Philippines: A Place Less Traveled

I should be blogging about my Macau Expedition, but unfortunately my brother accidentally deleted our Macau photos in Facebook and he’s still in the process of uploading it once again. As for the mean time, I’m going to cut first my Macau series and I’m going to start a new one— The Philippines.

I’ve only been to a few places in my own country; the reason behind this is that I define traveling as TRAVELING = OUT OF THE COUNTRY. I don’t count domestic destinations as traveling. I always think that here in my country is boring, it doesn’t make you feel that you are “traveling”.

Why I think this way?


the language we speak is the same.. or that I’m sick of seeing the same brown individuals all over again! … and also, to go to Hong Kong is cheaper than going to a domestic destination… So, I prefer going abroad (at least my passport will get a stamp! *wink!)

but now, something changed me… something incredible had touched me…

This happened last September… when all I want is to travel abroad… Something made me realize…



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