China Visa Application for Philippine Citizens

Updated November 20, 2012

If you are a Filipino Citizen and you are planning to go to China this year, then I suggest that you gather all the requirements for the Visa as early as possible.

All Filipino Citizens are required to get a visa before they enter China. and unlike South Korea where getting a tourist visa is gratis or free, for China, you need to pay P1400.00.

You can apply for your Chinese Visa at least 1-2 weeks before your departure date, and you can apply as early as 1-2 months before your departure.


  1.  Applicant’s passport with blank pages and at least 6 months validity left before expiration. Do not leave any field bank, write “NA”only if the question does not apply to you.
  2. A truly and completely filled application form affixed with one passport-size or 2×2 colored photo, with white background, full-face front view, and no hat.  Photo must be glued on the application form. Stapled pictures will not be accepted. Scanned photos will also not be accepted.  U.S. passport holders must submit two application forms with two photos.
  3. Photocopy of the front (passport details page) and the back (emergency contact page) of your passport
  4. An invitation letter issued by Authorized Travel Agency, or from other travel agencies or individuals. Otherwise, you must provide a copy of return ticket and hotel reservation.
  5. If visiting Tibet, please contact a travel agency to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit issued by the Tourism Administration of the Tibet Autonomous Region in advance


  1.  A copy of the round-trip plane ticket
  2. Hotel reservation / invitation letter with a copy of the inviter’s valid chinese residence visa and passport information page of inviter’s or Chinese national identity card
  3.   Previously used China visa in old or new passport (Only visa stickers will be accepted.  Those with stamped visas must submit additional documents for first time China visa applicants.


According to Pinoy Exchange Members, the authorized travel agency in China that they had contracted are as follows:


For first time applicants to China (Philippine passport holders, 18 years old and above), they are required to provide the following:

  •  original NBI clearance valid for travel abroad (the green one)   According to the new requirements os of July 2012, NBI Clearance is no longer necessary
  • The emergency contact information page in the applicant’s passport should be filled out and photocopied.
  • original bank certificate with receipt/debit memo or original passbook, updated within the month that you are applying ONLY If you don’t have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency.
  • detailed bank statement for a period of 6 months. This is a relatively new requirement, as stated by Ms. Karen Yang, as seen in the comment box below. original bank receipt are required. ONLY If you don’t have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency in China
  • If visiting PRC for the first time, BIR-Stamped income tax return form ONLY if you don’t have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency in China.

The bank certificate, as for the contribution of Ms. Karen Yang and Basya in the comments box below and from the requirements posted in the bulletin board. They stated that your bank certificate should conform to the following:

  1. You should have a bank account with opening date 6 months prior the application date, and it should be written in your bank certificate.
  2. You should present a bank certificate with a deposit of at least P100,000.00 ond an ADB of P100,000.00. and an ADB of P100,000 for the past 6 months. So, the ADB should not be lower than P100,000 for the past 6 months.
  3. issuing bank should be a Commercial Bank.Certificates from thrift banks, savings and loan banks  are not allowed. They are strict with this. My friend was refused application since their bank is a loan and savings bank.Regardless of the bank, the Bank Certificate should have the following information: (these requirements are in the Embassy’s bulletin board):

    •  Original copy printed on the bank’s letterhead.
    •  Account Name
    •  Account Number
    •  Account Opening date- account should be active for at least 18o days prior to applying the visa
    •  Type of Account– (savings or current account only; time/term deposits, mutual funds, insurance and any other type of investments are not accepted)
    • Current Balance of
    • Average daily balance for the past 6 monthsof at least P100,000 per applicant. (The “past 6 months” should be indicated; Ave Daily Balance/YTD will not be accepted). They are so strict about this!
    • With checkwrite
    • All Details in English Language
    • The official receipt/debit memo/Certification of waived fee must be stapled.
  4. Aside from bank certificate, they added another requirement: detailed bank statement or passbook for a period of 6 months with original bank receipt. The bank statement is a totally different document from a bank certificate and likewise cannot be substituted for a bank certificate. Both documents MUST be submitted
  • Present the original passbook or bank statements. (Should  include transactions for the past 180 days prior to applying for visa
  • Photocopy of just one page with the latest transactions. There is no need to photocopy all the pages.
  • The bank name, account name, and account number should exactly match the details in the bank certificate
  • Ending balance should be at least P100,000 per applicant (age 18 and above) This should be updated within the past 30 days; any amount less than P100,000 will not be accepted
  • Average Daily Balance for every month within the past 6 months/180 days should be at least P100,000 per applicant
  • All details in English Language

IF TRIP IS SPONSORED provide the ff:

A. If a company will sponsor the trip,

  • provide the company’s bank certificate,
  •  sponsorship letter from the company
  • company’s business registration.

B. If an individual will sponsor the trip,

  • provide his bank certificate,
  •  sponsorship and invitation letter,
  • copy of sponsor’s valid residence visa (if sponsor is a Chinese national/resident)
  • passport information page of the person sponsoring or if Chineseor Chinese national ID.


  • employment certificate,
  • company ID
  • SSS ID and contributions,
  • TIN ID and latest ITR, BTW, if applicants have invitation letter from an Authorized Travel Agency, both income tax return form and bank statement are not required.


  •  provide school ID
  • Personal appearance is required for those who are 16-21 years old
  •  sponsorship letter
  • bank statement and bank certificate of sponsor, not necessary if there is an invitation letter provided by an authorized travel agency.


  • provide business registration of company
  •  TIN ID
  • latest ITR, unless there is an invitation letter provided by an authorized travel agency

Below are the documents I passed during my application (April 2011):


For my Mom and Dad (first time applicants)
1. Application Form (with 2×2 picture (ears should be seen in the picture) and white background, pasted not stapled)
2. passport
3. passport photocopy (information page (front), emergency contact and signature page (back))
4. NBI clearance
5. Photocopy of IDs (employee ID, Tin ID, GSIS ID)
6. Employment Certificate
7. ITR ( BIR 2316 for 2010)
8. Statement of Assets and Liabilities (optional)
9. BPI Bank Certificate with Debit Memo
10. Personalized itinerary with tour agency contracted
11. Round Trip airticket
12. Hotel reservations from Agoda and Sinohotel
13. Tour reservations and vouchers from tour agency contracted

I submitted the following for myself: (Take Note I’m a Student)
1. Application Form (with passport size picture and white background, (ears should be seen in the picture) pasted not stapled)
2. passport
3. passport photocopy (information page (front), emergency contact and signature page (back))
4. NBI clearance
5. Photocopy of student ID (I submitted a cert. of enrolment but it was just returned to me)
6. Birth Certificate
7. Photocopy of ITR of parents ( BIR 2316 for 2010)
8. Photocopy of Statement of Assets and Liabilities of Parents
9. Personalized itinerary with tour agency contracted
10. Round Trip airticket
11. Hotel reservations from Agoda and Sinohotel
12. Tour reservations and vouchers from tour agency contracted
13. Photocopy of Bank Certificate of parents with Debit Memo

And to make sure… bring a copy of Affidavit of Support


I submitted the following for my brother who just passed the Nursing Board exam:
1. Application Form (with passport size picture and white background, pasted not stapled)
2. passport
3. passport photocopy (information page (front), emergency contact and signature page (back))
4. NBI clearance
5. Photocopy of ID (Philippine Nursing Association Member card and Tin ID)
6. Birth Certificate
7. Photocopy of ITR of parents ( BIR 2316 for 2010)
8. Photocopy of Statement of Assets and Liabilities of Parents
9. Personalized itinerary with tour agency contracted
10. Round Trip airticket
11. Hotel reservations from Agoda and Sinohotel
12. Tour reservations and vouchers from tour agency
13. Photocopy of Bank Certificate of Parents with debit memo

Tips in getting the visa:
1. Make sure that all requirements are intact, don’t go there if your requirements are not complete. It will only be a waste of time.
2. Arrive very early in the morning. I arrived 7:05 and I ended up at around 11:45 am. I’m the 90th person in the line already. The employees in the consul are quick in screening applications however what makes it to take so much time are the travel agencies who have a lot of applications to submit. These travel agencies arrive very early in the morning, so be earlier so that you will save up the hassle of waiting and being irritated by the travel agencies.
3. Bring with you anything that can entertain you. Cellphones are not allowed to be used inside the area, once you get caught you will be brought outside by the security guard
4. Eat your meal before going or bring food with you since it will take so much time and you don’t want to be hungry
5. Pray that you will be filing at counter no. 1. The guy there is so handsome! haha! And he don’t ask a lot of questions unlike 2 and 3. He didn’t even ask me a question, he just returned to me my cert. of enrollment– Update! The cutie guy is not working there anymore! 😦
6. Again, Go early so that you will not be cut by the 1 hour lunch break which is 12-1pm.
7. Before going to the counter, check your requirements and arrange it from the most important to the least important.

