Shaanxi Nanfang Hotel: Okay Hotel for the Budget-Minded Traveler

The hotel allowed us to have an early check-in, which is very nice of them, we checked-in by 10am. The rooms are nicely decorated, simple yet comfortable.

The windows are huge; the hotel rooms are clean, so we had no problem at all.

Stuff for Sale in the Hotel

There are a lot of items which can be found on the desk and on the sink but almost everything is for sale, so watch out for those things which has a price tag on them, they also have complimentary toiletries so don’t be fooled of getting those that have tags on them… the free items are those usually with the hotel logos.

The location is nice, easily accessible to the bell tower. So it is really in the city center

I'm trying to figure out what the food is....

As for the breakfast, if you are Chinese then the breakfast is good for you but if you are not, if it is not complimentary then ditch it…. the breakfast is a typical chinese buffet, (no bread even except for the Chinese bread (the one which is color white)… they don;t even serve noodles! for me, the taste is not good but maybe for Chinese people it would be satisfactory (I just observed on how they go back and forth to the buffet table)

As for the staff, they are quite helpful but only few knows english which is quite frustrating… however, our stay end up pretty well, this is not really a big deal for our group since we have a Chinese speaking guide with us.

Overall, our stay is good since we just used the hotel as a sleeping place….I will recommend it if you have a tour guide or group when coming to Xian, since the location is quite good, but if you are coming to Xian alone and wanted to go touring, it will be harder for you to communicate with the frontdesk staff (I’m just assuming that you don’t know any Chinese)…. but if you know Chinese pretty well, this place is really recommended for you and you can save money too!

This review is originally from my tripadvisor account but what I did is to add another commentary and pictures.

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