Your Itinerary for your Albay, Philippines Adventure

If you wanna go to Albay to see this Majestic Mayon Volcano, then here is my handmade itinerary for your adventure. Just follow this and I assure you, that doing so will definitely make you feel like a local and not just another tourist in Albay.

I added here the places where the usual tourists go but I also added some places and some restaurants that only locals know about 🙂

(To those who doesn’t know– I’m domiciled in Legazpi City, Albay although I’m currently residing in Manila, so I have experienced being a local in this part of the Philippines– I live, I breath, I love Legazpi.)

This is a sample itinerary for your Albay adventure. It depends to you if you follow it or not but I highly recommend it 🙂


So, in order for you not to be confused, with the places I’m going to mention, please take note that Legazpi City and Daraga is a city and a municipality of Albay. While Bicol is a region where Albay Province is located.

Daraga and Albay (a municipality and a city of Albay Province) adjoins each other that is why you can see a lot of jeepneys having a sign Daraga–Legazpi which means Daraga to Legazpi.  Gets?

So… Let’s start! 🙂


Click the links to see my posts/reviews about the place. Have fun reading! 🙂

3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS STAY (If you arrive 7:00 am or earlier)

1st day — Suggestion: Eat Heavy Breakfast

  • 8:00 — 9:00 am   (EAT BREAKFAST)

Places where you can eat your breakfast:

  1.  Airport Canteen– here you can eat a good TAPA (smoked beef), egg and coffee for P100.00 ($2.32USD)
  2. Airport Hotel Buffet — you can eat here (no need to be a hotel guest) the buffet here has a good variety. Remember it is a buffet or what other call as Eat-all-you can. Vegetarians would also love to eat here because they serve a lot of vegetables (the price is only — P145 or $3.37USD)
  • 8:00 — 11:00 am  visit Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave or Calabidongan Cave
  • 11:00 — 11:30 am  eat lunch by going to Camalig proper; there are a lot of stalls that sells “Pinangat” a local delicacy, it is made of a vegetable with coconut milk. Camalig is more known for their pinangats other than any place in Albay, so you can see sellers having their ice boxes in the streets where they keep this tasty pinangats hot 🙂 This is a must do since this is Bicol’s especialty, coming to Bicol without trying this is a No-No!
  •           It is either you eat in one of the restaurants (when I say restaurant– cheap style– it is the usual place with no airconditioning, if you are lucky there is an electric fan; a small downscale restaurant 🙂 ) Or you can opt to buy Pinangat and Rice in Camalig (the price of pinangat is only P 20-70 or ($0.46- 1.63 USD) then buy rice) after that you can bring it in your next stop– the Cagsawa Ruins!
  • 12:00-2:30 pmGo to Cagsawa Ruins, have a picnic there and eat your lunch. Actually, there are food and souvenir stalls in this park, so, it is up to you whether you  buy your lunch in Camalig or just eat in one of the downscale restaurants in Cagsawa Ruins. The Entrance Fee for Cagsawa Ruins is only P10.00 or $0.20USD per person
  • 2:30 pm– 3:30 pm Hike or ride the tricycle to visit one of the beautiful Church in Albay the Daraga Church. It is located in a hill where you should hike before you can see its grandeur. 
  • 3:30 pm–4:40 pmVisit another old Church in Albay, the Albay Church and take pictures of the park and Governor’s office (The Capitol Nearby). The Albay proper in Legazpi City is still in the Spanish colonial setting where the Church, the Capitol and the park stays in one area of the city. So, at least you can see such a setting even during this time.
  •       From here, ride a jeep going to Legazpi City, and then get off near LCC’s main entrance then walk towards a place where there are a lot of streetfoods being sold (I posted a sketch below, refer to it. The jeep ride is only P12.oo or $0.27USD per person
  • 4:40-5:20 —  Go to Legazpi Center (Centro Legazpi) and go to a hawker street in Legazpi City (Just like hawker streets in Wangfujing, Beijing China, Legazpi also has some street foods to offer.
  •        As a suggestion,  go there to eat congee. Go to AKONG’s LUGAW atbp. The congee there is great! It was already established even when I was still a child. Ask the locals where the Akong’s Lugaw is located (Pronounce it as Ah-Kong with strong A and O). The price of the congee is only P35.00 $0.81USD
  • 5:30 – 7:00 pm — Go to Embarcadero, from Akong’s Lugaw, you can ride a trycicle and tell the driver to go to Embarcadero, and tell the driver to drop you off not in the mall but in the baywalk (the fare should only be (P20-30 — $0.46-0.70). In Embarcadero, you can see the Mayon Volcano wrapped by the blue sky. The view is good during sundown:
Mayon Volcano (taken in Embarcadero sept. 2011)

