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Macau Best Western Taipa Hotel: One good hotel for the budget minded

Actually we stayed here on Aug 23, 2009. The rooms are really big, but there’s few furniture inside. It is like a big empty room with two double beds and a coffee table (note: we are only two-I’m with my mom)

The carpet is rough, seems to be very tired, but seems clean…

The breakfast is good, not so many choices but it was okay. I don’t know about the wifi since I haven’t used it.

As for the location, you can always ride on their shuttle buses that runs every 15 min (however sometimes it is late). It goes to venetian, city of dreams and to macau ferry terminal. If you will be taking a cab, well, it is better if you ask the front desk staff to write in Chinese character the name of the hotel since when we said Best Western Taipa, the cab driver only said No, no! and left us! so rude! well I guess it is because of the language barrier

Check in and Check out was a breeze, no problem with that! There is also a convenience/grocery store nearby, but it is scary to walk at night, we noticed some men looking at us (we are only 2 and we are both women) so we just went back to the hotel after buying some food—or were just being paranoid 🙂

There is a swimming pool but I never tried it, though it looks clean. Regarding the CR, well the hotel provides complete basic toiletries in packs and it was clean… no problem with the CR.

The lobby looks nice but it needs more couch!

Overall our stay was great… it is just an ordinary hotel which is good for its price. A simple 3 star hotel– so don’t expect much. if you want a good luxury hotel then go somewhere else! This hotel is good for sleeping after a day of touring the city. If you want to spend your day in casinos then stay in VENETIAN or somewhere near there, although this hotel has one small casino it’s nothing compared to that of the Venetian.

This is a good place if you wanna be near the Venetian and City of Dreams since it is located in Taipa, where those attractions are located, but is quite far from the Macau city center; you need to cross a long bridge before getting there.

Sorry. No photos, since my stay was too long ago and I can’t find any photos in my FB or any other account. This review is from my Tripadvisor.

How to Get here upon disembarking from the Macau Ferry Terminal?

  • There’s a shuttle bus that goes every 15 minutes to the Macau Ferry Terminal which can bring you to this hotel
  • You can always ride the taxi, prices are lower than the one in HongKong

To know more about their rates, click here



Royal View Hotel Hong Kong: A Laid Back Hotel in a Laid Back environment

For my first time in Hong Kong, my mom and I stayed in this hotel. It is a beautiful,comfy and quiet hotel. Far from the busy and bustling streets of Hong Kong.

Bedroom of Royal view Hotel

Here is my review from my Tripadvisor account:

Well, we stayed here on August 21-23, 2009, it was booked by our travel agent.

The room were we stayed in was amazing, the bathroom is nice and clean and its pretty. As a matter of fact, It’s like a studio type apartment except for the dining area. There is a sink and a lot of cabinet; i really loved the design and it was really cozy.

If you want to stay in a cozy hotel then this one is for you however you will take a lot of time going to the city (but it’s also a good thing to try stuff like riding their MTR and going to the outskirts of Hong Kong). Moreover, the view here is good, it’s serene and it is far from the loud noises from the city. When you stay here, you can really feel that you’re on a vacation.

The staff is not that good, some of them doesn’t speak English, the concierge staff (the old man there) is so much discriminating especially for Filipinos. The front desk staff is good but will make you wait (especially for check-in)  but it’s okay since they’re friendly.

Room View 2

Well, for those who intend to get a set breakfast from the hotel (if you registered in a travel agency and sees that you will have a ‘breakfast outside’ or set breakfast, especially from a Philippine travel agency), beware since your menu will be just be bread, beans and sausages, however for the buffet, its just like buffet breakfast in any other hotel– But with limited choices. Corridors in this hotel is not airconditioned; so dont get irritated if it’s hot in there.

If you went to the city center (Kowloon or HK Island), dont forget to buy water as well as food, since there’s no convenience store nearby and these goods are expensive if you’ll buy it in their mini bar. Food in the restaurant (ala carte) is also expensive, so just hop on the complimentary shuttle bus that goes (I think) every 15 minutes, going to the nearest MTR station, where you can dine without getting your wallet cry.

I haven’t tried calling the front desk for any problems (like lack of towel or supplies inside the room) and I haven’t tried their room service so I cannot really comment about that. But overall our stay here is amazing; since I really loved the room.

Well, I recommend this hotel if you’re “okay” traveling to and from the main city and if you want some serene place out of the noisy streets of Hong Kong…the rooms are nicely decorated and clean


if you are a tourist with a very limited time and you are planning to go a lot of tourist sights then this in not a good place to stay since traveling to and fro this place is really time consuming.

Nevertheless, this hotel has a nice view of the longest suspension bridge in the world (Tsing Ma Bridge).

To see there rates and more photos visit their website.

Hong Kong L’Hotel Nina: A Luxurious Experience

I’ve been to Hong Kong three times, and for my second visit, my family and I opted to stay in L’Hotel Nina Hong Kong. This hotel is a 5-star hotel located in Tsuen Wan. It is quite far from Hong Kong Island but the surrounding establishments rivals that of Kowloon, so we had no problems in buying food or even shopping.

