Bacacay, Albay: A lair of black sand beaches

Black sand beaches are rare in the world. Only few places in earth has this kind of sand– and one of this is in Albay, Philippines.

Black Sand Beach in Bacacay, Albay —Oops.. the R in wanderer is missing! 🙂

There are a lot of white sand beaches in the Philippines, but rarely you can see a black colored one. Here in Bacacay, Albay you can see long stretches of black sand. These stretches are caused by natural erosion of volcanic rock and sand–so in short, it came from Mayon Volcano.

The sand coming from Mayon was said to be the best for constructing buildings and such, however, it is not as powdery fine like any other white sand beaches. But it is still sand– and beach so it is enough for me.

Bacacay is another municipality of Albay, It is 45 minutes to 1 hour ride going to this majestic black sand beaches. You can either ride a van or jeep going to Tabacco or Bacacay. You can go to Satellite Terminal Station where you can find a van/ jeep that traverses Legazpi City to Tabacco or Bacacay. Ask the driver to let you off at Brgy San Jose junction. Then ride a tricycle to take you to the resort you wanna go but you can just ask the locals where the best resort is located. Tricycle Fare is P7.00/ person ($0.16) and P 50.00 or ($1.16 USD) for special trip; which means you don’t need to wait for other passengers to ride the tricycle, it is like riding a taxi. Or wait for the Jeep going to Sogod for P 7.50/person (0.20 USD). One of the best beaches is located in Sogod.

Don’t worry about prior reservations or such, there are a lot of resorts in Bacacay which you can have your overnight stay. But I suggest that you just make a day trip here since there’s nothing going on at night–unless, of course you really wanna swim and enjoy the black sand beach.

I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to get a good picture since it was raining when we went there.

We went there last December 🙂 The only trash that you can see is only seaweeds 🙂

This place might not be appealing for some… but just take note: the same color of sand is what you see in Hawaii and Maui 🙂 Just imagine you are out and about in these overseas places….

seeing a black sand beach in the Philippines is something worth of your time and effort.


6 thoughts on “Bacacay, Albay: A lair of black sand beaches”

  1. hello yannah. i’m oren, and im havin a D.I.Y trip to bicol next week, apparently, im not really familiar with the place (cos im from manila) and i found your blog very helpful, anyway, im a budget traveller, And im wonderin if there is a cheap resort in bacacay you can recommend, the cheaper, the better, because im just goin to there for a day swimmin after i had a city tour along legazpi. im hoping that you will reply ASAP. it would be a big help if you can tell me how much is the entrance fee or the fee for cottages and what are the best bargain along the beach coast. thanks!


    1. Hi Oren!
      Well, are you going to stay there for a night or you’ll just visit it for a day? I took those pictures in Jazz beach resort, you can ask the locals there for directions and they will point it to you. The entrance fee is just P10. you can rent cottages there for P150-500 pesos, but for overnight stay I’m sorry but I failed to get the details. Anyway, have a fun trip and thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Hi Yannah,

    I love your blog! It’s very informative. 🙂

    I would like to ask how to get to Legazpi City Proper from Bacacay. Also, what is the latest time that we could get to Legazpi from Bacacay (I don’t want to get stuck in Bacacay due to lack of transportation! hehe)

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