FYI: As far as I know, once your application was filed, then it will be 90% sure that you will be getting your visa.

The hardest part in getting this visa is getting all the requirements needed but after submitting this, there will be no problem at all.  Hope this will help those who will apply for Chinese visa in the future.

I uploaded a copy of the new application form. To get a copy of the new application form, click here. It can be edited and you can type there your entries. 🙂 And please print it in an A4 paper (back to back) preferably or short bond paper.

You can also get a reputable travel agency to apply for you (but take note, those 16-21 year old people should still be in the Consulate for their personal appearance). But I suggest you go there, it is quite an experience! 🙂

Here is one of the well-known agency that I encountered when I was filing my visa application, I saw them with a lot of application forms being filed in the counter.

Phone no. (632) 2433333, (632) 2433888 (26 trunklines)

And after waiting. I got my visa. Yey!

My approved China Visa 🙂


231 thoughts on “China Visa Application for Philippine Citizens”

  1. You’re welcome. Yeah, I also want to go to China, but it’s not soon(I’ll go there on my summer holiday). Since there are a lot of things I wish to visit, I need a long time to stay there and walk around it as much as I can. Thanks for offering your help. I may ask for your advice in 1/2 year, I guess. (^_^)!!

  2. i remember when i applied for a visa to china,sabi kasi nila pag pink form ang ibigay sa yo ok yun kaso nakikita ko sinusulatan nung babae ay white form,kinabahan pala ang nasa ibabaw ang kopya nila tapos sa ilalim yung coveted pink ang copy ko.

  3. We went to Chinese Embassy this morning and we got denied just because of the bank certificate. They said it should indicate the ADB for the last 6 mos which should be at least P100,000 as well as the balance, it should also indicate the date the account was opened. I’ll have a big problem because my acct was just barely opened around 4 mos ago because I closed the one I have with other bank since they were giving me a lot of headache. I told them this concern and they just said I have to have an account opened at least 6 mos, no exception. Isn’t that discriminating? And aside from that, it should be listed in their website so the applicants would know and avoid getting there at a very early time, wait for so long in queue and go home with nothing accomplished. Most applicants went home really frustrated because most of the issues was the bank certificate. So disappointing, and to think we will be paying them, not getting it for free like South Korea (which I got with no hassle at all). Does it have something to do with the Scarborough issue? LOL, just thinking.:D

    1. Oh My! I just booked a ticket this December going to Beijing, and I have friends who will be getting their visa for the first time… Maybe this is caused by the Scarborough issue… Oh my.. this is indeed frightening! Anyway, as for the “at least 6 months” account, it is required for a South Korea Visa, but I’m not so sure if this is also a requirement in getting a Chinese visa… or maybe it is indeed a requirement, or a staple requirement to any visa. So, just to make sure, let’s open our account at least 6 months before our trip, especially if the country we would like to visit requires an entry visa…I don’t have any idea about this requirement since my mom’s account was opened years ago, so I failed to inquire about such requirement before… While for the 100,000PHP account balance, the last time I checked there is no required amount of show money needed for the Chinese visa, it is enough that you can support yourself during your stay in China. But, as far as I know, during the time I got a Korean Visa, there is a requirement of at least “50,000PHP” in your bank account, so that you’ll be granted a visa. But such requirement is not expressly stated in the application procedure, it is a requirement stated in the Pinoy Exchange forum. They said that at least 50,000.00 is needed in your bank account to increase your possibility of getting a visa, so maybe, this is also the case now for the China visa…

      It is good that the Chinese Embassy explained to you the cause of your disapproval, some of visa issuing countries doesn’t explain… they just give you a piece of paper and that’s all… You wouldn’t know why you’ve been denied… Anyway, thank you for the heads up Basya!

  4. update on this guys…
    1. for bank certificates, issuing bank should be a commercial bank. Certificates from thrift banks, savings banks, rural banks, etc. are not allowed.
    2. aside from bank certificate, they added another requirement: detailed bank statement for a period of 6 months.

    they are coming up with new requirements every 2 weeks. It’s becoming harder and harder to get a visa for first time applicants. Some say, it’s as hard as getting a U.S. visa.

    OFW’s bound for China are also having trouble processing their documents. Processed and approved work permits, contracts, etc. are suddenly being canceled.

    and yes, I personally think it’s the Scarborough issue.

    1. OMG! They are now very strict! Karen, did they grant you a China Visa? OM! I booked a flight going to China this December with friends that are first time applicants, and I’m scared for them. Any news about denial of entry for second time applicants? Oh my.. “As hard as getting a US Visa”—Whatta!!! ooohh, maybe they will interview applicants too! waahh! I’m gonna put this in my post. Thank you very much Karen for the info!

  5. Hi Yannah. My wife and I travelled to Beijing, China last August 2012 and encountered the same hassles in the embassy, luckily we were able to get the visas. Just want to share to you and our friends here our “unforgettable” experience.

    Since we are travelling together, they required us to submit a bank certificate with P100K ADB each. But since my wife is only a plain housewife and her bank account ADB is not sufficient, the person in the counter ( @ counter 2, a lady (pinay), wearing eyeglasses, masungit and bawal magtanong,,.kainis!) told me that instead of P100K ADB then it should be P200K ADB for me as the husband or combined P200K ADBs for husband and wife. They also scrutinized and reviewed/audited our bank statements page by page.

    And for those who are working in an NGO/Social Worker/Non-Profit Org, they require to submit a Guarantee letter from the company stating that you will not perform duties in China as an NGO worker during the travel.

    A friend of mine also informed me that they do not accept Time Deposit Bank Accounts. Bank Certificates should indicate that it is a Savings/Checking Account but this has yet to be verified.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  6. hi! about the detailed bank statement, kelangan ba na hindi tlga bababa sa 100K ang laman for the past six months or sufficient na yung may at least 100K na ending balance?

    1. Hi Yannah. I hope you don’t mind if I reply to Cecil.
      They would first look at your Average Daily Balance (ADB) that should be stated in the bank certificate(s). So when you ask the bank for bank cert, inform the bank to indicate the ff: (1) Date when bank account was opened (2) ADB as of date when bank cert was requested (3) type of bank account (savings, checking, etc).

      About Bank statements, it is not necessary that your daily balance does not fall below P100K as long as ADB as of date is P100K and above. If you have two or more bank accounts for ex, the ADBs can be combined to total P100K. But they physically examine the bank statements page by page line by line to check whether the bank account is really operational or not (they inspect docs and ask questions in front of us that’s why we know). Meaning, there are no suspicious transactions like one time big time deposit just to make the end balance big and possibly reach the P100K ADB. So having a P100K as ending balance is not a guarantee.

      Also, they require that the bank statements should be printed in the bank’s letterhead (with bank logo and address, etc). So if you print bank statements via online banking, be sure the printed copy does have a bank logo. In our case, we have to make a special request to the bank to print in their letterhead and our bank can only print three months bank statements, else we have to wait for a month to get six months statements.

      All of these came to us as a surprise when we were in the embassy already so we have to go back about 4 times to finally submit and accept all our visa docs. I am sharing this to help as a lot of people really got frustrated. We have a group of friends (5) who submitted but only one got approved and all of them have flight tickets already.

      But I’ve read there could be another way around that applicants would not be required to submit bank docs. Will research and will post here again.

      Sorry for the long message but this for sure will help. =)

      1. thanks madzyboy! this, for sure is a big help! i am getting anxious about this china visa process (more than when i applied for taiwan & s.korea)

  7. hello ask k lng kung meron na po kaming ma provide na invitation from authorized travel agency kailangan p po ba ng bank certificate (100k). thank you

    1. according to the list of requirements, there’s no need for bank certificate, itr etc., if you already have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency in China. 🙂 hope this helps 🙂

  8. Hi, just wanted to share our experience. We applied for chinese visa along with an invitation letter from their authorized travel agency para there’s no need for us to provide a bank certificate (as indicated in their website). The first time we applied, we were asked to provide a visa notification form issued by authorized government departments in china (should be original copy). Our travel agency helped us with this and by the time we got the forms, we applied again, and by this time, we were given a pink slip na indicating the date of the visa release. after 4 days, when we were about to pay for our visa, they said that our application is still “pending” and they are now requiring us to submit our bank certificates and ITRs. we were really disappointed kasi akala namin okay na.