Facade of L'Hotel Nina

Well, I can say, it’s definitely a 5-star hotel. The rooms are very nicely decorated, well-lighted, very clean, and has bigger rooms than other hotels in HK and the service is good. Though I noticed that there’s no bell-hop who will help you with your luggage but that wasn’t a big deal for us.

Room 1 where my mom, my father and I stayed: this room has 2 double beds
Room2: where my brother and his family stayed... We had a connected room at our disposal 🙂

Did I say that they have nice decorated bathrooms? And very clean too…

Clean Bathroom!

Tsuen Wan is quite far from the city center (HK island and Kowloon) but Tsuen Wan itself is a thriving city, you can find a lot of shops and eateries nearby (just a 5 minute walk) and the hotel itself is linked to a shopping mall.. so coming there and around is easy but be careful, you can easily get lost in this big hotel 🙂

My Mom outside the hotel

The MTR is also 5-10minutes away, so going to HK island is easy. Moreover, it has its own tourist sights nearby which is not very popular among the tourists but quite a good place. Like the imitation of the Temple of Heaven in China, which is only 15 minutes away from the hotel.

We used the free wifi, which is quite good, and used the computer station in the lobby but just used it just for a few minutes, so I really can’t tell if the internet is fast or not (I had a hard time figuring it out since the website is in Chinese) There is a few computers in the lobby which any guest can use.

The lobby is well decorated but there are a lot of tourists who were in a group tour or such. The lobby always has a lot of people even during the night. But once you get to your room, you have the place on your own– quiet and relaxing.

We dine in for breakfast at the hotel, there is an ‘okay’ variety of food— not that much but not that few– the food is quite good.

Tip: email them if you what type of room you would like to have. I emailed them and requested a connecting room which they gave us, and a smoking room too. Always insist in your email, that you want this kind of room. This hotel gave us what we wanted.

this is a good hotel if you don’t mind if it is out to the usual tourist sights in HK. But it is definitely a must if you want luxury in an affordable price. Moreover, it is near Disneyland!

To check the rates of this hotel Visit their website: click here: .lhotelhk.

Shaanxi Nanfang Hotel: Okay Hotel for the Budget-Minded Traveler

The hotel allowed us to have an early check-in, which is very nice of them, we checked-in by 10am. The rooms are nicely decorated, simple yet comfortable.

The windows are huge; the hotel rooms are clean, so we had no problem at all.

Stuff for Sale in the Hotel

There are a lot of items which can be found on the desk and on the sink but almost everything is for sale, so watch out for those things which has a price tag on them, they also have complimentary toiletries so don’t be fooled of getting those that have tags on them… the free items are those usually with the hotel logos.

The location is nice, easily accessible to the bell tower. So it is really in the city center

I'm trying to figure out what the food is....

As for the breakfast, if you are Chinese then the breakfast is good for you but if you are not, if it is not complimentary then ditch it…. the breakfast is a typical chinese buffet, (no bread even except for the Chinese bread (the one which is color white)… they don;t even serve noodles! for me, the taste is not good but maybe for Chinese people it would be satisfactory (I just observed on how they go back and forth to the buffet table)

As for the staff, they are quite helpful but only few knows english which is quite frustrating… however, our stay end up pretty well, this is not really a big deal for our group since we have a Chinese speaking guide with us.

Overall, our stay is good since we just used the hotel as a sleeping place….I will recommend it if you have a tour guide or group when coming to Xian, since the location is quite good, but if you are coming to Xian alone and wanted to go touring, it will be harder for you to communicate with the frontdesk staff (I’m just assuming that you don’t know any Chinese)…. but if you know Chinese pretty well, this place is really recommended for you and you can save money too!

This review is originally from my tripadvisor account but what I did is to add another commentary and pictures.

Beijing Traditional View Hotel, a hassle free stay!

Anyway, let me cheat a little bit. I posted here my previous review from tripadvisor. But I added more commentary and PICTURES!!

We booked this 3-star hotel using Agoda and we got 45% of the usual deal. So we just paid P6,000 for our 2 nights stay in the hotel. But first, I want you to know that hotels or accommodations in Beijing are affordable… you will have no problem regarding accommodation costs once you plan to visit this vibrant city, unlike Singapore where hotel accommodations are too costly (For Filipino standards).

Main Door of Traditional View Hotel
My Mom in the entrance of the hotel

The hotel is quite small but is really pretty, it is clean and well decorated. We got a standard modern room instead of the more expensive traditional ones. The rooms that we got have two single beds, and clean bathrooms. There is no refrigerator but there is a mini bar (where you can buy some stuff). There is also a TV but unfortunately, they only have Chinese channels.

The Comfy Single Beds

The courtyard is very cute, it feels that you are really in China. They set up a lot of chairs and tables where the guests can sit and relax…which I think is a good way of compensating knowing that the sitting capacity of the lobby is really unequal to the number of guests of this hotel.


I also loved the gold fishies in the lobby. They are so cute… I’m gonna die!!!

The Cute and Fluffy "fishies" in the hotel lobby!

