asia, that is only 6-7 m high from the ground- I call that sissy zipline. I’m glad that my first time was as scary as this! hah!

The zipline here though has a stop in the middle, so it is not a straight 400m. But, the stop is in the middle of a cliff, so in any way, to get back to the main road, you need to ride it again, this time, in a not-so-scary part… and mind you, I was scared during my first “flight” but I don’t have a choice but to get to the other side by doing it again.

I told you it's a cliff!
I told you it’s a cliff! and by the way, it’s just the other half.
I'm coming!!!!!
I’m coming!!!!!

Snorkeling. That was my first time that I touched the expensive yet yummy sea cucumber that East Asians love to eat. And the fishes that surround you is really amazing, A lot of different fishes. Schools of fishes (yes, fishes, since there are different schools of them). This is fun and I was really happy that I tried it. All the snorkeling gears are free, the bread that you’ll feed to the fish and you’ll have your snorkeling guide too.

Having a non-water proof camera sucks. so that's the only pic I got.
Having a non-water proof camera sucks. so that’s the only pic I got.

Hobie Cat Sailing. I just love sailing with this light-material looking boat. ha! I don’t know how to describe it, just look at the pictures below: Well, I love riding it because it was my first time and that I love how we move because of the wind. We are sailing fast and went so far beyond the boundary because the wind is powerful, which adds to the excitement. Those who are scared to try this, don’t worry you are required to wear a life vest.

The hobie cat. focus on the hobie cat.
The hobie cat. focus on the hobie cat.

Kayaking. It was hard. I just kept on circling and circling, and a bit scared, so I stopped. Although it is just for a while it was fun!

Stand Up paddle surfing. I’m telling you, this is impossible! haha! I tried this one and knew about it because of the Amazing Race and I tried to imitate it. Although it looks easy but it is not. Really, it is not. haha. This is where you will need to stand in a surfing board and paddle yourself to move while you’re in the water. It’s fun but seriously hard.

Then the tour. The tour took us to see what’s in the Cagraray Island. We were touring using a golf cart, we went to the theater, the beautiful church/chapel, the part of the resort for the middle class, where the hanging bridge is located, and 2 pools can be seen.  zipline site and the snorkeling site. 🙂

In the golf cart to see the whole Cagraray Island.
In the golf cart to see the whole Cagraray Island.
Misibis Bay Hanging Bridge
Misibis Bay Hanging Bridge
The theater
The theater
the view
the view
Misibis Bay Church
Misibis Bay Church
Inside the Church. The altar. It is overlooking the sea.
Inside the Church. The altar. It is overlooking the sea.

Relaxing. My brother and I waited until it is not that hot anymore to swim or try the activities. So, the first thing we did was to go to the building where the facilities like table tennis/ billiards *(if I remember it right), and the soccer game table, lots of sofas, tables, magazines, televisions and internet-ready computers. We stayed there and played everything until we got bored, ate lunch and started the activities that I mentioned above.

Misibis Bay Entertainment Hall
Misibis Bay Entertainment Hall
Misibis Bay Entertainment Hall
Misibis Bay Entertainment Hall
The pingpong table
The pingpong table

Swimming. We went to every pool that we can see. But we didn’t even try to dip ourselves in the kiddie pool. haha. But my first instinct was to go to the beach, and we swim there, although just for a few minutes. I noticed that there is bar in the beach, so you can order your drinks, alcoholic or not in that bar. There’s also a bar in the infinity pool itself, you can buy your ice cold shakes or alcoholic drinks while swimming in the infinity pool and savoring the blue sea amid the blue sky.

Misibis Bay Pool
Misibis Bay Pool. My favorite pool among them all.

In short, I enjoyed Misibis. It is hard to tell otherwise, especially because of the list of activities they offer, especially the zip line. But most of all, what I loved here is the exclusivity of the resort. You will think that you’re the only guests in the place. I experienced having the beach and pool by myself, and not only that, I felt that I’m being served by the staff as if I’m a queen. Although they can improve in terms of the food, but I don’t know how they’ll improve the beach. hah! 🙂

If you’ll ask me whether the money is worth it? YES, for the experience. But I can say that once is enough.


For more information: Visit

Four Seasons Restaurant: A MUST TRY in Legazpi City

Four Seasons was established even before I was born–and all I can say is that even though decades passed, this restaurant is still popular and doing its best to serve the public.

Seasons Chicken– Yum! Yum!

It is the restaurant where we always go to if there are occasions such as birthdays, recognitions, baptism or even a simple dinner with my family– what I love in this place is that I grew up eating those yummy seasons chicken but I’ve never get tired of munching those mouthwatering treat.