    1. too bad, it happened to me too, because i dont have enough money in the bank , then i dont have itr, and my trip will be sponsored by my chinese friend . i read a lot of blogs before, the same thing , that i dont need these requirements if you have the invitation letter, and i also affixed there my friend’s bank statement. they denied my visa application, and honestly, i am losing hope to go there. maybe i will just go to malaysia or thailand instead.

      note : i paid the travel agency for the processing fee because im based in bacolod , you cant get your money back. hehehe ,. but it was a big lesson to me,.
      and if possible, if they are about to deny it you can ask them to cancel the application , its better to cancel that to see that your visa was denied . that is a bad record for future visa application.
      thanks for this blog .

  9. oh no parang ang hirap naman makarating sa china! my friend and i have a trip booked for January and we’re preparing the docs for our visa application. i just want to say thanks yannah, this is the most informative post i’ve read about visa application. nosebleed ang 100k…isipin ko pa kung san pupulutin yun. it’s like they don’t want us going there! 🙂

    1. follow up question pala, i don’t understand the ADB…it’s the “average daily balance”, right? so it means na my average DAILY balance should be 100k or up? :s

      1. As for the ADB, yes, it stands for Average Daily Balance, I tool some photos of the information in the bulletin board of the China Embassy last Monday, it stated that your bank certificate should indicate the ADB for the past 6 months, so as much as possible your balance should not be less than 100,000. But I’m going to confirm this tomorrow, since the picture I took last Monday is kind of groggy (unclear). So, i promise to update this tomorrow morning! 🙂

    2. Thank you very much Maebelle! Your comment made my heart flutter! What an inspiring comment, It inspires me to write more informative posts. 🙂 Yeah, sobrang hirap nga talaga ngayon e. Mga kaibigan ko nasstress sa mga requirements ng visa ngayon e. Yeah, the 100k is really a big amount, it seems that few people will be having the privilege to visit their country because of that requirement, I hope they’ll change it.

  10. hi! ive reading this site and followed every tips mentioned. We’re leaving 1st week of Nov and im kinda worried that we won’t be able to get visa. 😦
    This is what I experienced earlier.
    1) I only asked a personal messenger to submit all the requirements for us but they are requiring us to have our authorization letter printed in a letterhead. (personal messenger nga, san ako kukuha letterhead :S )
    2) We were still required to submit Bank Cert, etc. though we already have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agent.
    2) I indicated that I went to Shenzhen as tourist in 2002 and they are requiring me to submit original visa but what i have is stamp visa which again they do not honor. (paano nman ako magproduce ng original visa for 2002)

    How unreasonable 😦 Hope this helps. Thank you!!!!

    1. Heidie, is this for real? Wow, so I think there is no need to go to the hassle of getting an invitation letter if they will still ask for your bank certificate. I will confirm this tomorrow. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

      1. yes, it didnt help 😦 will be getting tom bank cert etc and targetting to refile on monday and personally explain to them re my shenzhen visa. my travel agent ( is very helpful pa nman. will keep you posted also. thanks alot!!!!

      2. btw yannah, i have groupon voucher fm SG for 5d4n for beijing w/c ill no longer use … kse technically 3 whole days lng kme pede magtour, ang laki ng penalty pag di mo nacomplete tour so kesa d magamit, i can give it to you for free if you want 🙂 just email me 🙂

      3. Oh, I experienced the same thing for my puerto princesa trip that wasn’t able to push through. Wow, really Heidie? I would like that. That is so nice of you. I will email you. Thank you. 🙂

  11. yes, we will be getting our bank cert etc tom and will try again our luck on monday. we’ll go there personally na to explain my shenzhen visa as well. hoping for the best . will keep you posted also. thank you!!!!!

    1. Are you applying as a first timer heidie, like giving your bank certificate, invitation letter, and other documents pertaining for a first timer since I believe that if you don’t present the old visa you need to apply as a first timer, by that situation, they won’t ask you anymore to present your old Chinese visa. 🙂

  12. hi ok lang ba kung ang account ko ay dollar account? also i am planning to have an invitation letter from the authorized travel agents listed above for assurance despite of having the complete requirements, and my other officemate has no bank account, is the travel agent invitation is already ok or not?

    1. Usually, an authorized travel agency’s invitation letter will suffice, but from what I heard from others who comments in this blog, it seems that accepting your visa application is in the whim of the screeners. It depends on how strict the screener is, sometimes invitation letters suffices while sometimes you still need to submit a bank certificate with ADB and balance of 100,000PHP. Hope this helps. and sorry for the late reply.

  13. hi everyone! just to update you, i personally went to the embassy earlier with my old passport with the china visa stamp, as expected they didnt accept it, they still asked me to submit bank cert etc.(note: i have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agent both in english & chinese) I was able to anticipate this so i already have with me a bank cert with my account name, type of account, opeining dat & current balance – NO ADB indicated and NO bank statement. Surprisingly, they accepted it, gave me a pink slip and asked me to come back on wed. Hopefully I’ll be able to get visa na, as for my companion – he’ll still try his luck on monday. 🙂

    1. wow, thanks Heidie for sharing your experience, this might suggest that the invitation letter might have lessen the requirements for the bank certificate, so no ADB or even bank statements are required anymore if you have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency.

    2. Hi Heidi please give me the contact number of the travel agent who gave u an invitation here’s my number 09059991713 or 8923094 we went there and they denied us giving a visa… because of that ADB thing requirement please help us

      1. hi! lesson learned never assume!!! 😦 db we were given pink slip already w/c indicated date of pick-up (nov 06) but to our surprise – we received a call from the embassy wednesday afternoon informing that our visa was denied. Its a long holiday so will know what went wrong monday pa….btw, were leaving nov 08 so im loosing hope already 😦

  14. hI! Joshua here. I’d like to share as well my experience in applying for a visa. By the way, thanks a lot Yannah for this blog. I’ve read it several times along also with other sources just to make sure I have the right information for gathering the basic documents.

    of the list, the bank certificate and the bank statements are those where i’m having a problem…. hindi ako umabot sa minimum amount nila. But even though, for the sake of compliance (and since me bank naman talaga ako) i produced one (though my tita advised days later na meron palang mga banks that can produce a bank cert showing that amount sa ADB and you just have to pay for it) and applied tuesday last week. Sadly i was denied and asked for more documents such as birth certificates of my grandparents (sa tita ko and my mother) just to verify consanguinity since she will sponsor me, which I find it really brutal kasi I have already the sponsorship letter from her… in her handwriting (which adds factor as advised from a lawyer), her bank certificate and photocopies of her passport and as of today, i consulted with my other tita and told me na mejo mahirap na kunin ung BC’s nila. Knowing that they were late registrants in the NSO, chances of having either the NSO-certified BC or a certificate of no record (which i don’t desire) is really a 50-50.

    Nevertheless, i’m pushing my luck on my second application once more next week…. This time by introducing my family’s bank statements and certificates. will it be possible that they will approve my application this time since it’s my family who will sponsor and not my tita?

      1. Hi Bochi! Unfortunately I wasn’t given one. my documents were not enough to justify the consanguinity between my mom and my tita, who are related up to second degree. According to them, they usually do not allow such thing, and perhaps they gave me a chance, however retrieving such documents (birth certificates of their fathers) are impossible to find. =(

    1. josh eh kung yung pinsan ko kaya n nsa australia pde ba sya yung mging sponsor ko going to china? and sa tingin mo anu anu kaya yung mga kelangan? para payagan ako n sya maging sponsor ko.

      1. All the needed financial documents, like ITR, bank certificate, etc. and also a sponsorship letter, and also anything that will show your connection to that person (sponsor).

      2. ok salamat yannah.. pde n kaya ako mag apply this May for my visa? pero sa august 21 pa yung sched ko going to Guangzhou.. and anu kaya yung visa n EFFILE ko F b or L visa? august to january kc ako mag stay dun..

      3. Yes, you can apply for your visa, but wait until it’s May 21, since the validity of an unused visa (expiration date) is only for 3 months. I’m not sure about what kind of visa you should apply since you have 2 sponsors, the best thing I can do is to advice you to call or ask the embassy/consul themselves, since I’m not an expert to that kind of matter.

  15. HI everyone my friends and I went to chinese embassy this morning unfortunately none of us granted a visa 😦 COunter 3 lady asked us to show a bank certificate with an ADB of P100,000. We all know that this is their requirements, we all have 100K plus in our bank account but not to the extent that we have P100 as ADB. My friend in Cebu also applied for a visa with the same money as we have here in manila, but he has granted a visa with no questions asked. We are very sad for what happend to us this morning. IS there any ways to have a visa even we dont have an ADB of 100K in our passbook???

