Oh Well, no one joined, no one sent me a message, so no winner, all the people who liked my fb page are my friends. So sad. 😦

Well, I’m still thinking of continuing the promo period until March. So, if you’re game  with it, just say yes in the comment section below, and I will decide in just a week, if I get good response, then I will consider, giving it away again.

Hey Wanderers, I’m giving it for real, don’t miss that chance! 🙂

Here’s the procedure:



  1. Hi Yannah,
    I came across your blog when I was searching for Hongkong budget travel itinerary. I hope to win this contest! My 2 kids have been asking me for ages to bring them to Boracay but due to budget constraints, we always cancel that plan. I just don’t know if me, my husband and my 2 kids would count as four members in a team?

  2. Yes! Yes! and Yes! 🙂

    But is it still ON?

    We are booked going to Boracay at the end of May with my friends (we are 7 but you need 4, its still okay) and winning this giveaway is a huge help to cut down the expenses.

  3. Hi Wanderers!
    I would like to inform everyone that I will not continue the Boracay Promo since only 12 people would want to join. I am hoping to have at least 20. 😦 too bad and too sad for me. I am hoping that I will be getting more support the next time I will be having a promo. 😦

  4. Hello Yannah, don’t feel bad about it. Your blog was such a great help to me and some 17 friends when we visited Puerto Princesa last year. I came across your blog just now since I was doing research for my trip to Boracay this coming August. I’m so sad discontinued na yung promo mo. 😦 Continue mo na please? Pretty please? 😀

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