May 2011: Lotte Department Store: A very different department store experience

After having to hike Namsan Mountain and its surroundings, we went directly to our hostel since I really cannot stand the cold (Just imagine Seoul is already cold, what more being in a high mountain like Namsan?!!) As a Filipino who is not used in such kind of climate, it made my knees literally locked which made me unable to move anymore (I’m like an old lady who cannot walk… I thought that time that it was arthritis!)  Anyway, when we got back to the hotel, I told my friend to leave me in the room and told them to eat their dinner instead on staying with me. I was really feeling under the weather during that time, so I opted not to eat dinner.

When they came back, they realized that I’m really red, and I also felt very cold which gave me chills. I realized that I’m feeling cold even though I’m wearing my sweater and jacket, and I’m already covered with a thick comforter. Afterwards, I felt that my heart was beating so fast… I just don’t know what to do..  Then suddenly I can’t breathe anymore… and there’s a pain in my chest that I do not understand. I was praying to God not to let me die in a foreign place! I was thinking that my parents will be really sad… I was missing Manila during that time! Then, my friends calmed me down, and told me to drink medicine. After knowing that hospital is not an option (It was said to be really expensive) I fell asleep…

The next morning, I was feeling much better, and I have no fever anymore. So, instead of going to Everland theme park, as stated in our itinerary, we opted to have this day as our shopping day… we went to the nearby lotte department store and we watched a comic martial arts theater act which is entitled as JUMP.

Well, the Lotte department store is really —> expensive…. Well, here in the Philippines, the ones inside the department store are not branded goods… only designer “not well known ones” but a lot cheaper goods than those bought in mall boutiques. Well, it was really funny because we thought we can buy a lot of things there…. but…….. I will say nothing anymore.. since I only bought a Guess bag..

Well, here in the Philippines, Guess is quite an expensive brand and it has also its own boutique shop here, while in Seoul, it is only a small stand there just like Secosana stands in department stores here. While doing some eye-shopping, I saw the stand stating that Guess has a 50% sale, my eyes immediately widened and then I excitedly leap forward to buy a bag. The tag says 90,000 KRW. Well, I used my remaining math skills and knew that I will buy the bag for only 45,000 KRW which is only around P1,800.00… Well, I decided to buy it but suddenly when I’m about to buy it… when I’m already in the cashier (which is really– a-no-turning back point) the saleslady told me that the discounted price was the 90,000 KRW…  So it is around $100 USD. “Oh, what the heck! I thought it was the original price! It is really different here in the Philippines, which the regular price is still the one in the tag, or there will be orange or red colored tag which indicates that it was the discounted price…. Anyway, I bought it with a heavy heart! *tears… if only I knew earlier

We saw a lot of branded goods in the department store, it is like a shopping haven to those who really have money… It is not a department store.. It is like a mall and boutique shops here in the Philippines…



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