    1. hi! we also don’t have ADB of 100K but here are the things that saved us:
      1) I already went to Shenzhen – though my old passport won’t show, no stamp or whatsoever, the consul just had validating Qs like what i did there, how long etc. and gave me the pink slip and finally my visa 4 days after (including submission date).
      2) My bf was denied several times but we didn’t stop until we found a travel agent in china who issues a Letter of Invitation for FREE! We brought the scanned LOI to embassy, when asked where is the original i told them the agency told us that scanned or faxed copy will do and gave us the pink slip too. 🙂 It’ll be release (finger cross) daw tuesday pa – as much as i want to expedite and end our agony, they don’t accept rush anymore unless for emergency cases daw….so yes, will be leaving 90% na next Thursday…..salamat nman 🙂 hope this helps 🙂 thank you yannah for this site…big help really 🙂

      1. hey!!! 🙂 this one’s helpful… which travel agent did you go that I can also ask for one?

      2. Hi Heidie, which travel agent in china did you go to? We’re going there next year, March 🙂 But after reading thru all these posts, na-sstress na kame! lol 😳

    2. Thank you Adam for sharing this piece of information with us. Anyway, I think you need to get an invitation letter from the authorized travel agency since I’ve read before that they will not be keen anymore for the bank account if you have an authorized travel agency’s invitation letter. But, I think, from the comments and reads that I’ve been doing lately, it seems that there is no fast and hard rule about the issuance of the visa, it is all according to the whim of the screener if they will still ask you for another requirement.

  16. HI we went to chinese embassy again this morning. she already gave us a pink slip but she has note ” to be confirmed” im still worried if we will be having a visa or not… 50/50 pa ata ang chances. my friends and i decided to contact a travel agency in china for sure. kasi kanina me kasabay kami wala syang ITR at bank certificate pero binigyan sya ng visa… hayyyy… kakastress

    1. HI Adam. usually what happens is that they will call you and ask for more documents if there is a “to be confirmed” on your list. Nangyare yan dun sa friend ko, wala sila ADB at yung account nila is a loan and savings bank, they were asked to go back the next morning, while in their pink slip, there is no claiming date but only the phrase “to be confirmed” too.

      1. Hi Yannah, do you have a list of authorized travel agencies that issue the letter of invitation? or any travel agency here in PHL will do? thanks in advance! 😊
        btw, your blog has been very helpful to us hopeful beijing travelers! 😉

      2. Thanks D., anyway, I don’t have a complete list of authorized travel agency, but I only know a few, as stated from my blog post. You can check them there. Thanks for visiting my site! 🙂

  17. Hi,i just want to ask if its okey.someone invite me to go cHina,but the problem is im jobless person but college u think if ever i get the visa i dont get any problem in philippine immigration?!

    1. Just make sure that you can get an invitation letter and that the person inviting you can present documents that they are financially capable for your stay. As for Philippine immigration just make sure that you have documents that can show your relationship with your inviter.

  18. Hello, thanks for posting this – very helpful. Regarding BIR-Stamped income tax return form, (apologies if this may sound dumb) do you have an idea how the ITR form can be “BIR stamped”? I am a working employee and out ITR is just downloadable from the company’s server/site with a digital signature of our employer. Thanks in advance!

  19. HI we already have our visa… buti na lang at pumunta kami sa embassy kaninang umaga kasi nag aantay kami ng tawag sa kanila because our pink slip has note of ” to be confirmed” hindi kami naka received ng tawag so we decided to go there na lang to follow up. then after a few minutes in the counter 2 she told us to go to cpounter 7 to pay… Hooolah! me visa na kmi.

  20. So lucky to all those who had a visa. I’m still struggling on what to do. Though I’m still to go there by May, I’m so stressed already thinking of what to do. I have a friend in China and she’s willing to sponsor me but she doesn’t know what to do, either. XD It’s my first time to apply for a visa. Can anyone lessen my agony 🙂 What do you mean by authorized travel agency in China? Can she find that one in China and send it to me plus her invitation letter, bank cert, etc etc? Thank you guys! ^^,

    1. Hi Dean!
      An Authorized Travel agency is basically an agency registered and authorized by the Republic of China in providing travel services, such as tours, hotel accommodations, and travel packages. They usually issue an invitation letter only if you buy a travel package or tour package from them. Your friend can send you one only if you are buying a tour package from them. Your friend’s invitation letter would be enough if he/she complies with the salary and other paper requirements.
      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      1. Hi, thank you. I can use agency there OR my friend’s letter? Any one of the two? What are the requirements for my friend? (bow)

      2. It depends to what you want, and what you think is much more convenient. If you wanna spend more then get a travel agency (since tour packages are quite expensive, but is more convenient since you won’t worry anymore with other needed requirements, such as ITR and bank cert.), if you want to be with your friend during your stay and save money then get other requirements needed. Please refer to the requirements in my post, you can find there the requirements needed.

      1. Question again/ Clarification:
        original bank certificate with receipt/debit memo or original passbook, updated within the month that you are applying ONLY If you don’t have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency.
        detailed bank statement for a period of 6 months. This is a relatively new requirement, as stated by Ms. Karen Yang, as seen in the comment box below. original bank receipt are required. ONLY If you don’t have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency in China
        If visiting PRC for the first time, BIR-Stamped income tax return form ONLY if you don’t have an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency in China.

        In this part, you said ONLY if with invitation letter from an authorized agency in China OR invitation letter from the sponsor, right?

      2. If without invitation letter from authorized travel agency you need to submit those requirements. If you have invitation letter from a Chinese person, then follow the requirements needed, read carefully as they have different requirements for such.

  21. Hi again Yannah, I have talked to my friend there. I told her she’ll need the four requirements listen in your blog. But she can’t understand the residence visa. Is this the book list where all name of members of the family are there? Does her bank certificate also need to be within a six month period? Thanks!

      1. Hi tanong q lng po kc may invitation letter aq galing sa sister ko so meaning dq n kelangan ng bank cert kc cla magproprovide nun for me pero may kasama q friends q..kelangan parin ba nila ng bank cert?thanks po

      2. If you have an invitation letter from your sister, then the requirements you need to pass such as ITR, Bank Cert are those of your sister. Not yours. You just need to provide a proof of your relationship with your sister, such as certificates etc. As for your friends, if they will be sponsored by your sister then they just need to submit the documents you need to submit. But if they’re not sponsored, then they need to pass bank cert. etc.

      3. Hi yannah tnx for ur immediate response..sbra nakong naguguluhan s requirements ang daming magkakaconflict like s sinasabi mo po at s nbbsa q s blog and knina po galing aqng embassy nagtanong nrn aq what if sponsored ung mga frends q ng sister ko ang sabi skin need parin nla magprovide ng bank cert..khit na may letter n from my sister..ano po b ggwin nmen?

      4. Hi yannah tnx for d reply..we went to embassy dis morning and they gave us a pink slip with a note “to be informed”
        I just wanna ask qng tingin mb approve n un or wat?…nakakakaba kc….thanks yannah god bless

      5. Kapag may date na for claiming, oks na yun, sure na meron ng visa pero if to be informed, pinababalik ba kayo? Or tatawagan daw ba kayo? Kasi ganun din ung sa friend ko, pero they were refused a visa.

      6. @Yannah: What was the reason why your friend’s visa was not approved? If macorrect ba yung lapses sa requirements, pwede again magreapply? 😦

      7. It’s because they lack 2 requirements: 1.) bank certificate from a commercial/rural bank (although they presented a bank certificate, their bank is a loan and savings bank) 2.) bank cert with adb for past 6 months.

        If you can correct the lapses, you can reapply easily as long as your requirements were not accepted by the counters, but if they were, and it goes straight to the consul, instead of being refused you can be denied a visa. If denied can only reapply after 6 months. But if refused (not accepted in the counters), you can reapply anytime.

        Good luck! 😀

      8. They didn’t call, they were told to go back and they went back the next morning, but still they didn’t bring the requirement needed so they were refused a visa. They were missing a requirement: bank certificate ADB for past 6 months and bank certificate from a commercial/rural bank, their bank is a loan and savings bank.

      9. Hi yannah we’ve got our visa dis morning thank god…tapos n ang pagiisip 😉

        Gsto ko lng share experience nmen s embassy baka sakaling makatulong sa iba sorry kc mggng mahaba to pero hope makatulong 😉
        Since we have an invitation from my sister cguro nakadagdag points dn to 😉
        Sb kc sa embassy ang di na hinahanapan ng bank cert ay ung immediate family e may kasama kong 2 friends so naka indicate nmn s invitation letter na sponsored trip nmn un pero sb s embassy kelangan dw may adb n 100k..they have 100k plus s acct nla pero ang adb e nsa 16k pero 6months na ung acct nia at 22k adb 3months p lng acct nia.
        So gnawa nmen tutal no choice nrn naman gnawa nung frend q n w/c is 3 mos. plang acct nia gmawa xa ng letter na naka state dun na 3mos. Plangxa s work nia kaya ganun plang acct…and den gmwa dn letter sister nia n suportado nia ung kapatid nia..ung sister nia nagpadala ng mga itr bank cert etc…

        We pushed our luck!!!
        And yun nga napagbgyan kme!!!!

