2012 PTAA Travel Expo: What I bought and what I Got!

From all the good package deals out there….I didn’t buy anything in the expo except for these:

travel life magazines

My love for travel made me buy a lot of travel magazines. I bought 5 for only P50.00 each ($1.16 USD). They are old issues (From 2011-2012) so they are sold in a cheap price. The original price is P175.00 or $4.06USD

Although I know that the internet is full of information regarding travel and everything else, it didn’t stop me from getting these magazines… Since I love collecting anything about travel–and this is one of them… It is somehow there to feed my relentless hunger for traveling 🙂

And also I bought these magazines since I cannot afford to buy those expensive travel guide books usually sold in the bookstore 😦 They are somehow too expensive for my budget

Moving on… well, I also got a gift certificate and a membership card in Duty Free Philippines. Being a member of Duty Free will let you shop in their mall even though you haven’t been outside the country.. Since, in the Philippines, the policy is that, only those that went abroad and diplomats have the privilege to shop duty free! So, I was really glad that I got this deal, since I can go there and buy stuff for only a fraction of a cost even though I haven’t travel abroad– and this is a good thing since this year, I will have my travels and wanders mostly in the Philippines…

I also had a privilege card from one of the Spas here in the Philippines– the Ace Water Spa, it can give you a 5%-10% discount on food and spa services—By the way, I got this for free!

Next, I got these things for free 🙂

Lots and Lots of Travel Guide books and maps!
My Travel Guidebooks! 🙂

So, I got free travel guides and maps of Hong Kong, Davao, Bangkok, India, Guam, Shanghai, Mindanao, Philippines, Manila and a lot more! I love this since the content is somehow like a travel book—which is totally expensive! So getting this for free is really a Steal!

So, if you are really addicted to travel—like me— then going to this expo is one good choice. It is a chance not only to grab great package deals but also to grab guides, maps, leaflets and such so that you’ll learn some information not found in the internet or to free yourself from buying these things that you can get in the expo for free!

Hope to see you next year! 🙂

3 thoughts on “2012 PTAA Travel Expo: What I bought and what I Got!”

  1. wow the freebies are fun!!!!! i agree that it’s a good idea to collect those free travel books and maps!!!!!!! let me see that when we meet…. okay???? hehe….

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