The best seller of this restaurant is there Seasons Chicken, which is indeed yummy and will make your taste buds crave for more. It is fried to perfection and twinkled with their unique signature sauce– the sauce has a sweet, sour, salty flavor that I cannot completely comprehend but one thing is for sure— It is yummy and I like it!

Four Seasons Restaurant Entrance (photos from FB account of Four Seasons)

The price is on the average side so no worries about it. The Jumbo (largest) order for Seasons Chicken is P500.00 which can serve 3-5 persons. Not bad right?

Having to leave Legazpi to go to Manila for studying, makes me always crave for this yummy chicken. That is why I always ask my mom to bring me some of this when she go here in Manila 🙂 — That’s how I love this delicious treat!

All I can say– You, as a tourist in my lovely hometown, should not miss out on what this restaurant can offer you! This doesn’t have any other branches in the Philippines— It is only in Legazpi and Legazpi only! So, I beg you to try! Don’t miss your opportunity to try something yummy!

…And to tell you the truth, I’ve tasted every chicken in Manila but they never beats the yumminess of this seasons Chicken!

How to get here?

1. Ride a Daraga-Legazpi jeep and tell the driver to drop you off in Four Seasons or in Cherryland.

2. Or you can ride taxi or tricycle and tell them to drop you off in Four Seasons

(All pictures from Four Seasons Facebook Account; I will add my own photos later. My brother is still busy so he cannot upload the photos! I’ll upload my own later 🙂 )


DJC Halo Halo: Another Yummy Halo Halo in Legazpi City

DJC is one of the popular halo-halo spots in Albay.

DJC HALO-HALO. It was raining 😦

It started as a small store in Tiwi, Albay then they branched out to Legazpi City. Before it conquered Legazpi, people usually flock Tiwi only to taste this yummy treat– It has this milky and unusual taste that you will definitely love!

The Yummy Treat — The photo is from DJC Facebook Page

The colorful presentation of this taste bud friendly treat is definitely screaming “I’m Yummy!”

If you love a little bit of sophistication, then you might want to eat your halo-halo in this place, since unlike its counterpart Lana’s Halo-Halo which is located in a grumpy side of the town (in Legazpi Wet Market), here, it is located in one of the prime location in Legazpi City–near the mall.

Photo from DJC Facebook Page

However, the sophistication and the classy feel has a price. This is much expensive than its Lana’s Counterpart. It costs P70-85 ($ 1.7 — 2 USD) depending on the size and type of halo-halo you will order (they have special and supreme 🙂 ).

Menu of DJC — Photo from DJC Facebook Page

I really don’t know how to explain the taste of this halo-halo, but one thing I can assure you is that it is definitely worth your time and money!

If you’ll gonna ask me what halo-halo is better (Lana’s or DJC) I might say that it is Lana’s but I must tell you that—taste differs in every person– I might like this but you might prefer the other– so, what I can say is TRY BOTH! 🙂

If you go to Legazpi City, don’t just watch Mayon; also try this yummy Halo-Halo!

How to get here:

1. If you are coming from Old Albay or Daraga, Ride the Tahao Road Jeep, then drop off in Pacific/ Gaisano Mall. In the right side portion of the mall is where this restaurant is located

2. Ride a tricycle or taxi then say “Head to DJC or sa DJC Halo-Halo po!”. It is in Gaisano/Pacific Mall compound so it is easy to know where it is.

DJC Restaurant Map: Forgive my drawing 🙂

To visit their fb page:


Lana’s Halo-Halo: The Best Halo-Halo in Legazpi City

Halo-Halo means a mixture of everything that is yummy and of course, edible! It is one of the sweet treats that you can see in almost all of Filipino restaurants. It is eaten during any day of the year, especially if the weather is too hot to contain.

The yummy Halo-Halo 🙂

It consists of tapioca, gelatin, milk, yam, sugar and shaved ice. Sometimes they add leche flan or ice cream to make the taste yummier.

In Legazpi, there is one halo-halo shop that is worthy of my praise- Lana’s Halo-Halo. This shop opened even before I was born, and now, they are still alive and kicking! The yummy and rich flavor of this Lana’s treat is really something you should try once you are in  Legazpi– trust me, the taste is really great!

Lanas’ Halo-Halo

What makes this different to other shop? because of their signature taste. I ask you to try them and you will never be disappointed

Moreover, -the ice are shaved to perfection. the ice definitely melts in your mouth without even munching it—unlike other halo-halo’s where the shaved ice are really big that when you munch the ice you can hear your teeth grind— and from this you will be too tired eating the whole halo-halo because your jaw is already tired trying to munch the ice.