        Sana mapunta kayo dun s mabait n naga-assess
        Ung isa kc ung chinese n chinese itsura dami niyang nirereject. Lol

      10. Hello Unya! It’s good that you got your visa! Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your experience, this will be very helpful for other China travelers out there! Have a happy trip! Happy WanderinG!

  22. Hi Yannah…I have booked a flight to Beijing for next year..since I don’t want to go there alone, have booked my sister and 10-year old nephew as a treat to them..since I will be covering all their expense for this trip, I just have to produce one Bank Cert only, right (my bank cert) ? our trip will be next year (october 2013) pa naman so I have time to save…thanks

  23. by the way, will you be going to China again next year? i would love to follow your itinerary…we plan to go to Beijing then Xian then Beijing…our trip will be five days and would include Xian trip in the itinerary…

      1. Thanks Yannah 🙂 I went there yesterday. It took me 6hours to get there (Zambales – Manila) plus an hour of traffic. I applied for F-visa. I only have three documents. Invitation Letter for Cultural Exchange Program, Visa Form and passport. They accepted these and gave me a pink slip with phrases “To be approved” written on it and the date of pick up tomorrow. What do u think about this? Im so nervous.

      2. I haven’t tried applying for F-Visa before, so I don’t know the procedure. Usually for L-visa, after they accepted your application and when they gave you the pink slip it is 90-97%sure that they will grant you a visa. 😀 Good Luck Paul!

  24. Hi just want to askd what if im going on a cruise along asian country? do i still have to get visa if im only staying there for 1-3 days on each port? thanks…

    1. I’m not sure but I think you still need to get a visa as long as you want to enter the Chinese soil. You will still pass through immigration before you can enter China, so basically you still need to follow their requirements, even seafarers need china visa before they can go in… But, I’m not sure about cruises since I’ve never been in one..just ask your travel agency or further search in the net since I’m not pretty sure…

      Thanks for visiting my blog! HAPPY WANDERING!

  25. yessss.. we got our visa.. nagpalakas tlga smen is ung sponsorship letter ng friend nmen n chinese.. kumpleto bngay nya reqs samen.. khit d abot ung adb nmen s 100k plus 3months p lng account ku.. kinombine ku ung account ng sis ku n may 50k maintaining balance plus lagpas 6months.. plus mabait p ung nag assess smen.. 1st tym nmen kumuha ng visa s awa ng diyos tnanggap nla reqs nmen.. thank God tlga hehe :)) flight nmen is dec 11-17.. :))

    1. waw gagamba! congrats! my chinese friend is sponsoring me too. siguro same tau ng experience. pero di pa ako nagstart magayos ng documents kasi di ko alam gagawin. please share your experience naman oh. hopefully youll have time to reply my message. thanks! 🙂

      1. hello dean.. 3 kme naapproved.. ang 1st step n gnwa nmen is ginawan kme ng invitation letter ng friend nmen n chinese. ngpadala xa mga docs nya bank account n may laman n 300k pg knonvert s peso, residential id,passport,etc. actually ung asawa nung chinese ung fren nmen tlga pinay e nung umuwi dto nkbonding nmen.. tas aq gumawa aq letter n 3months o lng account ku s bank kc bago p lng aq s work ku pro 100k plus ang laman.. mababa lng adb ku s 6months.. kya ang gnawa ku pnasa ku supporting docs ng sister ku n may malaking maintaing balance plus 100k plus dn laman ng atm nya gumawa dn sis ku ng letter n suportado nya ku.. plus mga reqs nya like itr, govt ids, etc. tas ung isa kng fren nman 6months n account nya n may 100k plus dn d rn pasok adb nya. parehas kme pro kc nka indicate s letter nmen n sagot lhat ng expenses nmen kya un ngpalakas ng reqs nmen.. tas ung isa kng fren immediate fam xa kya d n nya nid ng bank account.. ngauon excited n kme mag dec11 hehe.. sna mobta kau s counter 1 mabait ung nagassess smen although pnakaba nya kme n bngay smen pink slip n may to be informed 2mwag agd xa n mkukuha n nmen visa nmen monday(nov 26)

        thanks yannah kc kng d ku nabasa blog mu d nmen mllaman n binago n pla reqs. thank God tlga naging mabusisi aq kng hnde mlamang d kme n2loy kc alam tlga nmen is 3months ang account s bank n may 50k.. sori mahaba message ku.. sori dn kng d maintndhan ibang words fon lng gamit ku hehe.. thanks agen.. :))

  26. Hi Yannah! My friend submitted our requirements in the Chinese Embassy this morning. We have an invitation letter from CTS, an authorized travel agency in China. Along with this, we also submitted our plane booking, forms etc. The lady in the counter returned the plane booking to my friend and was told that it’s no longer necessary. She then gave my friend a pink slip with note “For Approval”. She told my friend to wait for the embassy’s call within 4 days, and if there’s no call then we’ll be the one to follow it up or better go back to the embassy. What do you think is the status of our application, we’re a bit pressured by time coz we’ll be leaving Saturday next week already. Thanks!!

    1. I’m not sure of the circumstances regarding your application, however, what I’m sure of is that once you get a pink slip for approval, you are 80-95% sure that you’ll get a visa, however, we were not told to wait for a call or to go to the embassy, we were just told to get it after 4 days, which is also stated in the pink slip given.

  27. Hi yannah! this site is so informative.. I’ve been reading all the blogs and its very helpful. We’re planning to visit china on feb 8, 2013.
    My daughter’s father (were not married though) is a pure chinese, he wrote us an invitation letter, together with his china citizen ID and his proof of funds, then we were given pink slip w/ pick up date on it.
    However, my mother and my sister were refused because of some discrepancy on our NSO birth cert. (my mother’s maiden name was mispelled – it’s supposed to be Maria Teresa but our BC shows Theresa only) The counter 3 lady told me to go back if I already got everything corrected through NSO.
    When the pick up date for my daughter and my own visa came, I get a number from the guard as I was planning to reapply for my mom and sister’s visa again. Crossed fingers and hoping I get to fall in line to counter 1 guy, I’m number 20 in line, (i was counting and estimating if the number i got will fall to counter 3 lady again, if so i will not attempt to reapply because I still don’t have the corrected BC). HINT- counter 3 lady always opens first so she’ll surely be the one to assess early bird applicants number 1-10.
    The counter 1 guy gave me pink slip with “to be informed” written on it. The next day, he called my mom, saying we can go back to the embassy on DEC 11 (9 to 11 am), my mom was so nervous she can hardly remember if the guy said for pick up or for follow up.. she was certain she wasn’t told the visa is denied or if she has to bring any document. i don’t want to assume, baka kasi maudlot pa, pero sana talga approved na. Pag ba tumatawag ang embassy they’ll tell you right away if denied or approved? o kung may dapat pa i-submit? Di kasi nalinaw ng mom ko..

  28. Hi Yannah and to all bloggers here, Good day 🙂
    What if i have pink slip, with the pick up date written on it (i ticked the 2 working days option for Visa release coz our trip will be a week and a half) and i have the note “to be approved,” does this mean they still have to call me for clarifications or my application have the possibility that it will be denied?
    Thank you very much

  29. Hello! I am an OFW and planning to apply for a chinese visa in my workplace. However, one of the chinese embassy’s visa requirement here is an “Introduction letter from the work unit” which basically states some personal info, purpose of visit to china and a so called “statement of responsibility”. Do you have any idea what they meant by this? Who is supposed to write the letter, is it me or my company?
    I appreciate your blog. Actually, I will be back home 2 weeks before my departure to Beijing but I think the requirements here are simpler than what the chinese embassy in the Philippines requires. Also, may i ask how do they compute this ADB thing? I really have no idea about this. I tried reading google but just couldn’t figure it out. :))

  30. h yannah, ask ko lang po kung magkano dapat ang laman ng bank statement ko kc 100k+ lang ang laman ng bank account ko. kasama kong magtatravel sa beijing china ang aking 6 yrs old son. on feb 28 ang sched ng trip namin. thanks po.

