Caramoan: A Visit in a 17th Century Church

Visiting Churches in the Philippines is a must. Not only that most of the Churches has a long-entrenched history surrounding its walls and every pillars that holds it..Churches in the Philippines also differs in architectural style and materials used… that is why every Church in the Philippines is unique; and no two churches are alike.

My colleagues and I amid the beautiful mix of red and blue

If you are a Filipino, and you think that visiting this place is just another Church (the same old Church that you see everywhere) then I tell you that this place has its own charm; an old rustic feeling surrounds it.. And it somehow makes you go back in time and think about how many people have worshiped God in this place and how it stayed strong and intact throughout centuries.

Inside the Church

visiting this Church is indeed another experience. Not only that it is a lot older than me and you, it has a beautiful facade that will surely fascinate you.

And for architecture buffs, this place is something you wanna visit especially for old-style architecture. The Church was made using red bricks.

There is also a wide courtyard where a lot of Church activities may be done– like processions and other prayer-related matters 🙂

The old rustic charm of this place will surely captivate you!



4 thoughts on “Caramoan: A Visit in a 17th Century Church”

  1. Sadly, we didn’t get the best of this church when I was in Caramoan because of we have to get to catch our flight back in Manila to another destination.

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