Caramoan Haven: Tour Agency Review and Our Caramoan Itinerary

For our travel last September 3-5, 2012, I booked my Caramoan adventure with a travel agency named Caramoan Haven.

To view itinerary scroll down, you can click the links below to see my posts/reviews about that place.

During the time that I was looking for a place to stay in Caramoan, I suddenly came accross into this agency’s website and I suddenly saw their promo rates, which in effect, deeply enticed me to get their services.  At least, I wouldn’t be stressed in finding accommodations, boat, boatman, transfers etc during this vacation. If a vacation would be so stressful, then why call it a vacation? A trip should be stressed free! 🙂

Although honestly, I love being stressed sometimes, I’m such a masochist! hihi. But for this trip, I want it to be stree-free! 🙂

This agency is DTI Registered as stated by their website. Moreover, they only asked for P400 or $9.30 USD per person as reservation fee. We paid P4300.00 each or $100 USD for 3 days 2 nights adventure which include accommodation, tours, tour guide, boat rentals and of course food!

We reserved our trip by depositing the amount in their bank account. I actually don’t know why I trusted them so much that I just deposited the money right away… The proprietor was also shocked since I booked and paid immediately without waiting for him to send the itinerary… Woahh! Thanks be to God that they are indeed a legitimate travel agency, if not, I’ll be killed by my friends! – as in dead meat! 😦

We stayed in one of the good accommodations in Caramoan, The West Peninsula Villas. It is within the Barangay center. I made a review of this place. Click here. The Caramoan Haven booked us there, and I was so happy with the place and their service. 🙂

I was so amazed with this travel agency because I didn’t expect that a van will pick us up in Guijalo port, because usually (as seen in other blogs) the other tour agencies pick you up using a tricycle.

It’s a VAN! 🙂 so, can you see my hand in the window???

Another surprise.. is when I saw the boat that we are going to use for our island-hopping activity. Since we are just 3 persons traveling together I’m expecting a small boat which can ride only 5 people but in my surprise the boat that we used was really huge! It can accommodate 8-12 people! What a huge boat for only 3 travelers! We even compared a boat we saw which has 9 passengers on it, but it was obviously very small compared to our BOAT! then I mumbled to myself (with a mocking tone)–look at our boat, we have a larger boat than you have.. we are only three and you are nine! so poor of you! — Sorry, just being childish and proud during that time! 🙂

The BIG BOAT… I’m sorry this is the only pic I have for the boat, though in person it looks big!

Our tour guide said that they want their guests to be comfortable and also to be safe, so they got this big boat for our adventure 🙂 it is very nice of them!

Moreover, what made our trip memorable is that our tour guide named Eli was very accommodating and very “very” helpful! He was even our photographer! We gave him our camera and he started taking beautiful and amazing photos! So almost all of my photos was taken by this tour guide/photographer– and all I can say that he knows better than I do when it comes to photography :)He also informed us of everything we need to know. If you are asking if he is a good English speaker, I think he is since he is a College Graduate with the course of Education! 🙂

Our Tourguide/photographer.. see, he’s really a photographer!
Meet our tour guide/photographer ELI 🙂
Our Bangkero/ Boatman… Look at the crystal clear water, this is in Manlawi sandbar.. Unfortunately, it was high tide (Tune in for my other posts for my Caramoan Adventure, more beautiful photos to be posted!)

And also, the proprietor, Gerald was very accommodating.. He was the one who is driving the van in the picture above. He was very hands-on with his business and very kind too..And since we finished our tour during our first day quite early, they suggested that we go swimming in the underground river! Take note, that the underground river is not part of our actual itinerary….

Actually, when I heard underground river, I was like “Really? There’s an underground river?” I was actually thinking of an underground river as big as the one in Puerto Princesa haha! 🙂

Since we are just 3 women traveling together, Gerald even joined us for a dip in the so-called underground river (p.s. don’t expect a big wild underground river just like the one in Palawan!).

Moreover, this travel agency also helped us to see the town during the night. We even ate some traditional food called “Kinalas” it is a noodle soup with some strange thing on it– I dare you to try! If you ever come here then I suggest you to ask them what’s inside.

They even arranged us a masseur. Since we are tired and the hotel doesn’t seem to have a Spa, We asked Eli if where we can get a massage and they said their cousin is a nice masseur… So we booked their cousin’s service after our dinner and she was really great!

AND… I will never forget how sumptuous the meals were! We are like prisoners who will be hanged the next day! We are eating like pigs! We ate, swim, ate, swim, then swim then ate, then sleep then ate, swim and so on…. The food that was included in the package were really A LOT! We didn’t even finish the food served during the dinner so we asked the hotel to reheat and pack it for our 2nd day island hopping. All I can say is that the food served was amazing! It includes yummy seafood like shrimps, crabs, fish and pork!

The Food is only good for 3 persons! and we are females! That’s a lot!

Moreover, I forgot to share to you that this travel agency is run by a family… Gerald and Eli are cousins…. as well as “Santino” and our masseur. They are really…really..really… great people! Actually, when we are with them we felt not like a Guest but we felt like we are part of their family.. We joked to each other, and had fun together… It was really a nice experience!

I just felt the real kind of Filipino Hospitality with them! They are really nice people and easy to talk to… When you are with them, you will realize that you are in good hands!



