Tang Dynasty Show and Dumpling Banquet: a FULL-Filling Experience…

For our first night in Xian, we went to the Tang Dynasty and Dumpling Banquet. Our tour  guide coordinated everything during our travel in Xian, so we didn’t have any problem during our stay…

This show and banquet started since 1982 and had received recognition from UNESCO!!

This Tang Dynasty and Dumpling Banquet gives you a peek on the art, dances and music of the people during this period. It is a historic peek in the past life and the kind of living of the people during  those times. You will also learn how they depict love through their strokes and dances.

This show makes you travel in time while lounging yourself in the sweet smell of the dumplings 🙂

The Show

The gracefulness in every stroke made by the female dancers and the heart-warming music that surrounds you… is something that makes this experience… worthwhile…

Beautiful Strokes by the dancers

The show lasts for about 1 hour and then the dumpling banquet begins! The waitresses will serve you the dumplings and while waiting, they will play you a nice classical chinese music which will make your head turn and unknowingly you won’t mind about the dumplings anymore!

Wonderful Choreography and Lighting

Moreover, if you haven’t tried other similar cousins of the dumplings other than the more known beef, chicken or pork; then, visiting this place will make you learn how many  kinds of cousins that this tiny-yummy dumplings have.

And also, our tour guide said that the dumplings in Xian are the best! So, better yet eat your dumplings when you visit Xian.

The Dumpling Soup.... it's still being cooked... YUM!

During our visit, I think I ate 25 kinds of dumplings… at first I was so excited but after the 10th serving, I’m like “There’s more?” my tummy says “enough” but my mind says “More!”.  My mind wanna taste everything even though I’m already full. Tasting different kinds of those similar looking gooey stuff was really exciting and an unforgettable experience.

One of the dumplings served.. YUM!

But, mind you, I don’t know the name and forgot the tastes of those dumplings that I ate… Sorry! 🙂 but I can assure you that they don’t taste the same… some others you will like, while others you won’t. The tastes varies, depending on the kind of the dumpling.

For Dessert;
Another Yummy Food 🙂

And By the way after going here, I think it took me 7 months before I eat dumplings or dimsum again. It’s just like saying “I had enough!”

Overall, I think this is a good experience since you will not only see the beautiful traditional dances during the Tang dynasty but you will also be able to eat different kinds of dumplings!

For buying your entrance ticket you need to book the ticket in advance. The ticket with dumplings costs 370RMB, P2590, $60 per person, 220RMB, P1540, $35 USD for dance show only.

I just realized that the ticket fees are too expensive!!! I didn’t know about the prices since mine is part of a package tour. You can contact them through:

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