Beijing Traditional View Hotel, a hassle free stay!

Anyway, let me cheat a little bit. I posted here my previous review from tripadvisor. But I added more commentary and PICTURES!!

We booked this 3-star hotel using Agoda and we got 45% of the usual deal. So we just paid P6,000 for our 2 nights stay in the hotel. But first, I want you to know that hotels or accommodations in Beijing are affordable… you will have no problem regarding accommodation costs once you plan to visit this vibrant city, unlike Singapore where hotel accommodations are too costly (For Filipino standards).

Main Door of Traditional View Hotel
My Mom in the entrance of the hotel

The hotel is quite small but is really pretty, it is clean and well decorated. We got a standard modern room instead of the more expensive traditional ones. The rooms that we got have two single beds, and clean bathrooms. There is no refrigerator but there is a mini bar (where you can buy some stuff). There is also a TV but unfortunately, they only have Chinese channels.

The Comfy Single Beds

The courtyard is very cute, it feels that you are really in China. They set up a lot of chairs and tables where the guests can sit and relax…which I think is a good way of compensating knowing that the sitting capacity of the lobby is really unequal to the number of guests of this hotel.


I also loved the gold fishies in the lobby. They are so cute… I’m gonna die!!!

The Cute and Fluffy "fishies" in the hotel lobby!

The staff is also very hardworking, they also helped us by being the contact person of our tour guides. The male front desk staff (I forgot his name) even went up in our room when he cannot contact us through the phone. Check-in and Check-out is a breeze, so no worries about that.

The buffet breakfast has few variety  of food but it tastes great, so no worries about it. But if the breakfast is not a complimentary one, I suggest going out and just eat somewhere else, so that you can get more value of your money. And I don’t suggest eating porridge there! It doesn’t taste like porridge or (“lugaw”) here in the Philippines. It tastes like “gawgaw” or does have a bland taste.

The only problem of this hotel is the location, though it may be said that it is in the center of Beijing, the location can be so much of a hassle especially if it is your first time going to the hotel, and  if you doesn’t speak Mandarin. The hotel is really hard to find (and you need to ask the local people about the location of this place, and most of them doesn’t know how to speak english). Good thing was we booked a transfer service going to this hotel. But, in fairness to this hotel, its location is really near the Forbidden City and of that Tiananmen Square, and some other tourists places in Beijing. The only problem is that it is hard to find at first.

The hotel is located in the center of the Hutongs (like small alleys) so you need to walk at least 7-10 minutes from the hotel to the main road.

Overall, the hotel is nice, with a friendly and hardworking staff, with a nicely decorated, clean and comfortable rooms, and very cute courtyard. I can say that this hotel is okay and I recommend it, as long as you don’t mind walking for another 10 minutes or so after a day of walking in Beijing.

If you are traveling in China, make sure you have every name and addresses of the places you are going to visit as well as the name of your hotel in Chinese, so that it will be easier for you to go home or ask the directions if ever you are lost or such.

Anyway, here is the address and contact details of this hotel. And I just found out that they have their own website! Last May when I’m looking for more information regarding this hotel, I didn’t come across their site.  So here you go…

  • Name of Hotel: Beijing Traditional View Hotel
  • Address: 33 JuEr Hutong, JiaoDaoKou south street,Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China
  • Telephone Nos: 86-10-64005656, 86-10-84032899
  • Fax Nos: 86-10-84032599
  • Email:
  • Website:

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