Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Reliable Van Service

We met Kuya Edwin the day when we were touring the Crocodile Farm. He told us that the price of the van rental with driver going to the Underground River is P3,500.00 which is the uniform price for all van rentals in Puerto Princesa.

Kuya Edwin and his van πŸ™‚

He owns a very brand new van. I was amazed on how new it was! There are plastic covers in the seats!!! Haha! Anyway, here is his contact number.Β Β 09173335340. Haggle as much as you want! πŸ™‚ He is really kind and he helps you all the way. He suggests places you should visit… and also he is really a very safe driver! He doesn’t speed up that much! He is really careful especially he owns the van being rented, so he is extra careful…

If you will look at his plate number is still not in rainbow colors (well, during the time of our visit), which is usually the color of the legal tourist vans’ plate numbers. He reasoned out that the van has already a pending registration with the tourism office and that he is already an operator ever since. The franchise of his old van will be transfered in this new van, he is just awaiting approval. So no worries about it! And he is Legit because Yannah the Wanderer had already tried and tested his services!!!

Here is his number:Β 09173335340

The brand new van! πŸ™‚


24 thoughts on “Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Reliable Van Service”

  1. thanks for this info. i know roughly what to do when we go there in june. i just wanna ask which one to go? *honda bay tour or underground river*? i’ll be bringing my 2 kids with me; 2 & 5 yrs old and will only stay there for 3days & 2 nights so i can only do one of the above tour. any suggestion will be of good help. salamat πŸ™‚

    1. If I were you, I would choose the Underground river tour as it is part of the seven wonders of nature, and the number 1 tourist destination in Puerto Princesa. Read more about my Puerto princesa posts to know more. πŸ™‚ And btw, you can do both if you have 3 days 2 nights stay! πŸ™‚ You can also do Honda Bay in 3-6 hours.

  2. Hi Yannah. Thanks for a very informative article. I tried the van rental number that you listed but it seems it’s not Mang Edwin (i got a wrong number and she told me she is from Batangas). Do you have any number for the van rental? thanks.

  3. I was in Palawan last week and we stayed in the Manays Transient House. And Tatay Arthur the owner of the place has a friend in case you need to rent a van his name is kuya bert he was our driver for our city tour and when we went island hopping. The rent on his van is 1500. Also the city tour is 4 hours only succeeding hours is 350. But our Underground River trip he (tatay arthur) already booked us prior thats 1500 each. And you only need to pay that on the day going to that place.

    1. Not through air though, I havent heard of any planes going from PP to El Nido, maybe private jets for rent??? but Im not sure. But, I know that You can use the van or bus towards el nido from the bus/van terminal.

  4. Hi we’re planning to go in Puerto Princesa Palawan in January and it’s like a family trip so we’re like in budget mode. Is it possible for us to get this entry permit upon the arrival even without a tour package? Do you know how we can make reservation? How much will it cost and where to pay? Pls. Help. Thanks.

    1. Yes Ann, you can do it even without a travel package. I did it without a package too. It is all diy. Anyway, as for the permit, and as far as i know you should be able to get your permit in the ppur even before the scheduled date and before you arrive in pp, since there will be only a number of people that ppur can accommodate. Try contacting your hotel or use the pp lgu internet reservation system, if it is already working.

    1. Hi yan!..my husband and i are planning to visit puerto princesa this nov.25-28, 2014..just the 2of us..we’ll arrive pp airport around 12 nn..can we still have a honday bay tour on that day coz we’re planning to have underground tour on our 2nd day..and if may i ask on how to go to underground river without having to rent the whole van coz its 2expensive for just 2pax..hope to hear your reply..thnxz and GOD bless

      1. Hello Mha-i!

        Well, you can still do the honda bay tour during your first day, But, it’s better if you can spend at least 6 hours in the area, or you should at least take your time enjoying the area instead of nagmamadali kayo because it’s getting dark already, and usually waves are crazier during the afternoons. High tide na. πŸ™‚ but I suggest that since you are staying for 4 days, then just do the honda bay tour during your 3rd day. And upon your arrival, just go around Puerto Princesa city.

        Well, there are vans/ fxs that bring tourist to Sabang Port (getway to UG), but I’m not really sure about this although as far as I remember I saw passenger vans there before. Although I have no idea about the routes and schedules.. Another option is that you can ride a tricycle, but, I’m warning you that it’s a pretty long ride– about 2 hours. πŸ™‚

        Happy Wandering! And thanks for visiting my blog! πŸ˜€ God Bless!

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