My Macau Expedition: An Introduction

I’ve posted a lot regarding China’s Beijing, Xian and Hong Kong during this past few days, but I should not forget to give some credit to the Amazing Macau.

Macau is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) just like Hong Kong; So, what makes this small place Amazing? It is because of its rapid development… from an unknown city to be widely known as the Las Vegas of Asia.

Ironically, in Macau’s neighbor, Hong Kong, which is only an hour away from this thriving city; Gambling is prohibited (except of course their favorite horse-racing)…

Casinos etc. are not allowed in Hong Kong that is why a lot of Hong Kong people visit Macau to gamble and splurge

I have no image of Macau before my visit here in 2009, I just thought of it as a city, just a small city with no further development…However, this place is part of our itinerary during my 1st trip to Hong Kong, so I have no choice but to visit this place… and as a matter of fact, I’m not interested at all with this place, I just don’t care about it, I just care about Hong Kong… since I always hear Hong Kong from my friends, relatives etc. and for me (during that time) Hong Kong is a much popular place than Macau.

I didn’t expect anything wonderful to see in Macau, I didn’t even research what this place has to offer…. I just researched about Hong Kong and Hong Kong alone… But, what I didn’t know.. this place has also a different side of it, which makes it a Very Interesting Place to Visit.

Tune in for my Macau series 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!


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