You can stay in Embarcadero until you want since this ends the tour, you can eat in the nearby mall and then go back to the baywalk area and then have a drink in one of the open bars in the area. I suggest you go to Opisina Bar it is the cheapest among them all!

2ND DAY — Places to Visit: Lignon Hill, Bacacay, Albay Black Sand Beaches, Mayon Resthouse.

4:30 am — wake up! yeah, I know.. too early right? What I want you to do is to hike the Lignon Hill which gives an amazing view of Mayon during sunrise. If Embarcadero has a nice view during the evening, Lignon Hill is the best during sun rise.

7:00 am — Go down Lignon Hill head back to your hotel to eat your breakfast and rest

11:00 -1:00 pm — Head to Albay and go to Small Talk Cafe for Lunch — try their pinangat pasta or cordon bleu! Highly recommended! (Price for 2 persons sharing = P500-800 = $12 to 18USD)

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm — Mayon Resthouse in Tabaco, Albay, a one hour drive from Legazpi City. I’ll post the directions going here soon! 🙂

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm — Enjoy the black sand beaches in Bacacay, Albay

6:00 — travel back to Legazpi City and go to Four Seasons Restaurant in Legazpi City Center. Order there Seasons Chicken — the food here is really yummy– trust me! and order their Avocado shake 🙂 (Price for 2 persons sharing= P500.00 or $12USD)

3RD DAY (depends on your departure time)

8:00 – 9:00 am — head to Satellite Terminal to buy souvenirs (Here, you can buy some great and yummy pilinut candies as well as sturdy abaca products) and then head to either DJC halo-halo located near Gaisano Mall or the more cheapscale but I think yummier one, (Lanas’ Halo-Halo) which is located in the Legazpi City Market just ask the locals where this place is and they will be glad to help. Halo-Halo in Legazpi is different than other places then go back to your hotel to pack and get ready to leave 😦

I found a map of Legazpi City in Here it is:

Legazpi City Map I got from

Okay, forgive my drawing and handwriting. This sketch will show you how to go to Akong’s Lugaw and Four Seasons: Forgive my horrible handwriting 😦

How to go to Akong’s Lugaw atbp?

Another One to see where Four Seasons is located:

forgive my horrible drawing 🙂



26 thoughts on “Your Itinerary for your Albay, Philippines Adventure”

  1. I love the non-tourist itinerary complete with beautiful map and drawing! Insider knowledge is definitely the best. My dad and I are staying in apartments in Tasmania for the next few nights, then in Melbourne he’s staying with a relative, I’m staying with a friend and then we’re both staying with the same friends in Sydney. Should be able to get plenty of tips from them. What’s a skinless blogger – worse than thin skinned?! Thanks for liking my post and commenting.

    1. haha. Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s good that you appreciate it 🙂 Wow, I envy you, I also wanna go to Australia, since my best friend is staying there, and she also want me to go BUT visa and stuff is just killing me 😦 Anyway, I also don’t know why I put skinless? hahaha.. anyway, let me change my description. And by the way, your post is worth the visit and the comments! And also, I hope you can visit the Philippines too.. 🙂

  2. hi Yannah!

    thanks for this informative blog!
    papunta kami ng Bicol next month, i am considering tyche boutique and ellis ecotel based sa mga hotel reviews sa net. can you suggest any other budget hotel?


