Puerto Princesa, Palawan: ITINERARY, BUDGET and TIPS

My itinerary for my Puerto Princesa, Palawan trip last April 18-21, 2012


Click the links to see my posts/reviews about it! 🙂 


10:05 am– flight going to Puerto Princesa

12:00 nn — arrive Puerto Princesa, go to Hotel, eat lunch

2:00 pm — start city tour (go to Crocodile farm, Mitra Ranch, Baker’s Hill)

2:30 pm– 4:00 pm — Crocodile Farm

4:30pm— 5:15pm —  Mitra Ranch

5:15 pm — 6:15 pm — Baker’s Hill


6:00 AM– Go to Puerto Princesa Underground River (but this will depend on the time written on your permit)

8:00 AM- arrive to Sabang Port (underground river jump off point), register with the desk office (make sure you have an environmental entry permit or else you cannot enter, they are very strict with this, we were told to go back by 2pm since our permit states 2pm 😦

8:00 AM- 1:00 PM — Sabang beach escapade. I just love the fine sand and the melon shake in Sheridan beach resort

2:00 pm — lined up and register for underground river tour

3:00 pm — started underground river tour until 6:00 pm. Waiting time is very long! 😦

6:00 pm — go back to hotel (very sleepy and tired)


7:00 am– went to Honda Bay port

8:00 am– arrive Honda Bay port

9:00 am- started Honda Bay tour

9:30 am- 10:00 am — Pambato Reef snorkeling

10:00 am- 11:30 am — stay in Starfish Island for fish feeding

11:30 am- 1:30 pm — stay in Pandan Island

1:30 pm – 2:15pm – travel back to the port

2:30-3:00 pm — travel back to the hotel

3:00 pm -6:00pm — rest in the hotel

6:00- 7:00pm – dinner/socials

7:00pm – 8:00 pm — Baywalk in Puerto Princesa

8:30– inside the hotel already

4TH DAY (BACK TO MANILA)— just go to the airport and wait for flight.


1. Air ticket (roundtrip via Cebu Pacific)                                                 P3664.00

2. Hotel (P1200 per night for 4 persons w/airport transfer)            P    900.00

3. Tours

City Tour (Crocodile Farm, Baker’s Hill, Mitra Ranch)

transpo   for 14 persons (P1400.00/ 14 persons)                                  P   100.00

Crocodile Farm entrance fee                                                                     P     40.00

No entrance fee for Baker’s Hill and Mitra ranch

Underground River tour

Van Rental for 14 persons (P3500/6 pax)                                               P  583.00

Entrance Fee for Underground River including boat in UG                 P 175.00

Environmental fee for Underground River                                              P   40.00

Boat hire to take you from Sabang Port to UG (P700.00/7) only 6 pax  P100

Wharfage dues for Port of Sabang (P18/7) only 6 pax                            P    3.00

Lunch in Sabang Beach                                                                                 P89.00

Melon Shake in Sheridan beach Resort                                                    P160.00

Honda Bay Tour

Tricycle Rental (Hotel to Honda Bay Port)  500 for 4 persons max   P500.00

Boat Rental for Island Hopping  P1300 good for 8 persons              P1300.00

environmental fee                                                                                      P      40.00

Entrance Fee for Pambato Reef                                                               P     50.00

entrance Fee for Starfish Island                                                               P    50.00

entrance fee for Pandan Island                                                                P 100.00

lunch (1 kilo of crabs) 1/2 kilo of rice   (cooked, Pandan Island)     P 450.00


Tricycle going to baywalk (P8.00 each)                                                P8.00

Bicycle rental   (25.00 for 1 hour)                                                           P25.00

Tricycle going back to hotel (15.00 each)                                             P15.00


Tricycle (50.00 for 4 persons)                                                                P12.50

                                                    TOTAL EXPENSES: P8404.5 /$191USD


1. travel in group. You will save a lot in transportation costs especially if you want to tour the city or go to underground river and honda bay