Lanas’ Halo Halo Store

If you tried Razon’s in Manila, I think you will also like this, or worse, you will think that Lana’s Halo-Halo is better 🙂

Aside from the mouthwatering treat, you will also love their price! The price is only P35.00 or $0.81 USD. Half the price of other well-known brands.

Well, this shop is not located in a fancy restaurant, the mall or any place you might think that it is located, instead it is in the Legazpi Market Area. Where dry and wet goods are being sold. But don’t worry since the area where the stall of Lana’s is in the food area, so you won’t smell any stink from fish, meat or even vegetables 🙂 It is located in the 1st floor and the back area of the Market.

And also you shouldn’t worry about your stomach’s safety because even since when I was a kid until today, I always eat there and nothing weird happens in my stomach! So I can say it is perfectly clean and safe to it 🙂


So, how to get there?

1. Ride a tricycle/ taxi and tell the driver to drop you off in the back portion of the Legazpi Market and then ask where Lana’s Halo-Halo is (the driver might even know where it is) It is famous, so he probably know where it’s located.


1. order the ordinary halo-halo it is much better than the one with ice cream! 🙂 trust me on this! 🙂



The Oriental Hotel: Legazpi City’s 1st 5 star!

Well, I haven’t exactly stayed in this hotel but we were given the chance to have a peek on how grand and how beautiful the place is…

The Oriental Hotel

Last December 26, 2011, I decided that I wanna eat my dinner in the new posh hotel in the city. So, my brother, friend, nephew and I went to The Oriental Hotel which was formerly known as Mayon International Hotel (MIH).

This hotel is located on top of a hill/mountain, where you can see a beautiful view of the Mayon Volcano during the day and the cordial city lights during the night. When we arrived, the twinkling city lights caught my attention–It made me stared for it for awhile.

Anyway, I want all of you to know that this is not a sponsored post, I just want to share one of the place you might want to stay if you are seeking for luxury and beauty.

They have 3 kinds of rooms. These are the Deluxe, Suite, and Governor’s Room. The price ranges from P6,500.00- P25,000.00 ($163-581 USD). Well, it’s quite pricey but the interior is nicely decorated, and I think the price is reasonable since it is touted as a 5 star hotel.  Moreover, they have this unique color that I don’t usually see in hotels–WHITE. The lobby, the bathrooms, and the rooms are all white–even the corridors! I am amazed yet I’m really scared for the management since this color is really hard to maintain…

The lighting of the rooms makes the wall looks yellow, but it is actually white.

Anyway, this hotel looks like a huge art gallery. Its white interiors is perfect for the exhibition of various paintings and other works of art.

As for the facilities, they do have an elegantly designed Spa which they call as The Oriental Spa; they have jacuzzi inside (which I really wanna try). There prices starts 500-1500 Pesos ($11-35USD).

Well, let’s move on to the FOOD. Well, we ordered 3 varieties, Tinolang Manok (Chicken Soup), the specialty of Bicol– Bicol Express and the Bicol style Bagnet (Crispy fried pork, which is usually a specialty of Ilocos Philippines, but they added coconut milk and chili, which made it in Bicol Style)

Definitely Yummy! (left–Bicol Express, uppermost center– Bagnet, right– Tinolang Manok)

I forgot to tell you that Bicol, Philippines where Albay is located is well-known for their spicy and coconut-milky foods. And here in this hotel is where you can taste real Bicolano food– which is surely yummy and healthy!

The taste is Amazing! The Bagnet definitely melts in your mouth, while the Bicol Express (pork with coconut milk) is also yummy, and actually, this is the most delicious Bicol Express that I have tasted. The Chef really knows how to tickle our taste buds 🙂

All of the food we ordered are yummy! And for your information, we only paid 1300.oo pesos or ($30USD for this yummy feast). The food served is good for 3-4 persons 🙂

The staff are friendly–which should be common in all hotels– But, what really caught my attention is on how they are very very friendly and accommodating. The assistant head waiter had even given us a lot of tips regarding what food we should order and explained the food, the ingredients and the taste very well.

As for the location, it gives a good view of the Mayon Volcano but the problem is that it is in a hill, so you need to ride their shuttle bus to get to the city center. But don’t worry it is just a 5 minutes ride :). They also offer free airport transfers…

The people are so accommodating that it made me wanna post a review–even though I haven’t stayed in there….

I saw the staff’s eagerness to serve, the posh and modern design of the rooms, and the cleanliness of the hotel– so, I guess, I would say that this is really nice place to stay.

