“Must-See” Places in Xian, China

According to our tour guide in Xian, “if you haven’t been to Xian, you have never been to China!” So, experience China by having your next travel to Xian.

These are the list of places you should visit during your stay in Xian.

  1. Terra Cotta Army: Located east of Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum, the well-known Terra-cotta was buried underground to protect the afterlife of Emperor Qinshihuang from 2200 years ago. There are more than 8,000 life-size terra cotta figures of soldiers and horses excavated from this area. They are all displayed in the practical battle formation in 3 pits respectively. The Terra Cotta Army is now regarded as the Eighth Wonder of the World.
  2. Xian City Wall: The Xian City Wall is the best preserved, oldest and largest ancient city defence system in China. It is also one of the most important landmarks of the Xian city. The original foundation of the Xian City Wall was based on the ruins of the Imperial City Wall of Chang’an City–the capital of the Tang Dynasty.
  3. Huaqing Hotspring: Having a 6000 year old history. It was created during the Tang Dynasty. It is where the Emperor and his concubines took a bath. It is one of the greatest garden landscapes in China.
  4. Great Mosque: Great Mosque is the largest of its kind in Xian and one of the best preserved mosques in China. Unlike Arabic mosques, the Great Mosque in Xi’an possesses much Chinese tradition in both its design and its artistic outlook. There are characteristics of Chinese pavilions, with painted beams and engraved ridgepoles.
  5. Big Wild Goose Pagoda: Situated in the Da Ci’en Temple, about four kilometers from the urban center, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the famous Buddhist pagodas in China. As an architectural marvel, it was built with layers of bricks but without any cement in between. The grand body of the pagoda with its solemn appearance, simple style and high structure, is indeed a good example of ancient people’s wisdom and talent.
  6. Shaanxi Provincial History Museum: (Especially, if you don’t know any history of China, this is a good place to have some lessons). Shaanxi Provincial History Museum is the first huge state museum with modern facilities in China, and given the reputation of “bright pearl of ancient city, treasure house of China.” Exhibited in the main exhibition hall are 2,700 pieces works of art selected from all periods and show the development of civilization in this region.

To see my individual posts regarding each places, please click the violet-colored links 🙂

Most of what is written here are the tourist trails. So, if you haven’t been here, you haven’t fully experienced what Xian has to offer.

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