2. make sure you have a permit if you wanna go to the Underground River

3. Do it yourself, you will save a lot of money! 🙂


Hotel Accommodation/ Airport Transfers/ Tricycle etc:  09198094745  click here to see my post about the hotel accommodation

Van Hire (for Underground River tour/honda bay transfers) — 09173335340 click here to see my post about the van service


44 thoughts on “Puerto Princesa, Palawan: ITINERARY, BUDGET and TIPS”

  1. Hello Yannah! I find your post here very useful! My family and friends (8 all) will be at Puerto Princesa June 9 to 11, 2012, mainly for the Underground River tour. Got some questions here if you won’t mind –
    1. What hotel did you stay in?
    2. How were you able to get the environmental entry permit in going to UR? I’m having difficulty contacting their phone numbers. I was hoping I can book our trip on-line. We’re Manila-based.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi alex! Im sorry for my late reply, I was n Boracay the last 4days so I wasnt able to reply to comments here in my blog, but I already scheduled my blog posts the day before I left that’s why posts kept on coming. anyway, our hotel is not that posh or something, it is just a simple transient house as we traveled by group and we dont want to spend too much just for accommodations, it is called Manay’s transient house (I will post about it soon). As for the entry permit, I actually have no idea about it since my mom’s friend arranged it for us, but I asked her and she said that the way to get it is to call their numbers, email them or get an agent and ask him to go to the local office in puerto princesa and get a permit for you… I dont know if their online application already started, but you can try, one of the staff there said that they will have the online booking.

      Sorry if I didnt help that much since for the 1st time in my life I wasnt the one who booked everything…

  2. Your tour is very interesting. Underground river & different eatables are more enjoyable. Tips are nice which you shared. I really enjoy your experience. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. It’s not actually a hotel. It is just a transient inn, it is called as Manay’s Transient house. My mom’s officemates were the ones who arranged the transient house, it is simple but a good, homey place to stay at. I lost their contact number but I will ask my mom about it 🙂

      1. Hi,

        Thanks a lot. I’m really searching for a perfect yet affordable place to stay during our trip to Puerto Princesa this November.

        Can I have their contact number?

  3. Hi there. Nice site you got here. We will be arriving at PP on Sep 15. We are a group of 4 with 1 toddler. We have not availed of a packaged tour to the PPUR. We wanted to diy but we’re having problems doing a reservation. I think the online booking is not yet active. I tried to email the contact information they have posted in their website but still they haven’t replied. Do you it is ok to drop by at the Booking office just after we arrived from the airport for either Sep 16 or 17 UR tour?

    And another concern is our toddler (1 year old). i read somewhere that they are not permitted to the UR. Thoughts?

    TIA. Replies will be greatly appreciated. And also if you have contact numbers of vans, tricycles, or someone who can hlp us secure a reservation (but not from a tour company though) 🙂

    1. hmm.. Actually, I don’t have an idea about getting the permits since my mom’s office mate was the one to arrange it for us. Anyway, What I can give you is the contact details of the van, tricycle and hostel.

      Van –> 09173335340
      Tricycle –> 09198094745 –> You can also ask him if he can help you with the permit, he owns the hostel too..

      Sorry for the limited information I can provide… My mom’s office mate is too stubborn to give us info about getting the permit… 😦 sorry! 🙂

  4. If you know someone in Puerto Princesa, you can ask them to get your UR tour permit at least 1 week before the tour. If you dont know anyone, then your best bet is to get it through tour agency or the hotel/pension/transient place that you booked at. Unless you are lucky, it is almost impossible to get it on the day you arrived or even the following day, there are so many flights now going to PPC (14 daily I think) full of tourists, and the tour permit issued per day is capped (I think 1000pcs only).

    For accomodation, you can try this nice place, (blocked, url, not allowed)

  5. hi yannah, what if we just travel with groups of two, is there any other option than renting a whole van or tricycle? it would really cost too much 😦 thanks

    1. Either of the two. If you are only 2 persons traveling together then trike is okay. However, if you are a group of 7, then van is advisable. Actually, for that particular trip, we rented a multicab and we paid P1400.00.

