May 2011: Beijing and Xian, China: An Introduction…

One of my dreams is to visit the Great Wall and last May… my dream came true!!!!

Beijing is indeed a big city with a rich history and culture that surpasses most of Asian countries. It has a 2000 or more years of history embedded on its streets and its palaces. Even though this city has a very historical past, it is also starting to be one of the best technologically advanced city in the world. Beijing, or China as a whole has a skyrocketing record on the creation of electronics (just like Japan some years ago)….

However, for this trip, I visited this city not because it is the 2nd highest economy, second to US. But because of its rich historical past… the time when everyone is still living within the arms of their Emperors and Empresses —when their world is still for the service of their “Royal Highness”.

My trip going to this city was scheduled last May 12-18, 2011. My family and I also used Cebu Pacific for this particular trip. We didn’t get the sale so, we actually paid P11,ooo.oo PHP for a roundtrip ticket. Anyway, this is an introduction for my Beijing and Xian series. Hope you will like it! 🙂 Tune in!

2 thoughts on “May 2011: Beijing and Xian, China: An Introduction…”

  1. Hello. I found your blog really educational. My family and I are planning to visit Beijing and Xian this coming June. I like what you did in booking tours directly with travel agents in China. However, my concern is with the group visa. Because usually if you book a tour with travel agency here in the Philippines, they would provide assistance for the group visa however if I would book a tour with a Chinese agent, how can we get the group visa or China visa? Thank you so much. God bless.

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