  31. Hi

    I read your blog and I am thinking maybe you can advise me please. If I will be applying in Phlippines will embassy give 90 days stay for 6-12 multiple entry? i am currently working in Singapore and i was once granted a visa last Oct 2012. I have a boyfriend who is in Z visa and we hope to be together by applying myself for multiple entry with his support. I tried to apply here in Singapore and they can only give me 30 days single entry.
    Is it worth to try also to get 30days stay and entend my visa in China? Or is it too risky?

    Thanks and looking forward for your point of view.

  32. Hello po,
    i am a student and i received a friends invitation from China
    ask ko lang po kung i need to show din any bank account? eh am still student and cant produce that 100k pa.
    is it possible that i can still have a visa? salamat po

    1. Hi Bob! you can Ask your friend to produce documents for you, such as sponsorship letter. If you are a Studentyou can ask your parents to sponsor you then you’ll just present their documents and bank accounts

  33. Hi just want to ask who will be going to china this jan 27 because my bestfriend is not going with me and it’s my first time travelling alone and going to china.

  34. Hi yannah! Just to let u know we got the visa today. Yipee!!!!
    Can’t wait na for our trip. How’s your holiday pala last december?

  35. Hi yannah! Just to let you know we got the visa today. Wohoo!!! So happy and relieved. Can’t wait na for our trip. Thank’s again for all your info’s. By the way, kumusta yung trip nyo last december?

  36. Hey Yanna! I have read your blog before we applied for our Chinese visa and these thread of comments really helped a lot. Just want to share our experience in getting (finally) the pink slip with date written on it. Hope we’ll get our visas approved by next week. 🙂 Anyway, we (together with my boyfriend and 3 girlfriends) applied for visa last Wednesday (Jan 16) and that day I was the only one who got the pink slip as I have already been to Shanghai before so no need to submit other documents. One of my girlfriends just have to present her passbook in order for her to get the pink slip so she has to return the next day (her ADB is below P 100,000). We asked the lady for an alternative way to have our visa approved for my bf and 2 remaining gfs. According to her, we need to submit an invitation letter from authorized travel agency in China so we are not required to submit any bank documents. Last Thursday (Jan 17), we submitted the invitation letter (I was able to get it from a travel agency in China) but the lady in the embassy did not honor it , there is a required invitation letter template to be issued by the China government and the travel agency will have to process it. We were losing hope that day when the lady said that we just have to present a bank certificate with a current balance of at least P 100,000 even if we did not meet the required ADB of P 100,000 also. So my bf and one of my girlfriends were able to present a bank certificate with a balance of more than P100,000 even if their ADB did not meet the required amount (in fact, my gf has an ADB of only P9,000). But we were sad that only 1 of our friends does not have enough balance to her account so what we did was lend her some money so she can present a bank cert with more than P 100,000 balance. That day the 4 of us already has the pink slip. Today (Jan 18), we went bank to the embassy again to accompany our friend to submit her documents with a bank cert with the required balance. And finally, the 5 of us got the pink slip!!! We were literally jumping outside the embassy when everyone got the pink slip. To some readers who would be applying for a visa, I think it is better to apply as a group and do not lose hope when they return your documents, just ask for alternative way to get a visa. By the way, we just have 1 number when we applied for visa. Its also better if you arrive early at the embassy. I think that’s all. Will update you next week once we finally have the visa! 🙂

      1. Yes we did but they didn’t actually look at those papers that much. They just checked the bank cert with ADB (I think ADB is not that important as long as your currect balance is at least Php 100,000) 🙂

    1. mukhang naghigpit na ang chinese embassy ngayon ha…pero at least sa chinese embassy pwede ka bumalik agad kung may kulang at you’ll find out right then and there kung denied ka,sa japan hintayin mo muna madeny ka and i dont think makakaaply ka uli not until a certain period of time.

      1. Wah Melvin! Kakatakot yan! Magaapply ako ng Japan Visa for my travel this May, and that’s why I’m so preoccupied! In terms of requirements mas mahirap ang China Visa, pero mas nakakatakot ang Japan Visa, since sa China, you just need to comply and submit all their requirements, and usually they’ll grant you a visa while Japan Visa, kahit completo yang requirements mo, if sa tingin ng consul di ka karapatdapat, then denied ka! kakakatakot!!!

  37. Hi sino pong aalis ng jan 27 na do it on your own tour pwd po b makisabay sa subway papuntang forbidden city lng first time ko po kc saka magisa lng po aku hehehee pls pm me e2 po number ko 09156045601

      1. Hi po..ask ko lng po,pwede po vah ako mg apply ng student visa for china khit filipino po ako?!tulong nman po…salamat po…

  38. Guys, I’m getting depressed. I’m supposed to apply for TIN and then pay. The problem is, the company is not the one paying for us. Instead, they let us go to the BIR. I dunno how to do the process. Any ideas? Xie xie!

  39. Hi Yanna. Thanks for the detailed info for Chinese VISA app! However, I still have some questions. Maybe you can help me to sort things out. I’ll be attending a training in Yunnan by April and is already preparing for my tourist visa app (or a business visa is more suitable?). I’m just wondering regarding the invitation letter from an authorized travel agency (or in my case the invitation letter from a university that is organizing the training), if I can provide this does that mean I no longer need the bank certificate and statement of account for the last 6 months indicating an ADB of 100k? By providing the invitation letter, wil that also mean that I no longer need requirements such as SSS ID, ITR and TIN ID? Thanks in advance!

  40. Hello! Can I ask some things? I asked my Chinese friend who’s going to sponsor my trip. He said he doesnt know anything about the residence visa? How do they call that in China? Thanks!

  41. Hi guys, we’re planning to go to China this coming holy week and we already have plane tickets, but we have a problem regarding application of visa, invitation letter specifically. I’ve read from Bevs comment that the invitation letter must have a template issued by the government of China. We inquire for a tour package in Travel China Guide, one of the authorized travel agency stated above, but they will only provide their company’s invitation letter not the invitation letter issued by the government of China since we are only composed of 3 people in our group. They said that government issued invitation letter are only for large group with more than 5 people. The invitation letter will only be given after the initial deposit, so we’re having second thoughts now because the invitation letter is the only option left for us to get a visa since we won’t be able to meet the amount for bank certificate. We don’t want to take chances in paying the initial deposit, which is non-refundable, if we’ll end up being denied for visa. Sorry for the long comment. Please help us guys. And thank you very much in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi VJ, hows ur application going? can u update me? i am planning to go to GZ next month through TCG too. i read ur blog here. i hesitated.

  42. Yannah, hello! I would want to know if you have a copy of the invitation letter issued by an individual? My friend doesnt know the template for it. I’ hoping you could reply. Thank you very much!

  43. hi what do i need if i will would like to get a 2nd time around china visa, i been in china last January for 2 weeks, if i will get a 30 days for my second visit what requirements do i need? tnx abby

  44. Hi I just want to verify if the Embassy is still accepting visa applications without bank certs as long as we have the invitation letters from the authorized travel agencies? And do these travel agencies issue the standard invitation letters required by the Chinese government? My friend and I are going to Beijing on Dec. 5th and we’re getting nervous about this visa application thing.

  45. I have gone to the embassy last Thursday. The guard said that I still need my ITR. But my ITR is just due next year. So where I should I get an ITR (inside my nose) huhu, any suggestions? alternatives? 😦

  46. hi yannah!!! it seems that your blog is VERY MUCH informative…i just want to friend from Australia booked us a ticket to Beijing this September 2013…one of the requirement is to have an ADB 0f 100K…OMG! though i am working as an administrative clerk i don’t have that much savings yet! is it okay if we will only just present/show the bank statement of my friend in behalf of us? we hope that the embassy will consider this…please help us! thanks in advance yannah! ^_^

    1. Thanks Bambina for visiting my blog, and thanks for your comment! 🙂 Yup, you can ask your friend to sponsor you, just present his/her bank certificates, itr, or other financial documents as required by the embassy, and don’t forget to submit an affidavit of support or sponsorship. 🙂

  47. hi,

    just want to ask about paying an agency to apply chinese visa, do i still have to appear in the embassy or will the agency do all the work? since im living in the province(albay) where theres no chinese embassy. can you please refer legit agency?

    thanks 🙂

  48. Hi, Just want to share our experience.
    It’s my bf’s first time to apply for a china visa. He passed the following requirements :
    1. Old+ New Passport (He has a Spain National Visa +Japan Visa, not sure if there’s any bearing)
    2. Application
    3. Flight
    4. Hotel bookings
    5. Invitation letter from China Travel Depot (if you booked a flight/hotel/tour from them they will give you the Letter for 100 USD)

    That’s it. He went to counter 3 and got the pink slip without any questions and without any wordings just the pick up date.


