Venetian Hotel Macau: A Glimpse of Europe

The Venetian Hotel and Resorts is simply amazing. It is like feeling, sensing or even tasting Europe while you are in Asia.

I’ve never been outside the continent of Asia, so I cannot say if it really looks like Venice,  but still, seeing such a wonderful thing in an unknown place is just plain amazing!

The Facade during the Day

I told you from my other post that I don’t even care about what Macau has to offer, so I didn’t expect anything from it, but when I entered this place, my jaw literally dropped… and it stayed like that for about 5 minutes. I was like “Wow! So this is Macau!”

Look at the clouds... Remember it's inside a mall

The Venetian Hotel is like Venice itself (maybe I’m overreacting) but it is designed to look like one. It is an imitation of Venice in a closed room and inside a mall. It is within a mall! It is Venice but located indoors!—That’s a good thing especially Asians like to have fairer skin—- no need for sunblock! Yey! And the freezing cold air-conditioning is a plus correctly addressing Macau’s unusual heat during the summer.  Macau’s weather during summer will make you sweat like a pig. Trust me!

The Indoor Canal which gives the "Venice" Vibe--- Romantic and Suave

Maybe those who already went to Venice or Las Vegas might not enjoy this place like I do, but as a person like me who still have no means to go to Europe, you will enjoy and be stunned on what this place has to offer. We all know that being Manilenyos (people from Manila, Philippines) are used to having big shopping malls but I tell you this is different! Very different than the ones you see in Manila. It is a theme park! A casino! A hotel and a shopping Mall merged into one! Where can you see that in the Philippines? (Comment in the box if you see one.. hehe)

The Main Lobby of the Building (2010 shot)

But to those who has the means to go to Europe, don’t worry this place is good for shopping! There are a lot of branded goods offered here… and I think it is cheaper to buy this kind of stuff here… I heard that some of the shops offer it tax-free (But I don’t know where and how) and you can go have some fun in the Casino— that Casino there is really big!!! And actually my first time there (back in 2009) was my first time to see a Casino and I saw a really big one!!! What a great first experience! But I almost didn’t get inside because the guard thought I’m a minor but I was already 18 years old… maybe, I really look young 🙂

Anyway, this is a theme park sans the rides… but the sights to see here is more than what you can see in the whole city of Macau (overreacting?!)

Why did I say that this is a theme park? It is a theme park because its theme is Venice or Europe as a whole!

The wonderful paintings in its ceiling reminds me of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel (I really wanna visit that place!) The paintings are really great and you can see all the tourists are looking at it with awe..

Painting in the Ceiling-- got this during my visit in 2009
Paintings-- Simply fantastic (got this during my visit in 2010)

And this is the first time I saw a Curving Escalator. The main lobby of the building (not the hotel) reminds me of Titanic.. I don’t know why… maybe because of the yellow lights??

The Curving Escalator (2009 shot)

And there is a canal (water canal) where you can ride a gondola just like how they do it in Venice. Take note that the Gondola ride is made inside the mall, not the lake (or moat) outside. Though the ride here is not for free, it comes with a fee..

Gondola-- Venice Style

How to Buy Tickets for the Gondola Ride:

Ticketing Place:

  • Boutique di Gondola (Shop No. 2301)
  • Emporio di Gondola (Shop No. 2660)


  • MOP118  PHP649, 15USD(per ride) for adults
  • MOP88    PHP484, 12USD(per ride) for kids
  • MOP472 PHP2596, 61USD(per ride) Private Gondola

And also, there is ZAiA by Cirque du Soleil, this is one of the well-known performances in Macau but I haven’t watched this since it is quite expensive. To book your tickets please click here.

And while walking in the busy streets of Venice in Venetian, you can find some entertainment, like the one we found during our visit. It is like a puppet show with a love story twist.

The Puppets and the Puppeteer

One more trivia, if you are familiar with Boys over Flowers a Korean TV series then this is one of the place they shoot some scenes!

The cast and crewwhile riding the Gondola in Venetian Macau

How to get here:

1. Ride the plenty shuttle buses of Venetian Macau. They all over the place! 🙂

2. Most of your hotel will have a complimentary shuttle bus to and from this place

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