Macau: The Home of mouth-watering Egg Tarts

Well, I didn’t know what really is an egg tart before, and I haven’t tried one…but when I went to Macau..I had a great first meeting with this yummy and healthy egg tarts—and for that I always remember the taste and how it melts in my mouth (*I wanna eat egg tarts now!!!! *sigh!)

Egg Tarts from Lord Stows(Photos from Dude for Food)

Egg Tarts are mixture of cream, egg and sugar! Yum! The Egg Tarts in Macau is an influence of the Portuguese in this country… however, they now made it with some Chinese flair! Now it can be said Portuguese-Chinese egg tarts 🙂

The yummy-ness (if there’s such a word 🙂 ) is something that you won’t easily forget. The taste is a little bit sweet and a little bit salty… but the sweetness overrides the saltiness… But the mixture is just great… And it literally melts in your mouth.. One bite and you won’t notice that you already ate the whole box (trust me, this is based on my experience! J )

*arrghh… I don’t know how to express how yummy this is… anyway, I’ll provide you with the well-known bakeries in Macau where I have tried these uber yummy egg tarts

Koi Kei Bakery – they have branches in Venetian and the Senado Square (Bigger branch with a lot of choices to choose from)…

  •  yummiest egg tarts I have ever tasted.. It is more on the sweet side (It’s sweet but not that sweet–hard to explain 😦 ), moreover, you can buy here other “pasalubong” or gifts. They had beef/pork jerky, and almond cookies (definitely recommended!!!! Ooohh.. I miss almond cookies!!)
  • To see their website click here.

Lord Stow’s Bakery – The branch that I saw was in Venetian

  •  also yummy… although I loved the Koi Kei brand more, this is the BEST according to other people who came to eat their egg tarts… and according to my Mom, Dad and brother (hehe! People definitely have different opinions when it comes to taste). But this is the egg tarts which really melts in your mouth…
  • To view their website click here. However, for Filipinos out there, don’t worry, you can eat this Macau delicacy here in the Philippines. No need to go to Macau, just visit their branches in MOA (2 branches there) and in Binondo.
  • And a little trivia: This brand of egg tarts doesn’t put preservatives… It is fresh and organic 🙂
  • Click here for another Blogger’s take on Lord Stow’s tarts

Some other stalls in Senado Square also sells this yummy dessert… It wouldn’t hurt if you try other egg tarts from simple stalls like in Macau. They are yummy!!!

 —anyway, it’s hard to say since I think all of them are yummy!

However, when you are in Macau, why not try their best delicacy?? Don’t just do Casino-hopping also do some Egg-Tart Tasting! The next time I’ll be in Macau I’ll taste all of them 🙂 Wanna Join???



7 thoughts on “Macau: The Home of mouth-watering Egg Tarts”

  1. I love egg tarts – but there are so many nasty surprises hidden in the ones here in Shenzhen, that I normally stick to KFC’s (which are actually pretty good) rather than risking others. Cool piece.

    1. Yeah, I’ve tried KFC’s egg tarts when I went to Xian, and it’s also pretty amazing and also cheaper than the ones sold in Macau (*aahh.. I’m getting hungry again! 🙂 It’s so sad that here in the Philippines, KFC doesn’t serve egg tarts. 😦

      Anyway, Thanks for your comment and I’m really glad that you appreciate my post 🙂

    1. I didn’t realize that Lord Stow’s also serve other meals.. hmm, maybe I’m just too focused on buying those yummy egg-tarts 🙂 Next time I’m in Macau I’ll surely try their food!

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    1. I haven’t tried the Durian Ice Cream! Yeah, durian smells really bad! haha.. I remember my mom bringing home durian in our house and even though the durian was immediately consumed the smell lingered in our house for 1 week! but anyway, I like the taste of durian without the smell.. 🙂

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