Itinerary For 3days & 2nights package:
Day 1 (Arrival):

0930 hrs(ETA) Guijalo port (pick-up point) to town proper
1000 hrs Hotel/hometel (West Peninsula Villas) check-in/rest a bit
1100 hrs Lunch/early lunch
1115 hrs To Paniman/Bikal
1140 hrs Proceeding to Islands (Swimming)

  • Minalagos Island
  • Cagbalinad Beach
  • Matukad Island— best sand, click the link to see my post
  • Lahos Island

1200 hrs Lunch—
1300 hrs Island Exploration/Swimming
1700 hrs Back to Accommodation/Rest/Grooming
1930 hrs Dinner/Socials

Day 2:
0600 hrs Wake-up call/Grooming/Breakfast
0700 hrs Proceeding to Bikal Port
0745 hrs Bikal Port to Tabgon
0900hrs Grotto of Our Lady of Peace (527 climb steps)
1100 hrs Proceeding to Islands

1230 hrs Lunch………
1330 hrs Swimming/Island Hopping/Exploration
1630 hrs Proceeding to Bikal Port
1800 hrs Back to Accommodation/Rest/Grooming/Souvenir Shopping
1930 hrs Dinner/Socials

Day 3 (Departure):

0630 hrs Wake-up Call/Grooming/Breakfast
0730 hrs Church of Saint Michael (17th Century Church)
0800 hrs Souvenir shop
0900 hrs Proceed to Guijalo port

To Contact them:

If you have other questions, feel free to comment at the box below and I will answer your queries with all of my knowledge and as fast as I can..



20 thoughts on “Caramoan Haven: Tour Agency Review and Our Caramoan Itinerary”

  1. Thank your for posting this blog…they are my pamangkins (Gerald and Ely). I’m happy that you were treated not only as a tourist, but someone special, like a family. Most Caramoanon’s are like that – accomodating, hospitable and will do their best for guests, friends and tourist in our humble town of Caramoan. A words like these are very encouraging not only to Caramoan Haven, but for other agenc out there as well. True, we needed the revenue for the services, but the best thing to offer is the genuine and uniqueness of a Bicolano, a Caramoanon, at that point.
    Again, thanks kindly for the kind words and warm compliments. God Bless and hope to see you and your friends in the future in our beautiful town of Caramoan.

    1. I’m just doing my job as a blogger.. 🙂 I’m just stating the facts and my experience for the benefit of travelers like me… Since Caramoan Haven is recommendable! I’ll recommend them! I’m just stating the facts and the truth…Moreover, I really enjoyed the trip not only because of the beauty of Caramoan but also because of the people who made it more interesting! I thank Caramoan Haven for giving us this wonderful and unforgettable experience! I’m really looking forward in visiting Caramoan once again! 🙂

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, it made me wanna blog more! 🙂 God Bless!

  2. Hi! We’re planning to vacation there this summer. I was just wondering how you and your friends traveled from Naga to Guijalo Port. I’m having difficulty arranging the transportation services, and I have no information on the boat services available in Sabang port. What type of boat did you ride, and what are the schedules? It would be a big help, thanks!!

    1. Hi Carl! You can visit my other post regarding how to go to Caramoan, click here so you can see the details on how to go there: . If I still didn’t answer your question, just tell me and I can give you more information. By the way are you coming there in a package tour? If yes, you can arrange to have you picked up in Camarines Sur Water Complex in Pili, Camarines Sur. And by the way Guijalo port is already in Caramoan, so the port you are going to stop by near Naga is Sabang Port. I already sent you an email 🙂

  3. tnx yannah! was able to communicate with gerald already. your blogs have been very helpful.. hope we will have the same wonderful experience as your group did.. =)

    1. It’s good that you already talked to him. For sure you will be having a good stay there not only because you’ll be in good hands but also because they are very accommodating that you will feel that they are like family 🙂

  4. hi ms. yannah just want to ask about your stay in west peninsula villas.. may idea ka po ba kung ung 1500/night sa room nila good for how many person po? thanks in advance ^_^

  5. Hi Yannah! I’m very interested in booking with Caramoan Haven 🙂 Do they automatically book you to West Peninsula Villas? Just curious. I’m working on travel arrangements as well because we plan to go there via the Bicol Express Train but I guess I’ll have to directly ask the proprietor about it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chai! depends on the availability of West Peninsula. However, as what I have learned from Kuya Gerald–the manager, proprietor. This hotel (West Pen) is their priority when they have guest bookings, but subject to the availability of rooms.. since it is one of the best hotels in Caramoan. Hope you push through with your plans! 🙂 Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  6. I’m planning to bring my parents (72 and 73 of age) this May 2013, maulan na kaya ng panahon na yun sa Bicol? Sna friendly din sa mga oldies ang Caramoan experience mo. hehe

    1. Hi Polly! Thanks for visiting my blog! May is still considered as part of the summer season so ordinarily it will still be sunny during that time. Although the weather in the Philippines is now quite unpredictable because of typhoons that visits the country especially the bicol region all year round! So, I think you can just pray na walang lpa or bagyo during that time, lalo na caramoan is near catanduanes na madalas dalawin ng bagyo. pray nalang talaga. I think caramoan is friendly for the elderly except the boat you’ll ride in Sabang port, wala masyadong legroom. I suggest getting the boat that runs in another port (it is like a RORO so it is bigger) I forgot the port though, I’ll ask around and tell you.

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