The staff is also very hardworking, they also helped us by being the contact person of our tour guides. The male front desk staff (I forgot his name) even went up in our room when he cannot contact us through the phone. Check-in and Check-out is a breeze, so no worries about that.

The buffet breakfast has few variety  of food but it tastes great, so no worries about it. But if the breakfast is not a complimentary one, I suggest going out and just eat somewhere else, so that you can get more value of your money. And I don’t suggest eating porridge there! It doesn’t taste like porridge or (“lugaw”) here in the Philippines. It tastes like “gawgaw” or does have a bland taste.

The only problem of this hotel is the location, though it may be said that it is in the center of Beijing, the location can be so much of a hassle especially if it is your first time going to the hotel, and  if you doesn’t speak Mandarin. The hotel is really hard to find (and you need to ask the local people about the location of this place, and most of them doesn’t know how to speak english). Good thing was we booked a transfer service going to this hotel. But, in fairness to this hotel, its location is really near the Forbidden City and of that Tiananmen Square, and some other tourists places in Beijing. The only problem is that it is hard to find at first.

The hotel is located in the center of the Hutongs (like small alleys) so you need to walk at least 7-10 minutes from the hotel to the main road.

Overall, the hotel is nice, with a friendly and hardworking staff, with a nicely decorated, clean and comfortable rooms, and very cute courtyard. I can say that this hotel is okay and I recommend it, as long as you don’t mind walking for another 10 minutes or so after a day of walking in Beijing.

If you are traveling in China, make sure you have every name and addresses of the places you are going to visit as well as the name of your hotel in Chinese, so that it will be easier for you to go home or ask the directions if ever you are lost or such.

Anyway, here is the address and contact details of this hotel. And I just found out that they have their own website! Last May when I’m looking for more information regarding this hotel, I didn’t come across their site.  So here you go…

  • Name of Hotel: Beijing Traditional View Hotel
  • Address: 33 JuEr Hutong, JiaoDaoKou south street,Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China
  • Telephone Nos: 86-10-64005656, 86-10-84032899
  • Fax Nos: 86-10-84032599
  • Email:
  • Website:

Seoul Backpackers Hostel: A Cheap Home Away from Home

So, after deliberating where to stay in Seoul, we already decided to stay in Seoul Backpackers’ Hostel Myeongdong Branch. We decided to stay here because of its central location and its “okay” prices.

Below is the map where the hostel is located:


We stayed here for 5 days and 4 nights. The price we paid was 70,000 KRW/ night for a twin room (with extra person charge)  It has ensuite bathroom, cute beds, air condition, hairdryer, television (with only Korean channels without english subs) and  It is only small but if you are on a budget then this will do.


If you wanna stay here then you should reserve at least 2 weeks before your arrival. I reserved my room here directly from their website. I did the reservation 1 month before my scheduled trip. They answers promptly, so there is no problem communicating with them. There is no need to deposit money or give your credit card number, what is only required is continuous reconfirmation of your reservation. The email they sent me included this instruction:

Please, kindly do again your reconfirmation 3 times to secure reservation by e-mail.
1. 30 days before your check-in date
2. 15 days before your check-in date
3. just 5 days before your check-in date
Otherwise, it will be automatically changed or cancel without prior notice.
* Twin room is 55,000 KRW ( 2 person / night )
– Non smoking room
– Two single beds
– Beautifully appointed en-suites room
– FREE internet available.
– Climate control air-conditioning and floor heating
– Remote control cable television with 24 channels
– State of the art security
– FREE coffee & Tea available from lobby
– 24 hours open
One add person will be charged extra 15,000 KRW / night.
We will offer you extra mattress and linens.

This is their website:

Here is my review from my tripadvisor account, you can see it here:

“We stayed in the Myeongdong branch last May 3-7, 2011. The rooms are better than expected, We got rooms on the 4th floor, The actual is better than the pictures seen in their website. The hostel has a good location, just 2 minutes going to euljiro subway station, and few minutes from shopping district, myeongdong and to the famous lotte department store. The room is clean but after staying for 5 days, it seems that there is no housekeeping and no one to even to collect the garbage. The kitchen is small but you can get tea, coffee and water for free.

Euljiro Station

The check-out time is 10am, but the staff did not inform us about it beforehand. my friends and I thought that it would be by 2pm, so we were really shocked and we packed up messily and hurriedly because of that. I ended up taking a shower in the dorm area.

The staff is indeed not always in the reception area, but you can always press the call button or knock on their door (the room behind the reception desk) to call them. And the one assigned in the morning in the reception desk needs to improve his english, because if he didn’t understand us, he will just waive his hands which signals that he doesn’t understand us or he merely does not want to help us. The evening staff on the other hand is very helpful to us even when in an emergency and has a very good command of the english language.

Lobby/ Front Desk

I’m really confused about the telephone installed in the room since it cannot call from anywhere even in Korea itself. It is only for the convenience of the front desk calling us for check-out but you cannot call them… but it is cute though,…but What a waste!

telephone inside the room

I also liked the internet stations of the hostel since it was very helpful and can be used anytime.

Internet Station

The hostel has a very nice location, it is near to everything, so it is a more cheaper way to go to Korea, so I recommend staying here.”