Macau Best Western Taipa Hotel: One good hotel for the budget minded

Actually we stayed here on Aug 23, 2009. The rooms are really big, but there’s few furniture inside. It is like a big empty room with two double beds and a coffee table (note: we are only two-I’m with my mom)

The carpet is rough, seems to be very tired, but seems clean…

The breakfast is good, not so many choices but it was okay. I don’t know about the wifi since I haven’t used it.

As for the location, you can always ride on their shuttle buses that runs every 15 min (however sometimes it is late). It goes to venetian, city of dreams and to macau ferry terminal. If you will be taking a cab, well, it is better if you ask the front desk staff to write in Chinese character the name of the hotel since when we said Best Western Taipa, the cab driver only said No, no! and left us! so rude! well I guess it is because of the language barrier

Check in and Check out was a breeze, no problem with that! There is also a convenience/grocery store nearby, but it is scary to walk at night, we noticed some men looking at us (we are only 2 and we are both women) so we just went back to the hotel after buying some food—or were just being paranoid 🙂

There is a swimming pool but I never tried it, though it looks clean. Regarding the CR, well the hotel provides complete basic toiletries in packs and it was clean… no problem with the CR.

The lobby looks nice but it needs more couch!

Overall our stay was great… it is just an ordinary hotel which is good for its price. A simple 3 star hotel– so don’t expect much. if you want a good luxury hotel then go somewhere else! This hotel is good for sleeping after a day of touring the city. If you want to spend your day in casinos then stay in VENETIAN or somewhere near there, although this hotel has one small casino it’s nothing compared to that of the Venetian.

This is a good place if you wanna be near the Venetian and City of Dreams since it is located in Taipa, where those attractions are located, but is quite far from the Macau city center; you need to cross a long bridge before getting there.

Sorry. No photos, since my stay was too long ago and I can’t find any photos in my FB or any other account. This review is from my Tripadvisor.

How to Get here upon disembarking from the Macau Ferry Terminal?

  • There’s a shuttle bus that goes every 15 minutes to the Macau Ferry Terminal which can bring you to this hotel
  • You can always ride the taxi, prices are lower than the one in HongKong

To know more about their rates, click here


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