2012 Philippine Travel Expo: I can’t wait for you any longer!

Well, honestly, I cant wait for the travel tour expo this coming February 17-19, 2012. The first time I visited this kind of fair was last year’s travel expo. I went there twice, since I was so amazed of the reduced package rates!!!

What is good in attending this kind of fairs is that it is a one stop shop of everything you need, especially in terms of traveling. There are a lot of tour operators offering lowered package rates (internationally or locally), airlines seat sale (last year, PAL offered 70% on all its international and domestic flights—actually I’m hoping that this year, they will also have the same reduced rate) While US airlines offered 500USD going to LA, and I remembered Singapore Airlines offering only P9000.00 or $209 USD for roundtrip ticket going to Singapore (which is cheap, if we talk about the infamous Singapore airlines). Moreover, there are also Hotels that offer cheap rates that are offered only during the expo.

There are also booths of countries giving out brochures of the tourist sites in their country. That was one of the things that I enjoyed since I collected a lot of books and maps from them! Instead of buying expensive travel books which has a lot more pictures than information on it… and which costs a lot of money… in the expo, I can get it for free!!! Moreover, they design their booths attractively and that they offer some shows and lessons there. I remember going to the Japan booth and they have interactive lessons in how to write your name in Japanese… in Korea’s booth, you can see them wearing their “Hanboks” or traditional dress. And in these booths you can ask questions on how to get visas, or any other information that you might need.

Anyway, as for this expo, I’m really patiently waiting for it! I wanna to go to Japan this December so I wanna get a good deal there….

Some good information regarding the travel fair this 2012

WHEN: February 17- 19, 2012 (Friday to Sunday Event)
WHERE: SMX Convention Center Halls 1,2,3,4.
ENTRANCE FEE:  There is a ticket fee of P50.00. Senior Citizens P20.00
OPENING TIME: 10 am to 9pm (except for Feb 19, the closing time is 7pm) the ticket booth closes 30 minutes before closing time

COME AND VISIT THIS TRAVEL EXPO, AIRPHIL AND CEBU PACIFIC ARE PART OF THEIR EXHIBITORS AND MANY OTHERS!! They will probably offer a lot of discounted fares and packages!!! So, Let’s Go People!!! Let’s Visit and Buy!!!

To see list of exhibitors please click here


  1. Go here during the 1st day since some of the sales are of “first come first serve” basis. good cheap rates tend to sold out immediately
  2. Get your credit card ready! or your cash! So ladies and gentlemen, save up.. You have 1 month to do so!
  3. Block off your dates for this event!
  4. Bring a camera for you in case you want to take pictures of the exhibits (because they decorate their booths in an interesting way…see for yourself! 🙂 )
  5. Bring a bag with you since they will hand you out PLENTY of flyers!
  6. I suggest, before buying any package tours, you should first go to all the booths there and see if there are other companies that offer it in a cheaper price
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions there! They will be glad to assist you!
  8. Just Enjoy!

There you go! I will go here on Feb 17., late afternoon at around 5 pm since I have class the whole day! Anyway, hope to see you there! I will immediately put a post here right after I attended this event!

See you there fellow travelers! 🙂

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