  6. Thanks so much for the details. I’m going to follow your tips and advises, this’ll surely make our upcoming adventure easier… -Gigi

  7. Hi. Thanks to your blog It’s a big help for us most especially this the first time I will travel with my sisters. I would like to ask if where we can get our environmental permit? and how?? As soon as we arrive in puerto, we will get that?? Thanks

    1. You should get it in advance, either through an agent or your hotel. You need to reserve or get it in advance especially if you are traveling during the peak season. you can try their website too (although I’m not sure if it’s working already, you can search it in google or call the number stated in my post about the underground river. happy wandering and thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Hello Yannah! Will visit Puerto Princesa City on March and I’m on the process of calculating our expenses going to Honda Bay. I would like to ask if the 500Php for tricycle is already back and forth? Thanks!

  9. HI Yannah, i will be travelling to Palawan for 3d2n in May this year. however, something bothering me is that my flight only arrive in Puerto Princesa airport at 1210pm..given the short stays i have in Palawan, how should i manage my trip to both the underground river & the Honda Bay ?? it seem most of the tour depart in early morning..i dont wanna miss my time on the first day of arrival..but lucky enough, my flight return from Palawan to Clark is at 520pm on the last day. looking at my flight time, am i manage to catch up both the above trip?? is it i no need to wait long queue at the underground river if i book in advance say for the afternoon 330pm slot so that i got enough time to travel from airport to Sabang?? tq.

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for visiting my blog! Regarding your question, I suggest that you do your UG tour during your second day (whole day) since going to Sabang Port from the city center is already 2hours van drive. Moreover, if you are scheduled by 3:30pm, it doesn’t mean that you will enter UG by 3:30pm. The time only connotes the departure time in Sabang Port, it takes 15 minutes boat ride towards UG. And you still need to wait at least 1-2 hours in the beach “waiting area” before entering the UG. As for the third day, you can opt to spend this day on Honda Bay, just start early and leave early.

      1. Thanks Yannah! you are so right! why i never thought of spent the 3rd day to Honda Bay?!
        you have solve my problem. thanks again:)

  10. hello! My colleagues and I are planning to go to Palawan in March….I find your itinerary very economical…. I’m just wondering about the City tour.. where did you rent your multicab?

    1. Hi Kellan! Sorry for the late reply, we rented the multicab in front of our convention center, it is not intended for tourism, it is actually a public utility vehicle (like jeepneys here in Manila, they have routes), but you can always ask your hotel or you can scout a multicab driver and ask them to serve you for the following day or even for a half day. Madali silang kausap so don’t worry 🙂

  11. Hi Yannah!

    I’m so thankful with your post! it does help a lot especially to those who are planning to visit PPS for the first time like me.

    Since you mention that it’s better if we made our own booking for the Underground river tour, to save from the cost. Could you please tell us on how to do the booking to URiver.

    Thanks and I would really appriciate your help.

    Thanks for all the tips!!!!!

    1. Unfortunately, I have no idea about the booking process regarding permits, since as I have mentioned before, my tita was the one to process our permits. But I heard that you can do it online or you can ask your hotel to process the permits for you. As for the booking of vans, you can contact your hotel to do that for you, but make sure that the price does not exceed 3000-3500 for a round trip transfer. The 3000-3500 can carry at least 7-10 persons max. So, the more you are, the cheaper it will get. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Ivy, secure the permit to UR office as you arrive, depend on the availability of permit, you can have your tour via public transport or van hire or if you wish to arrange it for 1500php which include permit, transpo buffet lunch and boat transfer,.

  12. Hi Yannah,

    This post is very informative. My mom and I will be going to PPS on October, and I’ve been planning a DIY tour for HONDA bay since most of the package tours for that are done on a whole day tour. Reading your post gives me hope that we can have Honda Bay tour in the morning and city tour in the afternoon (selected tourist spots only). Am I right? 🙂 thanks for posting!

  13. Hi Yannah, thanks for this informative blog….parang nakapunta na rin ako sa Palawan, pwede ko nang mapanaginipan!

    Thanks again

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