TRIVIA: The present President of the Philippines stayed in this Hotel (Governor’s Room)

To see their current rates, you can contact them here:

Tel No: (+6352) 435-3333 or (+6352) 435-5555



Your Itinerary for your Albay, Philippines Adventure

If you wanna go to Albay to see this Majestic Mayon Volcano, then here is my handmade itinerary for your adventure. Just follow this and I assure you, that doing so will definitely make you feel like a local and not just another tourist in Albay.

I added here the places where the usual tourists go but I also added some places and some restaurants that only locals know about 🙂

(To those who doesn’t know– I’m domiciled in Legazpi City, Albay although I’m currently residing in Manila, so I have experienced being a local in this part of the Philippines– I live, I breath, I love Legazpi.)

This is a sample itinerary for your Albay adventure. It depends to you if you follow it or not but I highly recommend it 🙂


So, in order for you not to be confused, with the places I’m going to mention, please take note that Legazpi City and Daraga is a city and a municipality of Albay. While Bicol is a region where Albay Province is located.

Daraga and Albay (a municipality and a city of Albay Province) adjoins each other that is why you can see a lot of jeepneys having a sign Daraga–Legazpi which means Daraga to Legazpi.  Gets?

So… Let’s start! 🙂


Click the links to see my posts/reviews about the place. Have fun reading! 🙂

3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS STAY (If you arrive 7:00 am or earlier)

1st day — Suggestion: Eat Heavy Breakfast

  • 8:00 — 9:00 am   (EAT BREAKFAST)

Places where you can eat your breakfast:

  1.  Airport Canteen– here you can eat a good TAPA (smoked beef), egg and coffee for P100.00 ($2.32USD)
  2. Airport Hotel Buffet — you can eat here (no need to be a hotel guest) the buffet here has a good variety. Remember it is a buffet or what other call as Eat-all-you can. Vegetarians would also love to eat here because they serve a lot of vegetables (the price is only — P145 or $3.37USD)
  • 8:00 — 11:00 am  visit Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave or Calabidongan Cave
  • 11:00 — 11:30 am  eat lunch by going to Camalig proper; there are a lot of stalls that sells “Pinangat” a local delicacy, it is made of a vegetable with coconut milk. Camalig is more known for their pinangats other than any place in Albay, so you can see sellers having their ice boxes in the streets where they keep this tasty pinangats hot 🙂 This is a must do since this is Bicol’s especialty, coming to Bicol without trying this is a No-No!
  •           It is either you eat in one of the restaurants (when I say restaurant– cheap style– it is the usual place with no airconditioning, if you are lucky there is an electric fan; a small downscale restaurant 🙂 ) Or you can opt to buy Pinangat and Rice in Camalig (the price of pinangat is only P 20-70 or ($0.46- 1.63 USD) then buy rice) after that you can bring it in your next stop– the Cagsawa Ruins!
  • 12:00-2:30 pmGo to Cagsawa Ruins, have a picnic there and eat your lunch. Actually, there are food and souvenir stalls in this park, so, it is up to you whether you  buy your lunch in Camalig or just eat in one of the downscale restaurants in Cagsawa Ruins. The Entrance Fee for Cagsawa Ruins is only P10.00 or $0.20USD per person
  • 2:30 pm– 3:30 pm Hike or ride the tricycle to visit one of the beautiful Church in Albay the Daraga Church. It is located in a hill where you should hike before you can see its grandeur. 
  • 3:30 pm–4:40 pmVisit another old Church in Albay, the Albay Church and take pictures of the park and Governor’s office (The Capitol Nearby). The Albay proper in Legazpi City is still in the Spanish colonial setting where the Church, the Capitol and the park stays in one area of the city. So, at least you can see such a setting even during this time.
  •       From here, ride a jeep going to Legazpi City, and then get off near LCC’s main entrance then walk towards a place where there are a lot of streetfoods being sold (I posted a sketch below, refer to it. The jeep ride is only P12.oo or $0.27USD per person
  • 4:40-5:20 —  Go to Legazpi Center (Centro Legazpi) and go to a hawker street in Legazpi City (Just like hawker streets in Wangfujing, Beijing China, Legazpi also has some street foods to offer.
  •        As a suggestion,  go there to eat congee. Go to AKONG’s LUGAW atbp. The congee there is great! It was already established even when I was still a child. Ask the locals where the Akong’s Lugaw is located (Pronounce it as Ah-Kong with strong A and O). The price of the congee is only P35.00 $0.81USD
  • 5:30 – 7:00 pm — Go to Embarcadero, from Akong’s Lugaw, you can ride a trycicle and tell the driver to go to Embarcadero, and tell the driver to drop you off not in the mall but in the baywalk (the fare should only be (P20-30 — $0.46-0.70). In Embarcadero, you can see the Mayon Volcano wrapped by the blue sky. The view is good during sundown:
Mayon Volcano (taken in Embarcadero sept. 2011)

You can stay in Embarcadero until you want since this ends the tour, you can eat in the nearby mall and then go back to the baywalk area and then have a drink in one of the open bars in the area. I suggest you go to Opisina Bar it is the cheapest among them all!

