The Mighty and Great Wall of China: A Jaw Dropping Experience!

Mutianyu Great Wall

First, I want to inform each and everyone of you that I went to Mutianyu Great wall which is farther than the well-known Badaling Section. So, here is my experience and some tips from my tripadvisor account (My Stay 2009), Enjoy!

This Wall is said to have a 1400 year old history. and while I was searching for some information to put here in my blog, I learned from Wikipedia, that this part of the great wall is much older than the one in Badaling since it was made during the Northern Qi dynasty which is unlike the Badaling section, it was made only during the Ming dynasty.  Basically, the wall is made to secure the city center during the Qi and Ming Dynasty. It is definitely a BIG Wall to wade off enemies (since it was especially designed to “not be climbable”)  the imperial army also throws arrows from the wall  to defeat their enemies. It was said to be GREAT since this fortress was a success, it wade off enemies for some decades, and only until Genghis Khan became the leader of the nomads that the Great Wall failed to protect its city.

The Mutianyu section, according to BeijingTrip, is  2,500 meters (2,734 yards) long which is rimmed with mountains, which makes it forms like a snake amidst the ever-sloping mountains.

My Reaction when I saw this is that my jaw literally dropped, (It is really a dream came true) It is really long, huge, and steep. Well, I chose this wall since it is quieter and there are less people visiting this place than the Great Wall in Badaling. There is only a few pesky vendors in the wall itself. And we took pictures without any other person in it. We have parts of the wall by ourselves. Mutianyu is such a great part of the wall since hikers can do their job there, since the walls have sections that are too steep, some of its section are kind of rugged. The wall seems to be less-renovated than its counterpart in Badaling, since you can see that trees are growing in the wall itself.

Moreover, you have 2 choices to go up to this great wall, it is either through the cable car or you can hike. We have chosen the cable car, which is like the cable car used in ski escapades. It is quite scary because you are going really high. And when you go down, you also have 3 choices, either to walk down, take the cable car or ride the toboggan. Well, everything is quite fun but I suggest you try both (toboggan and cable car) for a more fun-filled experience since the toboggan ride is really scary yet it seems safe. It goes down really fast but it is all under your control


I suggest going to this part of this wall because there is less people, more time for photo-ops


1. Don’t try buying to the vendors there or even ask about the price since they will pester you by walking with you side by side until you give up and buy something from them

2. Don’t mind the vendors

3. Bring Water and wear comfortable clothes during summer months

4. Bring your camera and enjoy

5. You can either book a tourguide (sinohotelguide is one, it is cheap or you can take the train or bus going to this great wall)

How to DIY your trip to the Mutianyu Great Wall?

Take this Bus Route: (Source: BeijingTrip)

  • Take tourist bus No. 867 (936) from Dongzhimen to Mutianyu Great Wall.
  • Bus No. 916 from Dongzhimen to Huairou Conference Center (东直门 – 怀柔会议中心), and then take a mini bus to the Mutianyu Great Wall.
  • Take a tourist bus from the Arrow Tower of Qiamen (前门箭楼) or Xuanwumen (宣武门) to the Mutianyu Great Wall (available on weekends and Chinese legal holidays from April to October).

Entrance Fee:

  • for Children: 25 CNY  (P175.00) ($4.00USD)
  • For Adults:    45 CNY (P315.00) ($7.33 USD)
Cable Car Ride or Toboggan Fee
  • One way trip: 35 CNY  (P245.00) ($6.00USD)
  • Roundtrip :      50 CNY (P350.00) ($8.13USD)

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