    1. What is the nationality of your boyfriend? If I avail of hotels only, do you think i can get an invitation letter from China travel depot? coz i have already booked flights with PAL. thanks!

    2. Hi! Whats the citizenship of your boyfriend? Anyway, can the agency provide letter if i only wanna book a hotel? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ivan, NO! visas are still required for ordinary Filipino passport holders. The exemption for visa only applies for those with diplomatic or official passports like diplomats, head of state (president), ambassadors or members of the consulate etc. We ordinary Filipinos (meaning we, who doesnt have a diplomatic or official post) are still required to get a visa.

  49. hi yannah! ü i just want to ask, do u think they will honor a certification of current stock holdings (270k) in addition to bank certificate that has 200k in it but not an adb of 100k? 😦 we’re sceduled to leave on may 7 but we have no visas yet 😦 (me and my hubby) tried to get an agency to apply for our visa but they said we need a 100k adb…. they have no idea about stock certificates 😦

    1. hi iris,
      i don’t think it is required for a 100k ADB, because I just got my visa and i only presented a bank certificate stating my bank balance above 100k but my ADB is below the 100k together with my 6months bank statement. also, just a reminder, include the receipt of payment for acquiring the bank certificate.

  50. HI Yannah! This blog is so helpful. But can I confirm something? I should only give the overall ADB for the past 6 months, right? I don’t need to give them my ADB’s for each month? It only means, in my bank statement/certificate, only one ADB will be seen there. Can you tell me about this? Thank you!

  51. Hi Yannah,

    May question ako about business visa. May company kasi sa china na nag invite sakin to stay in china for 3 months with multiple entry. First time ko mag apply for china visa ang ibibigay sakin ng company ay letter of invitation from the company, invitation letter duly from authorized unit and confirmation of invitation. Ang tanong ko is need ko pa kaya mag pasa ng ITR, ABD 100k and etc? Ako kasi ang mag shoulder lahat ng expenses ko sa china like air fare and accomodation. Salamat! Hope you can help me.


  52. Hello Yannah! This post is very informative.
    We consulted a travel agency for visa assistance. However, we lack the 100k bank account. This is too high.. 😦 But the travel agent advised us to obtain an Approved Visa Notification. Has anyone heard of this? Thanks!

  53. Hi Yannah! Thanks very much for your very helpful post about applying for a Chinese Visa. I used this as a guide when I prepared all our documents. Our flight to Beijing is on Tuesday next week (April 23, 2013), filed our application this Monday (April 15) and luckily, got all our Visas this morning (April 18). There are 7 of us, my husband and I with our 3 children (ages 24, 20, and 15), my sister-in-law, and my mother-in-law (senior citizen). I Just want to share that the requirements we submitted were as per your guidelines. Just an update, there is no more interview for ages 16-20 years old, and they have separate windows now for bulk application (for more than 5). Last Monday, I arrived at the Chinese Embassy at around 8:30 am, was 2nd in line and done by 9:20. Upon claiming our passports with visa this morning, I arrived at the Embassy at 10:20 am and got them by 11. So we’re off to Beijing next week! Thanks :)))

  54. hi Yannah, I just want to ask, 2 days lng po ba pinakamabalis?what time po ngoopen embassy?may Saturday po ba??thanks po..please help me po..

  55. Hi Yannah! Just an update of what’s going on with me since I’ve been reading this blog for like 6 months already. LOL. Anyway, I submitted the following last Friday to the embassy:

    1. Four invitation letters from my Chinese friends with their Chinese IDs.
    2. My letter of application/letter of explanation that my sister will sponsor me.
    3. My sis’ letter of sponsorship
    4. I still gave print out of my tickets
    5. The webpage print out of the hotel Im going to stay in — the hotel doesn’t allow me to book online so I needed to explain that to my letter, too.
    6. My sis’ bank certificate indicating 200k+ current balance and 200k+ ADB
    7. My own bank certificate with 100k+ current balance and 33k+ ADB (so poor)
    8. Both our bank statements
    9. My passport
    10. Photocopy of passport details
    11. My Certificate of registration
    12. My latest payment of tax – since i dont have an ITR yet – I gave my sis’
    13. Photocopy of my IDs and my sis’ too
    14. My application (of course)

    So far, these are what I remembered that I passed. I arrived there around 6.30. I was second in line with counter 3 with that lil chubby guy who doesn’t know how to smile LOL. Anyway I just gave all my docs, he looked over them and he didn’t ask me any questions. Just gave me a pink slip then asked to return on Wednesday. Well, I just hope they’ll issue it soon.

    Won’t they ask me for an interview anymore? I’m so nervous. I should have applied at the start of week just so I could have less two days of thinking. I’m dying!!!

    1. No need for an interview as long as you submitted all the requirements and also as long as you were issued a pink slip and there’s nothing indicated in that pink slip TBA or something like that, and only a date for claiming is stated, it’s almost sure that you’ll get a visa! Don’t worry, as far as I can see it, you’ll pass! haha! good luck to your application Bochi! Update us! 🙂

      1. I’ll surely will, Yannah. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I just checked my pink slip: Of course, my name is there, Category:L, Total: 1; Claim date then initials of who accepted my docs, and the date of filing. No remarks 😀 Ahhhh!!! 3 more days to go. I’m dead!

      2. from my friends’ experience, it was stated in her pink slip “to be informed” and the embassy called them regarding some missing documents, however, they failed to comply, so they were refused a visa, but not denied; they can apply again even during the 6 months period, the documents were returned to them and told to reapply. don’t fret, as long as you submitted all the requirements, your application was accepted by the window people,and was issued a pink slip, sure yan! 🙂

      3. I hope so, Yannah. It would be my first time ever to travel and I got so stressed for all these. Wish me luck! 😀

  56. Guys, guess what? I got my visa already! I got it this morning. I went to pay for it. Then the guy just threw it to me when I went to the claiming section. It didn’t matter as long as I have my visa already!!! Yehey! Thank you to all who contributed to this blog. Now…how to get through the immigration/customs in the airport. They say sometimes they hold people and won’t allow them to go out.

    1. Well Bochi, you just need to present documents such as your hotel reservation, roundtrip tickets, and better yet a full-scale itinerary or tour reservation from your trusted travel agency (if you have one). Make sure you have this ready, if ever you’ve been questioned. BUT the best that you can do to avoid being questioned in the immigration is that: You just need to look presentable, smart and most of all confident. As long as your trip is solely for tourism then no need to worry or to get nervous about being detained or AtoA. As for customs, just make sure that the things that you’ll be bringing would not be against China’s laws… in Seoul, our “delata” canned goods were confiscated, so we were hassled when we were passing by the SK customs. 🙂 HAPPY WANDERING BOCHI AND CONGRATS!

      1. Oh my, that’s a problem. I have return tickets. I did it on my own coz my friends invited me and the hotel is a cheap one so it doesn’t want me to book online. LOL. And I don’t have a travel agency. Any alternatives though?

    1. Hi Anthony, YES, as long as you’ll go through immigration only twice (if double entry) and once (if single entry). If you travel around mainland China then there would be no problem (and is considered as a single entry) since you’ll not go through immigration every time you visit a province/city of PRC, it is considered as a local/domestic travel. Just like if you go to Manila-Cebu-Davao, you don’t need to pass through immigration, and you don’t need to flash your passport in the airport. HOWEVER, this will not apply if the part of China your going is a SAR like Hong Kong or Macau, which implies that you need to go through immigration, since they are part of China but have different laws regarding residency, immigration and government.

  57. Got my visa processed by uni orient travel agency in binondo. Look for joana sy.

    Sponsored by my parents requirements:

    Bnk certificate ng father ko with recipt na may lamang 100k
    ADB ng father ko with 6 months 100k
    Itr ng father ko photocopy
    Birth certificate ko photocopy
    Photocopy ng passport ng father ko
    Affidavit of support makukuha ito sa city hall ask nyo lang sa gwardya legal office ata un.. Nagbayad ako 200 sa qc hall
    Passport ko

    Ayan lang guys 🙂

    1. Thanks Anthony for sharing. RE: Affidavit of Support, you can always do that on your own, just state that your sponsor will finance your travel (there’s a lot of forms out in the internet regarding sponsorship letters) then you have it notarized, and the vuahlah, you have your own sponsorship letter! 🙂 No need to pay P200.00, a notary public will only cost you P50.00 🙂 🙂

      1. Hahahaha after pirmahan ng atty ung affidavit of support ko sabi ko “ok na po ba lahat??” Sabi ng atty sa city hall matahimik nya sinabi “200” hahahahahaha 🙂

        BTW thanks yannah! 🙂

      2. I think the Affidavit of Support is also needed sa Immigration. So I guess it’s also good to secure one.

      1. I dunno. Maybe. Can you show me your copy? Did you get your visa already? I plan to get an affidavit too

    1. I guess I’m becoming too strict on myself. I really, really wanna travel sa China. And i’m seeing some bad comments sa net about Immigration officers na nagooffload ng mga tao especially middle east, hongkong, singapore and malaysia

  58. Hehehehe kakagaling ko lng from hk last month 10 days ako doon.. d naman sila strict mabilis lang ang process pag kabisado mo na ang airport 🙂

      1. hindi naman talaga mahirap, lalo na sa Beijing, last December nung pumunta kami, walang tanong-tanong, pasok agad sa immigration e. Pero just in case dapat mapresent mo yung mga sinabi ko sayo before, just in case lang naman hanapin sayo ng immigration yun.