    1. Hi! It is good to hear that you will be coming to Bicol! 🙂 I hope you will enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting my blog. By the way, sorry for the late reply since I just got home 🙂 anyway, if I will be asked, I think Ellis Ecotel is a great choice as its location is in Embarcadero Legazpi (which has its own mall, and the view is also a plus as it is near the sea). Tyche Hotel n the other hand is a hotel in the old Legazpi center; but only 5-10 minutes walk to Embarcadero; and near LCC mall. They are both good hotels… but if you want me to suggest, can I know first your budget and how many days will you stay in Legazpi, and how many are you in a group, so that I will have knowledge on what hotels I should suggest. Since I might suggest something that is not family-friendly, or strictly on the cheap scale although you doesn’t like that. I wanna know your preference first before suggesting 🙂 you can email me here:

  3. The most informative blog I had encountered since I started planning our Bicol trip which was already a couple of months already. Since you are very generous in assisting travelers who wants to travel bicol kindly assist me also regarding my choice of accommodation. I emailed my preferences and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you so much in advance, Yannah!!

  4. Hi, I find this very helpful. Just a quick question, during the tour, is it more advisable to bring own car? Are those tourist spots far from each other?
    We are planning to visit Bicol by December, I only have one companion. So i expect that the expenses would be higher.

    1. Hi Jessica, it depends where you are coming from. If you live in Manila, then it would be very expensive bringing a car with you since gas prices is pretty high these days. But if you are just around Albay then I suggest visiting the places in my itinerary with a car simply for convenience, But, you can still do most of the places here with public transportation since most of them are near to each other with the exception of Bacacay black sand beaches and Hoyop-Hoyopan cave. as far as I know, in Hoyop hoyopan cave there is no jeep going directly to the cave, so, it is actually two to three rides away, you still need to rent a tricycle to get to the exact location of the cave after riding a jeepney.

  5. Thanks a lot 🙂 I was a Tour Guiding NC II Student of Skills Provider and Job Placement Technical Institute and found your blog useful in my research. Thanks ! I hope we could meet in person someday. Do you have a Facebook account? I will be happy if you could get to know more about each other much better. 😉

  6. thank you for your blog…it gives me an idea on how to go with my itinerary…can you please suggest to me a budget accommodation for 2 adult and 2 kids. thanks 🙂

  7. Hi Yannah,

    Good day to you.

    I have visited your blog, and then I realized, you are the exact person who can help me for our Bicol Tour next year.
    Our roundtrip ticket via Legazpi is schedule on March 20 – 25, 2014.

    This is our planned itinerary.
    March 20 = cwc
    March 21 – 23 = caramoan

    We decided to have our albay tour whole day on March 24.

    Getting an agency for a packaged tour would really be costly. So we want to have a DO IT YOURSELF tour.

    Can you help me with the directions. As to how we can get to each of the places, what are we gonna ride and the fares..

    Below are the list of spots we wanted to visit.
    Black Sand Beach
    Busay Falls
    Mayon Skyline Hotel / Resthouse / Planetarium
    Any restaurant in Camalig
    HoyopHoyopan Cave
    Cagsawa Ruins
    Daraga Church
    Lignon Hill Nature Park
    Lignon / Japan­ese Tunnel / Albay Park & Wildlife

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Your help will greatly be appreciated.

    1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog! and thanks for your kind remark! To be honest, all of those places in one day is quite tiring although its not impossible. However, to minimize time I suggest that you rent a van since the places you’ve mentioned are like east and west of legazpi, meaning it is located in opposite directions, and you need to get a van/car to make it possible. the travel time to Mayon Resthouse by car from legazpi City is already 1.5-2 hours how much more if you’ll gonna commute. You need to take at least 3 rides to arrive to that place by commuting. And the places you’ve mentioned are far away from each other, so commuting will be a problem.

      If you really don’t like to rent a van. This is the place you can go, although I can’t give you the right jeepney course since I forgot all of them after living in manila for 5 years, and also I have a car to drive me around my hometown that’s why I didn’t bother to memorize jeepney routes. But you can always do more research and hit google maps (I usually consult google maps for my trips).

