Caramoan: Hiking the 527 steps towards a beautiful view

Other things to do in Caramoan is to climb this 300-400 steps towards the Mama Mary statue… If Brazil does have the Jesus’ statue which seems to welcome you when you arrive, Caramoan have this Mama Mary statue with her open arms seemingly welcoming visitors with all her heart.

The Beautiful Mama Mary amid the blue skies

The “grotto” as I call it can be seen when you are in the ‘high seas’ of Caramoan. It’s big and visible to the naked eye! 🙂

Climbing to get to this place is challenging because of the 300-400 steps, but the lush greenery is just gorgeous! Every single step you do makes you wanna pause and take a picture of the beautiful blend of green amid the blue skies

Steep Stairs that you need to climb! but just look at the lush greenery!

After climbing up this steps you will be shocked on what awaits your arrival…

All the climbing and sweating.. you will arrive to witness this beautiful scenery

This place gives you a birds eye view of the islands of Caramoan.

Look at the flowers! They are all blooming makes you wonder that they really welcomes you to their humble town of Caramoan!

And of course, Mama Mary!

Well, climbing this stairs is worth the visit! Having to see this scenery amid the beautiful green and blue landscape is simply amazing!


6 thoughts on “Caramoan: Hiking the 527 steps towards a beautiful view”

  1. This, in the very particular, is what I we missed, the city tour of Caramoan. I would have had a poking fun to my girlfriend climbing those hundred steps.

  2. Actually, my sisters were the ones to get there. They did, however, experienced humid rain during their climb.
    You obviously had a good luck with the weather. The views look so awesome, and you captured it very well. What a miss!

    1. Thanks Rommel! yeah, we were lucky that even though we went there on September, no clouds nor rain were seen! 🙂 although last year when we planned to come back there-together with my Korean and Japanese friends– we weren’t able to push through because of the awful rain! 😦

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