2012 Travel Tour Expo: Lots and Lots of Package Deals!

The travel fair is a success in terms of a lot of travel deals being offered here and there, but one thing I cannot fathom is that the local deals that they offer are of the same prices you can see in Discount Voucher Sites such as Ensogo, Metrodeal, Cleverbuy or such–But, I guess the certainty of getting the exact travel dates that you wanted is much more plausible if you go to this expo.

Unfortunately, I arrived in the expo too late (6:30pm) that is why most of the airline companies and other booths are already closed; and most of the airline companies such as Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific had their cut-offs by 7pm (so, unlucky me, I wasn’t able to line up for the sale), so I’ll be going there early tomorrow!!

Airline companies such as Airasia, Tigerairways, Jetstar, Philippine Airlines, Zest Air and Cebu Pacific have their booths in the expo, and they are usually filled with people. I lined up for about 45 minutes just for a booking inquiry in the Philippine Airlines que.

Cebu Pacific, unfortunately, only offers the same sale as what they offer online, so nothing is really worth queuing up. For Philippine Airlines, unlike last year where they offer 70% off to all of its international and local destinations, now, they only offer a sale to select destinations with a very minimal discount. As for Air Asia, they offer 20% discount for some travel destinations with travel dates starting March 1 to August 1, 2012.

There are a lot of package tours and a lot of tour agencies! They are all over the place giving you leaflets and such, though my bag became too heavy due to this leaflets, I still enjoyed a lot and as a matter of fact, I immediately scanned those leaflets to search for great package deals… and they are all great although the price is just the same as the one offered in discount voucher sites 😦

As for the package tours such as Korea and Japan, it became too expensive for me since Doing-It-Yourself will save you a lot more money! Most of the travel agents offer Korea tours for P40,000.00 for 4 days 3 nights, where I only spent P25,000.00 for 5 days 4 nights with shopping! Now, I realized that being the travel agent of my family makes this travel deals–not–so–appealing– for me..  I’m actually quite sad of my reaction 😦

However, if you are of the “I-shouldn’t-worry-about-anything-when-I- get-there” kind, I think coming here and grabbing some good package is a good choice 🙂 There’s a lot of booths offering different prices– some of them are actually lower than the others, so choose wisely! 🙂

I’ll upload photos tomorrow when I get much better pictures. I just want to post this to share for now! 🙂

To see my old post regarding links and info regarding this 19th travel expo, click here:

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