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Zest Air is a low-cost budget airline in the Philippines. This budget airline is currently making my blood boil!

I wanna try this airline for a change, I always fly Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines… but because this airline offers lower fares compared to the others, I booked my travels for this year with this airline. Who doesn’t want cheap deals right?!

I admit that I haven’t tried this airline before, but I’m supposed to use their service a lot this year. But….


what makes my blood boil is the rampant canceling of my booked and paid tickets…One by One they are being canceled. Note: I’m not the one whose canceling the ticket.. but the airline!


They have a good reputation on being ALWAYS DELAYED

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AND NOW They will also have a good reputation for TICKETS-ALWAYS-CANCELED? My Gosh.. what a shame!

And ALSO they’re not giving what they ought to give you back.

Their policy regarding refunding for your canceled tickets is that the web/admin charge which is 100 or 80.00 per person will not be refunded back to you when you cancel the ticket. Which is I think is too unfair because they cause the cancellation not me or any other passengers. That policy should be stricken off the record!!!

You might say that it is a petty amount, but having a lot of reservations for my travel this year, and all of them being canceled… they’ll be getting a lot of money from me! Poor me, I just wanna save more money for accommodation and activities that is why I booked my trip with them 😦

Anyway, maybe I’m just too unlucky that my flights are being canceled.. But please… please change your policy regarding refunding, especially when the fault is caused by your own mistakes!

They did the cancellation one-by one through text messages!

The message I received for cancellation of flight Legazpi to Manila

1st canceled ticket –> Manila to Laoag April 27  2012

2nd canceled ticket –> Laoag to Manila Apr 29,2012 (different booking I.D with the first!)

3rd canceled ticket –> Legazpi to Manila January 25, 2012 (knowing that I booked the ticket last Saturday) This is due to servicing of the aircraft.

Let’s see if my flight to Davao will be canceled too… 😦

Anyway, just beware my fellow netizens, this maybe a good and cheap airline but there seems to be some problems “not being addressed by the higher ups” especially with regard to delays and their “always” problematic set of aircraft …Better yet book in advance in other reputable budget airlines such as Cebu Pacific Air and Airphil Express. or the more luxurious and tried and tested–> Philippine Airlines but I really hope Zest Air can improve a lot… Let’s give this airline time to grow up maybe after a few years it will also be part of one of the greatest budget airline in the Philippines…. It’s still in its problematic stage… so I’m quite patient for this airline.. but I really hope I can see them ‘flying high’ soon!

Lessons Learned:

1. Always stick to what is tried and tested or give time for this airline to change and develop

2. Don’t drool too much on a lot of sales without reading the fine prints! — that’s one thing I didn’t do that’s why I have this dilemma.

3.  I won’t do any advance booking in this airline as of the moment.

Do you have some horrible experience using this airline? Share your story in the comment box below!!

But Now… all I can say is “Grr… Zest Air!”