2ND DAY — Places to Visit: Lignon Hill, Bacacay, Albay Black Sand Beaches, Mayon Resthouse.

4:30 am — wake up! yeah, I know.. too early right? What I want you to do is to hike the Lignon Hill which gives an amazing view of Mayon during sunrise. If Embarcadero has a nice view during the evening, Lignon Hill is the best during sun rise.

7:00 am — Go down Lignon Hill head back to your hotel to eat your breakfast and rest

11:00 -1:00 pm — Head to Albay and go to Small Talk Cafe for Lunch — try their pinangat pasta or cordon bleu! Highly recommended! (Price for 2 persons sharing = P500-800 = $12 to 18USD)

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm — Mayon Resthouse in Tabaco, Albay, a one hour drive from Legazpi City. I’ll post the directions going here soon! 🙂

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm — Enjoy the black sand beaches in Bacacay, Albay

6:00 — travel back to Legazpi City and go to Four Seasons Restaurant in Legazpi City Center. Order there Seasons Chicken — the food here is really yummy– trust me! and order their Avocado shake 🙂 (Price for 2 persons sharing= P500.00 or $12USD)

3RD DAY (depends on your departure time)

8:00 – 9:00 am — head to Satellite Terminal to buy souvenirs (Here, you can buy some great and yummy pilinut candies as well as sturdy abaca products) and then head to either DJC halo-halo located near Gaisano Mall or the more cheapscale but I think yummier one, (Lanas’ Halo-Halo) which is located in the Legazpi City Market just ask the locals where this place is and they will be glad to help. Halo-Halo in Legazpi is different than other places then go back to your hotel to pack and get ready to leave 😦

I found a map of Legazpi City in Here it is:

Legazpi City Map I got from

Okay, forgive my drawing and handwriting. This sketch will show you how to go to Akong’s Lugaw and Four Seasons: Forgive my horrible handwriting 😦

How to go to Akong’s Lugaw atbp?

Another One to see where Four Seasons is located:

forgive my horrible drawing 🙂



Things to do in Albay, Philippines

There are a lot of activities open for tourists and locals alike in Albay.

Honestly,  I haven’t tried some of the things listed here  but I promise to try it when I go back to my hometown this May. 🙂

Those in asterisks are the things that I haven’t tried. But I will update it as soon as I set my foot in my lovely hometown


  1. Sightseeing — savor the captivating beauty of Mayon Volcano
  2. Swimming — swim in the black sand beaches in Bacacay, Albay, the black colored sand came from the beautiful Mayon herself or you can go to the nearby Cagraray Island which has a stretch of white sand beach and where the infamous luxury resort Misibis Bay is located.
  3. ATV-riding — ride the ATV and go around the foot of Mayon *
  4. Hiking — hike the treacherously steep slope of Mt. Mayon * or the Lignon Hill
  5. Spelunking — explore the long and winding caves of  Camalig, Albay
  6. Church-hopping — there’s a lot of centuries old church in Albay that you might want to explore and visit especially if you are an architecture buff 🙂
  7. Bar-hopping — The bar scene in Albay, especially in Legazpi City, doesn’t lack character. Moreover, there are a lot of bars that offers cheap prices that will definitely make you wanting for more!
  8. Zip-lining — you can zipline in Lignon Hill while you enjoy the beautiful view of Mayon Volcano as a backdrop *.
  9. Rappelling — you can do this in Embarcadero, a newly opened mall and lighthouse in the foot of a mountain which was called as sleeping lion 🙂 *
  10. Eat Bicol Express or Pinangat — this is Bicol’s specialty so don’t miss this when you go to Albay! (I’ll make a post about this, so tune in! 🙂 )


  1. Eat Pinangat or Bicol Express
  2. Buy Pili nuts for souvenirs (Albay is well-known for growing yummy pilinuts!), you can buy these in Satellite terminal
  3. Go to Cagsawa Ruins
  4. Try the pinangat-carbonara in Small Talk Cafe (I’ll make another post for this, so tune in! I’m just waiting for my brother to upload the photos.

In the video below, you will see a sneak peek of what Albay can offer you. This is a teaser from the Philippines well-known TV show: Sports Unlimited. (No Copyright Infringement Intended; Invoking Fair Use policy)

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