  59. yannah just want to ask a question about china’s tourist visa application, kc one of the school in nanhai china is ininvite ako pra eobserved yung mga english teachers nila doon, they already sent me an invitation letter pra s visa processing bale 5 1/2 months cguro ako magstay dun, naka indicate doon s invitation letter n sinend nila sakin na sila mag pprovide ng accomodation ko doon, pero yung iba pang financial support is ako mag sshoulder, so anu anu kaya yung mga kelangan ko pa n requirements regarding about this?ngugulohan n kc ako eh, salamat ..

    1. I think you are referring to the validity regarding the length of stay. About it, it will depend on the consul if they’ll grant you 3, 15, 30 days or more. You should tell them the reason why your asking for 6 months (through a letter, affidavit or such). What I mentioned earlier in my previous comment is about the validity period of an unused visa. Yung hindi pa gamit, meaning hindi ka pa nakakapasok ng China, yun 3 months lang ang validity, if hindi mo ginamit within 3 months, expired yan at kelangan mo ulit magapply.

  60. Hi Yannah! I’m leaving for China on Thursday. Wish me luck and good blessings! Thanks a lot for all! Hopefully I’ll get through the immigration well! 🙂

  61. @Anthony, how much did you pay for Uni Orient for your Visa processing?

    @Yannah, hi girl! I want to ask kung saan mo sinulat yung middle name, is it on Given Name? or Other names?

  62. Hi,
    Very informative. I am currently working in a university here in the Phils. I was informed that I waill be one of the employees to be sent in China (exchange program), particularly in ZhangZhu Normal University, Fujian Province. I understand it’s an agreement between our schools. For this kind of arrangement who shall apply for visa? If in case, it will be my first time to travel to China. I saw from the above requirements that you posted that nbi clearance is no longer required as of requirements update dated July 2012. Perhaps you could share some advise. Thanks and nice blog.


    1. I’m sorry but my knowledge is only limited to tourist visas and not business or work visas in China. My only advice would be to call or visit the embassy for queries regarding such type of visas.

  63. ms. yannah i am reading your blogask ko lang kasi about i already undergo final interview with the embassy then .they called me again then they said you can get your passport thing coming friday.. hindi naman sinasabi sa akin kung approve and visa or denied..hindi pa talag nila sinasabi..po.. confusing lang talaga di ako makatulog ng maayos.. need your responce..
    have a great day..

  64. Hi Yannah,

    I just wanna share my experience in getting our visas and how this website helped us A LOT.
    A month before our family trip to Beijing- Harbin, we decided to gather the requirements for our Chinese Visa application. In my case, I already have a visa but it was issued in 1997, so the embassy does not have a record of my visa anymore, so I had to apply as a new applicant. Upon getting everything that I needed, I learned that, for the bank certificate, it is a requirement to have at least 100k ADB for 6 months and 100k current balance. This made me research on a lot of situations, same as mine. That’s why I landed on your website. I read a lot of instances of approved visa with less than 100k ADB. But it will really depend on the window person if he or she will grant you a visa. As a back up, I asked helped from the mother of my boyfriend, (I will be travelling with his family), to make a sponsorship letter and provide her bank certificate that would have more than 100k ADB for 6 months. Aside from the regular requirements, I submitted my birth certificate along with my boyfriend’s mother’s bank certificate and letter of sponsorship. In my application form, regarding the question: Who will pay for your trip? – I put, “own expense” and the name of my boyfriend’s mother. Upon getting to the Chinese Embassy, THERE WAS NO HASSLE AT ALL. Upon our entry, the guard led us to the table by the door for the lady to check if all of our requirements are there, after checking, she issued us a number and we then proceed to the visa window. We arrived at 10am, no one was the at the window, so we handed our app forms at window 3, (this window only process less than 6 applications). Upon checking the requirements (around 3 minutes), no questions were asked, alas, the pink form was handed with the date on when will we claim our visas! I knew that when this is handed, 99.9 percent sure that you are granted a visa. It was a friday so the date of pick up is on a wednesday.

    I went alone to pick up our visas, since I’m the only one who work near the area. Upon arriving at 8:30am, the guard handed me a ticket that shows your number. I learned that windows open at 9am so I had to wait for 30 mins. Once the windows were opened, they started giving out passports. Claiming number started at 824, my number was 854, but surprisingly, after less than 10 minutes, it already was my turn! I just paid for our visas and finally got our passports with visas on it, HASSLE FREE!

    We will be flying next thursday! I really thank you for this blog, this really helped us a lot. MORE POWER!

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    this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly
    kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this post to him.
    Fairly certain he’s going to have a very good read.
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  67. hi yannah iniinvite po ako mgiging amo sana mgtourist muna sa china.sagot nilang mgaasawa gastos..ask ko lng po kung ano dapat na kailangan pr mv apply ng nabasa ko po kc kailangan ng bank statement wala po ako nun..anyone po n pde tumulong mg assist skn?

    1. Sorry, ngayon ko lang nakita to. busy kasi sa school. anyway, pwede kang magsubmit ng sponsorship letter galing sa amo mo. and ipresent mo mga bank certificate nila or other financial documents.

  68. Hi Yannah! I found your blog after I have applied for our visa. Like most of the comments here I have almost the same experience. I had to go back to the embassy to submit some other requirements that they want. My husband works for an NGO, I don’t know what their issue is with NGOs. They require a guarantee letter pa. The second time I went to the embassy I had with me all the requirements, so they gave me a pink slip. I was relieved cause I thought it means that we would get our visa after 4 days. But that afternoon somebody from the embassy called my husband and said that our visa won’t be released as scheduled that we should wait for further notice. I don’t know what else they want cause we submitted all the requirements naman. I asked my husband to call them to follow up, sabi we should go there daw. So we plan to go there next week na lang. Our trip is coming up in 2 weeks. We only want to take our daughter there to see the Great Wall, its kind of frustrating what we are going through since we don’t really have any other intention aside from having our vacation. One thing, ang susungit nung mga tao sa window. Specially the girls in window 3, there are 2 of them there. Sobrang sungit talaga. Husband ko naiinis na, ayaw na daw nya pumunta. Sabi ko naman sayang naman tickets namin and hotel reservation. Thanks for making this blog!

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  72. Hi, Yannah. I am planning to apply next week for my Chinese visa. But I am not so sure with the hotel reservation am going to submit. Planning to stay there for 2 weeks. I booked at, there are some hotels that doesn’t require any credit card information, only have to pay upon check-in (in short, I didn’t pay for anything. Just made a reservation.) The reservation confirmation was sent in my email. Will that do? I mean will they accept the email printout as legit hotel reservation? Iniiwasan ko lang talaga yung dagdag gastos if ever na hindi ma-approve. Thank you so much and more power to your very informative blog.

      1. Awesome! Am gonna use it then. Thanks, Yannah. 🙂 Ah… One more thing, does the itinerary have to be very detailed? Thank you so much again! Nabawasan yung pag-iisip ko. 🙂

  73. Hi, Yannah. I already applied for my visa. Got my passport this morning, unfortunately, no visa was given. Hindi ko alam kung ano pa kulang doon sa documents ko, wala rin naman silang binanggit. I guess mahigpit lang talaga sila ngayon. Matanong ko na lang din sa iyo, may duration kaya yon kung kelan pwedeng mag-apply ulit? (Baka lang may idea ka) Yun lang. Salamat po. 🙂

  74. Hi yannah!.. Plan ko po mag travel sa macau for 4 days lng tapos from macau pupunta ako ng xiamen just to visit my daughter. Sabi nila wla na visa kng pupunta ka ng macau. Ang tanong ko po from macau to xiamen kelangan pa ba ng visa? O yung tinatawag nilang entry visa.? Pls. Help me. Thanks

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