Things to do in Albay, Philippines

There are a lot of activities open for tourists and locals alike in Albay.

Honestly,  I haven’t tried some of the things listed here  but I promise to try it when I go back to my hometown this May. 🙂

Those in asterisks are the things that I haven’t tried. But I will update it as soon as I set my foot in my lovely hometown


  1. Sightseeing — savor the captivating beauty of Mayon Volcano
  2. Swimming — swim in the black sand beaches in Bacacay, Albay, the black colored sand came from the beautiful Mayon herself or you can go to the nearby Cagraray Island which has a stretch of white sand beach and where the infamous luxury resort Misibis Bay is located.
  3. ATV-riding — ride the ATV and go around the foot of Mayon *
  4. Hiking — hike the treacherously steep slope of Mt. Mayon * or the Lignon Hill
  5. Spelunking — explore the long and winding caves of  Camalig, Albay
  6. Church-hopping — there’s a lot of centuries old church in Albay that you might want to explore and visit especially if you are an architecture buff 🙂
  7. Bar-hopping — The bar scene in Albay, especially in Legazpi City, doesn’t lack character. Moreover, there are a lot of bars that offers cheap prices that will definitely make you wanting for more!
  8. Zip-lining — you can zipline in Lignon Hill while you enjoy the beautiful view of Mayon Volcano as a backdrop *.
  9. Rappelling — you can do this in Embarcadero, a newly opened mall and lighthouse in the foot of a mountain which was called as sleeping lion 🙂 *
  10. Eat Bicol Express or Pinangat — this is Bicol’s specialty so don’t miss this when you go to Albay! (I’ll make a post about this, so tune in! 🙂 )


  1. Eat Pinangat or Bicol Express
  2. Buy Pili nuts for souvenirs (Albay is well-known for growing yummy pilinuts!), you can buy these in Satellite terminal
  3. Go to Cagsawa Ruins
  4. Try the pinangat-carbonara in Small Talk Cafe (I’ll make another post for this, so tune in! I’m just waiting for my brother to upload the photos.

In the video below, you will see a sneak peek of what Albay can offer you. This is a teaser from the Philippines well-known TV show: Sports Unlimited. (No Copyright Infringement Intended; Invoking Fair Use policy)

LOOK IN TO MY NEXT POST: I CREATED a sample itinerary for your travel which is SURELY BUDGET-FRIENDLY !


13 thoughts on “Things to do in Albay, Philippines”

  1. I’m from Catanduanes and around this month of last year, my work friend and I toured around some places of interest in Albay. We did most of the things in your list except for the water activities. Fun times. 😀

    1. Wow! That’s good Addie, I actually envy you because I have never tried most of the things in my list– Maybe, I’m just being a “little” coward. 🙂 And That is good that you enjoyed your stay in Albay. And by the way I’m thinking of wandering Catanduanes soon. I heard that it’s a really beautiful place. Thanks for dropping by Addie!

      1. If you’re into surfing and other water-related activities, you might want to stay for a day or two in Baras and be amazed by the majestic waves over there. I was.

    1. Gosh. My favorite style icon visited my blog! 🙂 Thank You very much for visiting my blog and appreciating it 🙂 You know that you are one of my inspiration why I opened this blog! 🙂 Thanks Ms. Jessa Ang!

  2. Thanks for the very informative blog! My family (2 adults and 2 kids) will be in Legazpi on November 30 to December 2. Any suggestion on where we should stay (our budget is around 3k a night)? How much do you think it would cost to rent a car for 1 whole day?

  3. hi me and my foreign bf wants to check the tourist spot in legazpi i am from bulan sorsogon but sad to say i am not familiar in legazpi city can you pls help me to do our itenerary?we stay in legazpi for 3 days,what is the best resort in legazpi?

    1. Hi Pia! Thanks for visiting my blog! you can check my other post regarding itinerary in Albay. Just click the link, Albay, in the righthand corner of my website and you will see my post there.

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