      This itinerary is more plausible:
      1. Hoyophoyopan cave (leave at least 2 hours here) Travel time around 1 hour (by jeepney and tricycle– I don’t know the route though)
      2. Camalig Restaurants (from the cave, it’s a 30 minute car ride)
      3. Cagsawa Ruins (from Camalig — around 20-45 minutes car ride, spend an hour or two, but 30 minutes will do)
      4. Daraga Church (spend 15-1 hours)
      5. Lignon Hill Nature Park and Albay Park and Wildlife (leave at least 2-4 hours here, wildlife is better than manila zoo, you can buy food and bring it here, have some picnic here)
      6. Dinner in Embarcadero or Walk in our very own “baywalk” in Embarcadero (it has a good view of mayon and beautifully illuminated during sunset and at night, best time to visit is just before sunset, since the colors of orange and blue blends well with the beauty of Mayon.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Hi Yannah! Thanks for such a great blog! We’re actually planning to go to Albay and your blog is very informative. Just have a question. Sorry, i don’t know if this one is silly. Haven’t been to Bicol so I wanna make sure, so my question is, by saying ‘Airport Hotel Buffet’, you’re referring to Legazpi Airport Hotel & Restaurant right?

    1. Thanks Kitty for your comment and for visiting my blog. Yes, I think it is.. haha, I actually forgot about the name of the restaurant and the hotel though but if facing the airport, it is located on the left side. 🙂 It’s the only establishment there, so, it’s hard to miss. 🙂

  9. Hi,
    We are going to Legazpi City on Nov 2013. I just want to ask the children friendly tours? I have 4 kids( 11, 9, 7 and 3). Pls help. Thanks!

  10. Hello There Ms. yannahthewanderer!

    First things first, AWESOME blog! Good job!
    My next destination would be Legazpi, Albay, and that’s gonna be next month. I am solo backpacker. By any chance, can you recommend me some affordable Inns or Pension Houses?

    This is my email add,

    Thank you so much and more power

    Flong The Chariot

    1. I suggest Airport Hotel or Mayon Pensionne House. I don’t have their contact numbers but the rates are around 800-1200 pesos. I realized that there is already a new backpackers hostel in the city, but I don’t know the name, you can search it in tripadvisor though. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  11. hi miss yannah.. i was very happy reading your blog me and my wife is planning to visit bicol this coming november 2013 and ill definitely follow your itinerary until day 2. haha. coz we are planning to go to CWC and Peñafrancia for the 3rd day. any suggestions for affordable place to stay at legazpi and naga. And do you have any more suggestions to where to go to. Thanks in advance maam. here’s my email if it’s ok for you

  12. hi yannah… thanks for the very informative blog… i was a solo backpacker before until my son wants to tag along.. (he’s ten years old)… our first backpacking trip is set on nov 3… hayyyz… don’t want to spoil his first try… thanks for the blog, i had our itinerary fixed… 🙂

  13. with regards to the albay tour package, approximately, how much would it cost for the 3d/2n package? thanks:) your blog is informative 🙂

  14. Hi! Booked 4D3N to legazpi by january nextyear with the hub. I want to explore more aside from legazpi itself (caramoan, sorsogon, wake boarding in cwc) but I dont know where to start in planning my itinerary.. help pls!:)

    1. Enjoy browsing my blogpost about Albay 🙂 But, legazpi with Caramoan for 4d and 3n is a little bit “bitin” haha. 🙂 well, I suggest, spend your first day in Legazpi, then at night travel towards Naga (you can check-in in CWC to try wakeboarding and then you can choose a 2d 1n stay in Caramoan, then go back to Legazpi to explore the black sand beaches and then rest or you can spend 3d 2n in Caramoan and then go back to Legazpi.

      You can only choose one of the two- sorsogon or caramoan (pili). But, I suggest go for caramoan at least you can still enjoy wakeboarding in CWC

      Thanks for choosing my hometown :)) Enjoy your stay!


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